Up Close & Personal with Endorphina

November 29th, 2023
Back Up Close & Personal with Endorphina

Q: During our 2020 interview, we discussed progress including an MGA license, the first Christmas-themed slot to join the portfolio, and the growing staff. Tell us about all the wonderful milestones Endorphina has accomplished since then.

A:Since our last talk Endorphina entered more than 25 new certified markets and released more games with new themes and exciting mechanics, introduced the game created with the help of AI (Joker Ra), implemented Jackpot tool, increased our numbers and manpower in general.
All of this brought Endorphina to the higher level in performance – our games are known all over the world.
We are now collaborating with streamers, well known players and affiliates which are willing to play and promote our games, talk about their features and show Endorphina slots to their audience.

Q: Jackpot RTP+ feature was announced in September 2023 ensuring the same odds with or without a jackpot opportunity. Please tell a more about this.

A:Great question! Jackpot RTP+ is a very successful and exciting tool which we presented in 2023. We expected players to enjoy it and we were not wrong.
The main idea is hidden behind the name of the tool. RTP+ means that we do not decrease the main RTP of the game, but give extra % instead. So our standard 96% are growing into more, which is obviously a lot more beneficial for the players.

In a Summary

  • Endorphina managed to developed long missing tool - Jackpot, called Jackpot RTP+
  • RTP+ means it does not negatively affect RTP for players

Q: In terms of new slot releases, Fresh Crush recently launched with quite a few appealing features. Let’s talk more about these and how gameplay is enhanced.

A: Yeah, seems like it’s not just us who really like Fresh Crush, but the players as well, since the game is showing great results. I think the secret is in a cascade mechanic, which gives this thrill of winning combinations literally falling down on you =) Also the players have a chance to trigger Free Games with Extra Multiplier, which goes up to x100. And don’t forget about firecrackers on the reels, which can explode and blast off all the symbols to bring a big win.

Q: Can you give us a bit of a teaser regarding upcoming plans or game releases for the rest of the year?

A: To finish this year on a positive note, after everything that was already done for the players, we would like to please them with Christmas releases.
There are 3 new games which will be available in December: a sequel of a great Royal Xmass – Royal Xmass 2. Groovy Santa’s Puzzle and Hot Puzzle slots, which contains a new kind of Bonus Game.

Q: Last we spoke, your largest recorded win was 50 BTC on Satoshi’s Secret slot. Does this still hold the record in 2023?

A: Yes it is still the biggest, but this year we had the win in Royal Xmass close to 1 million Win.

Q: Wrapping up, what is most important for players and/or the industry to know about Endorphina?

A: The most important is that Endorphina still rocks =) The players should expect new mechanics and releases from us. In 2024 we prepared mind blowing slots, which for sure will surprise not only our fans, but also our competitors. Out Jackpot will be implemented with more casinos and markets. Custom games, which we create for our best partners will become more and more creative. Our RTP however will always to be in players’ favor – 96% is one of the things we are not planning to change whatsoever.
Putting it shortly, be ready for big wins, impressive games and pleasant surprises.
Stay tuned.

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