LCB Celebrates 17th Birthday with 17 Milestones That Marked Previous Year

December 8th, 2023
Back LCB Celebrates 17th Birthday with 17 Milestones That Marked Previous Year

Time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? It seems as if it was only yesterday when we were celebrating sweet sixteen, and here we are today, blowing candles in celebration of another anniversary. LCB is turning 17 today, looking back at another year filled with successes.

There’s no better way to mark the occasion than to share some significant achievements with you, our loyal members. After all, it’s you we should be thankful to for the vast majority of things we’ve accomplished.

Join us on an interesting retrospective of 17 important milestones LCB has achieved in the previous 12 months!

🤝#1 200K Forum Members

In October this year, our team proudly announced that the number of forum members reached 200K. There are no words to describe how flattered we feel for being chosen as a trustworthy platform by so many people.

🏆#2 LCB Awards 2023

lcb-awards-2023Wanting to celebrate excellence and efforts in bringing innovations to the industry, LCB established its very own signature event LCB Awards in 2022. This year, our members are once again invited to take part in the LCB Awards 2023 and grab a share of $12,000 in cash prizes. By voting to select their favorites in eight categories, they get the chance to compete for one of 45 main or 10 consolation prizes.

📜#3 20,000 News Articles Milestone Soon to Be Achieved

It’s not only about adding new casinos and new games, it’s also about keeping players informed. The fact that our “News” section is soon to reach the 20k articles milestone does speak for itself. Game releases, regulatory updates, bonus campaigns, rogue reports, land-based news, and banking news, are just some of the many topics covered by our diligent team of writers and editors.

🪄#4 New Features in LCB Shop

To make members’ shopping experience smoother and more convenient, we’ve enhanced the LCB Shop with some awesome features. Following the upgrades, the status of the order is now marked as New, Request Sent, Approved/ Credited, Denied/ Refunded, Cancelled/ Refunded, and Rejected.

🎰#5 30+ Casinos Tested

30+-casinos-testedUnder our ongoing project dubbed “From the Players for the Players”, our hard-working team of testers has brought us valuable insights from more than 30 online casinos and bingo rooms. As a matter of fact, even while you’re reading this, our investigators are examining a casino out there, evaluating its overall efficiency and credibility.

🔍#6 Regular “Let’s Test Casinos” Contests

Making you part of our project, we established a tradition called “$500 Exclusive LCB Contest: Let's Test Casinos!” held on a monthly basis. You help us choose which casino to test, and in return, you get to compete for one of 13 valuable cash prizes.

🎥#7 Interesting YouTube-Related Contests

Paying attention to our YouTube channel, you will notice a bunch of informative videos on how to spot fake games, and scam casinos, improve your knowledge of Blackjack, find out more about popular slot mechanics, and so on. While doing so, you can enroll in our exclusive monthly contests and score one of 10 prizes of $25 each.

🏅#8 Creative Exclusive Contests in Partnerships with Casinos

creative-exclusive-contests-in-partnerships-with-casinosMonth after month, we keep teaming up with our partners aiming to give players additional opportunities to take part in some interesting contests. Sometimes they are challenged to guess the name of the game on the posted image, sometimes they are invited to create a piece of artwork- it all depends on our associates’ creativity.

Details of all active contests offered by our platform only and those facilitated in cooperation with a casino can be found under the “Exclusive LCB Contests” topic on our forum.

💡#9 Platform Expanded with New Informative Pages

As the industry develops, we try to keep up to date with all the trends and ensure those constant updates are reflected on our website. Themed game pages, new game categories, comparison tool, and Buy Feature page were just some of the many helpful pages that went live during the year behind us.

🕵️♂️#10 Multiple Rogue Casinos Exposed

multiple_rogue_casinos_exposedOur diligent team of sharp-eyed investigators discovered three online casinos hosting counterfeit games, meaning falsified versions of games coming from reputable providers. Players were warned to steer clear from such platforms, and they were also given handy directions on how to tell whether a game is genuine or not.

On the brighter side, a couple of casinos were returned to the realm of fairness, after successfully passing the probation period. LCB is always willing to give another opportunity to operators who are truly willing to change their shady business practices and start treating players (and us, after all) with respect.

🌃#11 Directory Expanded with 280+ Casinos

Ensuring players from all over the world are given enough options to choose from, our team keeps expanding the directory almost on a daily basis. The fact that we’ve added 288 casinos in the previous 365 days kinda confirms that we indeed are serious about diversifying our site, doesn’t it? 

👋#12 LCB Forum Welcomed 60+ Representatives

Each and every player’s voice and feedback matters as it helps us upgrade the quality of our services. Speaking of help, our Direct Casino Support sector was reinforced by more than 60 new reps delegated on behalf of casinos, to assist us in providing unparalleled casino experience.

🎁#13 LCB Member Rewards Program Enlarged with More than 35 Casinos

One of the features we are particularly proud of is the LCB Member Rewards program. When making a deposit at any of the participating casinos, players can collect a $3 Chip and use it to purchase goodies at LCB Shop. During the past year, 38 casinos were added to the program.

🏪#14 LCB Shop Expanded with 20+ New Items

Striving to diversify the offering and provide players with more opportunities to get some freebies, we keep adding all sorts of interesting items to our LCB Shop. Having said that, we are glad to say that in the previous 12 months, our supermarket was filled with 21 attractive items from 15 online casinos among which Wolfy, Slots Ninja Casino, Black Lion Casino, Sloto Stars Casino, and others.

🥳#15 Engaging Instagram Carousels

engaging_instagram_carouselsSocial networks play an important role in modern-day culture, and are, among others, an important channel of communication with consumers. For that reason, we decided to put a special accent on Instagram and treat followers with engaging, informative, and interesting carousels on a regular basis.

🎞️#16 Higher Volume of Videos on YouTube

People like being served information in a video format, preferably a shorter one, which explains why the popularity of YT shorts simply exploded. Aside from delivering sweet and short ones, our video production team also crafts larger formats such as test video reports, monthly updates, guides with tips and tricks, and similar.

🎭#17 New Avatars on Forum

Change is good, isn’t it? To shake things up a bit, but without making a drastic makeover, we’ve freshened up our forum with new and improved avatars. Stylized to be more appealing, the avatars now display a member’s status and gender (plus, there’s a neutral avatar for those who decided not to select gender), plus a colored progress bar circling the image/avatar. This way members can keep track of how much is left to reach the next ranking.

All there’s left to say is thank you for being with us on this exciting journey. Looking forward to all the years, milestones, progress, and new members that are yet to reinforce our ever-growing community.

Cheers LCB’ers!

“blowing candles in celebration of another anniversary”

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