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October 11th, 2017
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Do we have any Wazdan fans out there? For those of you that may be unfamiliar, we dedicate this to you. As a game developer, they specialize in the development of HTML5 games, with almost 100 currently in the colorful portfolio. The most popular? You’ll have to read on to find out. We tracked down David Mann – the company’s Sales and Business Development Manager – to walk us through the products and offerings. The importance of brand awareness and originality take precedence these days, so learn more about that and what it takes to launch a new white label, licensing, new releases and much more in this exclusive interview.

Q: Please give LCB’ers a summary of Wazdan’s products, services and any customizable aspects for clients.

A: Our founders have a passion for games, and with a long history in the gaming sector, have created the b2b casino games supplier Wazdan that you see today. Armed with almost 100 HTML5 games in our portfolio, we have bingo, roulette and poker but the majority of our titles are slots, and given the volume of our portfolio we have covered the most popular and original themes and features players demand. Adapt to change, our developers take requests from our partners seriously and have no qualms in creating something specific. 

Q: Which brand was your first white label and what sort of kinks must be worked out upon the launch of a new operator?

A: It's easy to think that when you have such great content, the games can speak for themselves, but that's a dangerous assumption. From the negotiations of commercials to the integration, and onto the launch of the games, Wazdan have to be involved with the partner to make sure everything works out perfectly on both sides. As we approach the launch of our games with operators, once all proper testing has been completed, it's important to make sure a plan is in place for the games to have a maximum impact, ensuring not only players but personnel are fully aware and engaged with the new content, and then solidifying the partnership to make sure we carry on a strong launch.

Q: Where is the company’s main focus at the moment?

A: It would be unfair to say we have a main focus at the moment, as we are focusing on many different areas to achieve our goals. Not only are we continuing to produce exciting games, but we're also working on our brand awareness. At the same time, we are dedicating energy on developing more innovative features, such as our Power Saver mode or Custom Volatility, while also ensuring that our existing customers are not only satisfied but hungry for more content from Wazdan to complement our existing services.

Q: Tell us a bit about licensing, certification and how fairness is ensured with your games.

A: Players deserve only the best and fairest games, which is why we partner with NMi+ for our testing and certification. As an independent body, they ensure that our games and RNG suits the requirements of our licensing bodies at the MGA, in Curacao and soon UKGC.

Q: Which title, or titles, seem to be the biggest hit among online gamblers? 

A: Our most popular game, and my personal favorite, is Magic Target Deluxe. Taking players on a fun trip to the fairground, gorgeous visuals and effects only complement the excitement from each spin. Our Gamble feature lets players fire a cannon at the Magic Target, and the fun ramps up with every winning line. After Magic Target Deluxe, a number of our titles are leading away from the others, including the Viking-themed Valhalla, the hot action in Burning Reels and rapid-fire Western-themed spins in Wild Guns.

Q: Overall, what sets you guys apart from other providers?

A: We are striving for originality in a very saturated market, finding ways in which we can not only enhance our games for players but also for our partners. Our Custom Volatility feature, for example, allows players to alter the volatility of each spin with a simple button press, creating a completely different style of play within the one game. We have also created our Energy Saver Mode, available in each of our games through the in-game menu, allowing players to extend their battery life during play by up to 40%. With mobile gaming so pertinent, this is the kind of innovation we create with our partners and their players in mind. Not only that, but our games also have double screen mode, meaning players who are used to traditional machines (in pubs, games rooms and casinos) can have the same enjoyment on our double screen solution. Just one click in the options or rotating the device to the vertical position is enough to enjoy the two screens reminiscent of a physical slot machine. This is, according to our knowledge, a unique feature in the industry (like custom volatility) and each of our games has been prepared in this way. It's especially worth trying on bigger screens where the effect is even more engaging.

Q: Can you share any details about upcoming games, features or product updates?

A: Among the games we have under development, I’m very excited for Mayan Ritual, building around the ancient Mayan civilization theme with colossal symbols and in-screen mini-slots for massive wins. We also have some more back-office functionality under development too, allowing our partners much greater detail on game results with a view to implementing some great CRM functions. We'll be showcasing some of the new content at the upcoming trade shows, so make sure to pay us a visit and have a spin!

Q: Wrapping up, was there anything not covered that you feel it’s important for us to know about Wazdan?

A: We have a passion for games here at Wazdan, and we are dedicating our time and efforts to produce the best games possible. We are proud of what we do, and we feel that it is reflected in the quality of our products and services. We are negotiating with a number of new partners at the moment, and as our partner list grows, the quality will not be hampered but only bettered as we continue to learn and better ourselves for the benefit of everyone. Our door is always open and our ears are always listening, so drop us a message on social media, email or a call and let’s have a chat.

“We are striving for originality in a very saturated market.”

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