Legalized US Online Gambling Under Trump?

January 20th, 2017
Back Legalized US Online Gambling Under Trump?

Today was the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of The United States. Along with all the promises to make America great, we may also get the right to legally gamble online across the country. Then again, Trump’s nominee for US Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions, publicly said he was “shocked” by the 2011 law passing intrastate online gambling. Should we be nervous?

Sessions faced the Senate committee this week and was questioned regarding his stance on the expansion of online gambling. He was taken aback by the DOJ’s opinion that the 1961 Wire Act restrictions applied to sports betting alone and said he “did oppose [the 2011 opinion] when it happened, and it seemed to me to be unusual.”

While his comments don’t necessarily give Americans a lot of hope, he did say he “would revisit [the 2011 opinion] and I would make a decision about it based on careful study.”

Congress hasn’t been quick to pass anti-online gambling legislation, however, this doesn’t mean good news for us. The DOJ’s Wire Act decision could be thrown out following another review under the new regime. Should that occur, all the work toward implementing regulations at the state, or federal level for that matter, would be over turned.

Out of 50 states, there are currently just 3, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, that permit intrastate online gambling. Remaining states have either decided against it, legalized some forms of online betting or have legislation in the works.

Here’s the thing. Sheldon Adelson, the anti-online gambling campaign leader, supported Trump’s campaign financially. Does that mean Trump will bend Adelson’s way? He’s anything but traditional, so it’s anyone’s guess. There’s no doubt it would be a fight that would take place in the court system though, because the states that have legalization in place will not willingly let go.


‘Trump’s AG nominee “would revisit” online gambling approval’,, Steven Stradbrooke, January 10, 2017

“Should we be nervous?”

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