MGA Games Unveils The Great King’s Crown: A Medieval Adventure

February 29th, 2024
Back MGA Games Unveils The Great King’s Crown: A Medieval Adventure

MGA Games, a leading game developer from Spain, has recently launched their newest creation, The Great King’s Crown.

This 5-reel slot game promises players an immersive journey into a medieval realm filled with royalty, romance, and the allure of untold wealth.

A True Medieval Majesty

As part of MGA Games’ commitment to delivering captivating localized slot games for global operators, The Great King’s Crown stands out as a majestic addition to the company’s growing and diverse portfolio.

The storyline of The Great King’s Crown unfolds within the walls of a royal castle, shrouded in mystery and excitement. The 5-reel setup invites players to spin their way through an adventure, unlocking the secrets of the castle and pursuing grand prizes. The game's thematic focus on monarchy and regal symbols aims to immerse players in the pursuit of becoming true monarchs of the prize kingdom.

Featuring 25 prize lines, a thrilling bonus game, and wild symbols that trigger up to 15 extra spins, every round in The Great King’s Crown holds the potential for significant rewards. At least, according to the studio. The excitement is multiplied by three, adding an extra layer of thrill to each winning combination.

For those seeking an extra layer of challenge and rewards, players can enter a captivating mini-game by collecting three bonus symbols. This additional feature allows players to unveil hidden treasures and secure even more prizes on their noble quest.

The game's background music, carefully crafted to echo the authentic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, further enhances the immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the responsive design ensures that players can enjoy The Great King’s Crown seamlessly from any device, making it a truly flexible and impressive gaming adventure.

If you decide to step into the grand castle of MGA Games with The Great King's Crown, its latest 5-reel installment, you will embark on a journey through medieval adventures, exploring the queen's majestic castle and gardens, and aiming for the royal prizes hidden within the game.

However, The Great King's Crown doesn't just offer a thrilling main game; it also introduces players to a complimentary spins screen and an enticing mini-game. These additional features will contribute to a fully immersive experience, providing players with the opportunity to discover the best prizes hidden deep within the castle'swalls.

Here’s a quick summary of The Great King’s Crown in case you want to learn more about the game:

  • Game type: 5-reel slot
  • Number of mini-games: 1
  • Bets: Minimum €00.50 - Maximum €50.00
  • Volatility: Low
  • Maximum prize: €16,080.00

As months go by in 2024, MGA Games continues to captivate the online gaming community. The latest title, The Great King’s Crown, is already inviting players to indulge in a medieval adventure, so if you dare to spin the reels, get ready for some royal riches!


MGA Games launches the unparalleled medieval adventure, The Great King’s Crown,, February 28th, 2024.

“The Great King’s Crown stands out as a majestic addition”

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