LCB Tests Blacklisted BoVegas Casino!

April 2nd, 2021
Back LCB Tests Blacklisted BoVegas Casino!

Continuing to bring more value to its members, LCB introduces you to another online operator. As a part of the ongoing enthusiastic project “From the Players, for the Players”, we present you the blacklisted BoVegas casino.

Following the same pattern as with other brands our team has reviewed recently, we went through the entire procedure- account creating, depositing, real money play, withdrawal request, and communication with the support department. Before we guide you step by step through the lengthy process, take a look at these highlights:

  • Tester of the day: MarijaS
  • Account created on January 21, 2021
  • Deposit of $400 worth of BTC made on the same day, but Coinbase delayed the payment for 72 hours
  • The casino received $380.13 worth of BTC on January 24 - the amount was smaller than deposited due to BTC value fluctuations
  • LCB tester played a couple of games, and had some decent winnings, ending up with a total balance of $509.32
  • Documents for verification sent on January 25
  • It took the casino 25 days, until February 19, to approve the documents
  • Withdrawal request made on February 25 - $509 via wire transfer
  • First cashout installment (0.00442596 BTC or $253.63) received on March 12 via Coinbase
  • Remaining cashout sum (0.00485802 BTC - $258.50) received on March 26 via Coinbase
  • Extremely slow support taking up to 7 days to respond between emails

What follows is a complete insight into every step of the procedure, along with a brief presentation of BoVegas casino, so stay tuned and keep reading!

Introducing BoVegas

Home to Realtime Gaming and ViG content, BoVegas casino features a selection of slots and table games, along with a couple of live dealers and specialty games. Describing itself as a place that offers luxurious Las Vegas gameplay, this operator offers lots of promotional activities and a VIP club.


…if you pay close attention to the review page, you will spot that BoVegas casino is blacklisted. The situation is more or less the same for other facilities from the same affiliate group AffAlliance- Golden Lion, Eclipse Casino, Cherry Gold, and a couple of others. There are some exceptions, though. Two companies were removed from probation, as they significantly changed their business practices.

Among many reasons for earning this status, the crucial ones were issues with withdrawals and unresponsive customer department. In addition to this, there’s no license on the site.

All that was more than a good reason to visit this betting establishment and see where things stand at the moment. “From the Players for the Players” brings you one more report, sharing LCB tester’s experience with registration, depositing, real money play, withdrawal procedure, and communication with the support department.

Account Registration and Depositing

Our tester’s journey through BoVegas casino began on January 21, when she opened the account. After filling in those data, an e-mail was sent then to verify the account, and that step was completed within a couple of seconds.

The very same day, she decided to make a deposit using Bitcoin as the preferred payment option, funding the account with $400 worth of BTC.

However, LCB tester received a notification from Coinbase, stating that the request needs to go through a pending period of 72 hours.

After the said period, on January 24th, she received an e-mail from the casino stating that the deposit was successfully placed. The amount was smaller than deposited due to BTC value fluctuations, totaling at $380.13.

Exploring RTG’s Games

Upon completing the entire procedure, LCB Tester went on to have a couple of spins on Realtime Gaming’s one-armed bandits. Bandits indeed, as the first choice was a title dubbed Cash Bandits 3.

After that, she had a couple of rounds on Coyote Cash, followed by Texan Tycoon and Bubble Bubble 2. Her next adventure was Diamond Fiesta, equipped with expanding reels, followed by T-Rex II with terror Wilds and Stardust with 243 ways. The next in line was Panda Magic, and Lucha Libre 2.

There were some minor technical issues along the way. When triggering free spins, some of the games (Bubble Bubble 2, Dimaond Fiesta, Lucha Libre 2) seemed to glitch and freeze, so our tester had to wait and exit/reload the games. Aside from this, the gameplay was fine overall and she ended up with more than a decent win of $168.16, topping up the balance to a total of $509.32.

Having successfully completed her session, she decided to request the withdrawal. As far as the prompted instruction stated, the account needed verification before a punter can proceed.

Account Verification Procedure Begins!

The abovementioned instruction contained a link to the Account verification, explaining which documents are needed to complete the procedure. As you are probably aware, this procedure is more or less standard in the majority of online casinos, with some occasional exceptions.

After clicking on the payment verification link, she accessed the payment verification form which contained all the relevant info regarding the required documents. This one is used for wire transfers, and there’s a separate one for clients who want to cash out via credit cards.

On January 25th, our tester sent an e-mail with a photo of a personal ID document, utility bill as well as a photo of herself holding the said document, to verify the account. However, no response arrived so, she sent a follow-up e-mail the next day, January 26, inquiring about the status. Still, without any response.

This turned out to be an excellent opportunity to test their support department, so our LCB tester got in touch with the team via live chat on January 27. Ron, the agent informed her that the account needs to be verified via phone call, so to check whether all the details are genuine.

During the phone call, our tester was also informed of versatile promotional packages and bonuses offered by the operator. She received an e-mail with all the necessary information on wagering requirements.

