LCB Wins Charity Recognition Award!

December 20th, 2016
Back LCB Wins Charity Recognition Award!

Did you know that LCB actively participates in charity? Although helping our fellow gamblers navigate the ways of the industry is our main priority, there is also a soft spot in our hearts for other fellow humans around the world, those less fortunate and in need of financial support. In order to make a difference, we joined Kiva back in 2010, a non-profit organization whose work is based on the worldwide network of micro loans. Our Kiva Lending Team of 120 members has managed to accumulate over 300 loans amounting to $8,000 so far and for this achievement we've just won the 2016 GAFFG Award!

The Charity Recognition Award is given to gaming companies for contributing to a charitable cause of their choice, either through donating money or other resources. Hundreds of affiliate programs and affiliate managers are nominated each year in 3 categories: Trusted Affiliate Manager, Trusted Affiliate Programs and Charity Recognition Award. Only those Gaffg affiliates with quality websites, recognition and experience in the industry are eligible to vote and choose up to 5 winners in each category.

The 6th yearly prize went to LCB and we couldn't be happier about it.This recognition is very special to us, because it means we truly did make a difference and helped change someone's life for the better! Hopefully this good news will inspire some of our members to join LCB Lending Team and make their own small, but valuable contribution.

Another way to participate is through the LCB Shop, where you can buy Kiva gift voucher. The price is the same as the minimum amount of a single Kiva loan - $25. It is a small amount to give for such a great cause, where each gift may mean a new chance in life for someone in need.

“we've just won the 2016 GAFFG Award!”

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