MiFinity and Slotegrator Partner to Improve iGaming Payment Solutions

Back MiFinity and Slotegrator Partner to Improve iGaming Payment Solutions

In a significant move for the iGaming industry, MiFinity, a well-regarded eWallet supplier, has added another ever-growing brand to its list of partners. As announced, the company shook hands with Slotegrator, an experienced iGaming software company. This collaboration aims to streamline payment processes for operators, enhancing the overall user experience and driving growth within the sector. The integration of MiFinity's services into Slotegrator's platform promises to bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to the iGaming world.

About the Companies

Known for its award-winning eWallet services, MiFinity has established itself as a reliable and secure platform in the iGaming industry. The company supports a vast array of local payment methods, languages, and currencies, making it a versatile choice for users worldwide. Its global reach and comprehensive features make it a preferred payment solution for many iGaming operators and players.

With over a decade of experience, Slotegrator is a leading software provider and aggregator for online casinos and sportsbooks. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including its advanced payment gateway, Moneygrator. Slotegrator's platform is designed to help operators efficiently launch and manage their iGaming businesses, providing tools and solutions that cater to the industry's dynamic needs.

The collaboration between MiFinity and Slotegrator is set to integrate MiFinity's eWallet into Slotegrator's existing platform. This integration will offer Slotegrator's clients a seamless payment solution, simplifying the process of depositing and withdrawing funds for players. The strategic partnership aims to boost customer engagement and satisfaction, ultimately benefiting both operators and players.

Benefits for the iGaming Industry

One of the primary advantages of this partnership is the improved player experience. With MiFinity's eWallet, players can enjoy a secure and straightforward method for managing their funds. The ability to deposit and withdraw money effortlessly enhances the overall gaming experience, encouraging player retention and loyalty.

''With a MiFinity account, players can also hold up to 9 multi-currency eWallets so they can manage their spending more effectively.''

MiFinity's extensive global network is another key benefit. Available in over 225 countries, MiFinity supports a wide range of local payment methods, 21 languages, and 17 different currencies. This broad accessibility allows operators to tap into new markets, expanding their reach and potential customer base. Players can also manage their finances more effectively with the option to hold up to nine multi-currency eWallets, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility.

For operators, integrating MiFinity's eWallet into Slotegrator's platform means streamlined payment processes and enhanced operational efficiency. The secure and reliable payment solution reduces transaction times and minimizes potential issues, allowing operators to focus more on other aspects of their business. This efficiency is crucial in a competitive industry where player satisfaction and smooth operations are paramount.

Launch and Future Outlook

The collaboration is already progressing, with two merchants currently in the onboarding phase and full integration with Moneygrator expected soon. This collaboration is set to create a robust iGaming ecosystem, combining MiFinity and Slotegrator's expertise to offer efficient solutions and an exceptional player experience.

Looking ahead, the partnership between MiFinity and Slotegrator holds significant potential for the iGaming industry. By leveraging their strengths, both companies aim to drive innovation and set new standards in payment processing and player engagement. This strategic alliance underlines the importance of collaboration and innovation in the rapidly evolving iGaming sector.

Paul Kavanagh, CEO of MiFinity said: "We are thrilled to partner with Slotegrator, a respected leader in the iGaming software space. By integrating MiFinity's eWallet with Slotegrator's Moneygrator payment gateway, we can provide operators with a robust and efficient payment solution that aligns perfectly with their business objectives."


''MiFinity and Slotegrator Partner to Strengthen the Player Experience in iGaming'', mifinity.com, July 04, 2024.

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