Just to point out, phone verification is in line with the operator’s Terms:

“9.3. Having placed the first deposit, the Player is subjected to undergo a verification process over the phone to confirm details on the account by Customer Support. If such is not performed, the Casino reserves the right to block deposits, void promotions, winnings and cancel withdrawals in the future events.”

Also, during the same live chat session, Ron stated that it may take up to 4 business days (weekends excluded) for Finance Department to review the documents.

Here’s a relevant section of the official Terms on the matter:

“Once the documents are approved, the player might request for the withdrawal. It usually takes approximately 3-7 business days (Monday through Friday) for the finance department to process the withdrawal for the client. Please note, withdrawals will stay with us in the player’s account until we have done all the relevant security checks. This may slow the process slightly, but it is in the end for player’s own benefit and security.”

Communication with Customer Support

On February 1st, she received an e-mail from the finance department informing her that the documents were checked and some were missing.

She sent the requested documentation on the 2nd of February. A couple of days later, on February 8, the response arrived- once again, some details were missing. This time, it was IBAN Number, so she sent the required document the very same day.

On February 12, another e-mail arrived, informing our tester that “there is only one step left to the documentation approval.“ She had to confirm if the following Banking Details (listed in the mail) are valid and in usage for international wire transfers and to clarify the currency of her bank account. The tester did so the very same day.

Five days later, on February 17, she sent a reminder email to check if everything was ok with the documentation. Again, no response, so two days later, on February 19, our tester turned to the live support department to see what was the reason for such slow processing.

This attempt brought no new insights, so she sent another e-mail on the same day. Our tester wanted to withdraw the funds using the same method as she did to make a deposit- Bitcoin.

According to the official rules:

“The minimum amount of the withdrawal starts with $100.”

“10.1.8. BoVegas allows a maximum payout of $2,000 per week. If you're a VIP player, weekly payments can be even higher – please address to your VIP host for more details.”

Stay tuned to get more information on the cashout procedure!

Partial Withdrawal of the Requested Amount

Following her inquiry, the response arrived three days later, on February 22, informing our tester she cannot withdraw the funds using BTC. According to the terms, that option is available only for replenishing the account.

As you will see in the ss below, there were certain obstacles.

The tester sent another batch of documents on February 24, stating she will withdraw the money using USD. On March 2nd, the e-mail arrived, informing her the account was updated to the desired currency.

Was that the end of the journey resulting in successful cashout?

No, as there was no answer from the casino. The request was still in the pending status, so our tester sent another e-mail on March 10th to check the situation.

Reminder: the tester began the procedure back on January 25th, and the account was fully set for withdrawal on February 19th, 25 days later.

Our tester was asked to provide additional documents retrospectively, and was forced to wait up to 7 business days between each email communication with regards to the ID documents, because that is how long it takes the casino’s Finance Department to review and approve documents. This is why the total waiting time for identity verification amounted to as many as 25 days.

March 11 brought a response from the support department, where the tester was asked to provide a bitcoin wallet address which the management can use to process the winnings. She did that the very same day, and the next day, on March 12th, the funds arrived.

However, the cashout was only partial, approximately half of the required amount. To be precise, it was 0.00442596 BTC, which was $253.63, when converted to USD on that specific day.

According to the Terms:

“10.2.3. Casino reserves the right to send the winnings in installments. Player class influences installment amount as well as time frames of processing a withdrawal request. Player class is mainly determined by depositing/gaming activity of the player.”

Eventually, the casino DID approve withdrawal via the said currency, even though they initially stated that it wasn’t possible.

Cashout Procedure Part 2

As the goal was to cash out the entire sum, the LCB tester made another request, this time via wire transfer. The amount was $259.32, the available withdrawable amount in her balance. She also sent her BTC address, in case the management decides to send funds via this option again. All of this was taking place on March 12.

Another thing to add here is that the tester received one more e-mail on March 12 from the finance department, saying as follows:

“Please be informed that your account was excluded from redeeming coupons due to a management decision which can be reviewed at a later date.”

Following the same pattern as with previous situations, the response arrived four days later, on March 16, informing that the installment policy was applied. LCB tester inquired when the rest of the money will arrive.

The answer came on March 18th, stating that it may take up to 7 business days for the withdrawal request to be approved. A follow-up e-mail was sent on March 23, where our tester asked when to expect the winnings. Two days later, another inquiry, again with no answer.

Finally, March 26 brought the long-waited response- the final amount of 0.00485802 BTC, which, when converted to the United States dollars was $258.50, based on the value of BTC on the said day.

Closing Comments

If you have carefully read the warning sign on the official review page, it clearly stated the following:

“BoVegas has been Blacklisted due to a very long verification process, extremely slow payouts or no payouts at all, and unresponsive customer support. We advise you to choose an alternative casino when making a deposit.”

As far as our tester’s experience showed, things haven’t changed.

Have you had any experience with BoVegas casino so far? If so, please share it with us and the community in the comments section below!

Gamble responsibly!

“taking up to 7 days to respond between emails”

From the Players for the Players
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