A Milestone in Shop Chronicles: $200,000 Awarded

October 30th, 2017
Back A Milestone in Shop Chronicles: $200,000 Awarded

In 2014, LCB was among the first gambling portals to introduce a special rewards system as a way to say thank you to members for their continued loyalty and participation on the site. The program was an instant success - when Zuga, co-CEO and admin, posted on the forums explaining the rules, he received over 400 thank-you's! Easily more than any other post has accrued in all the happy years we've been online. You loved it, we were happy, and life just couldn't get any better. Fast forward three years, and the Shop's popularity still grows, culminating this month, October 2017, when the magic number of $200,000 marked the total value awarded to members so far!

To Give is to Receive

In a community like ours, everything revolves around you - the player. While we, moderators and administrators, run the place behind the scenes, the membership is the life force and an integral part of Latest Casino Bonuses. Needless to say, this site would not exist without you. As fellow gambling enthusiasts ourselves, we launched the portal in hopes of it becoming a favorite place where players can get together, share experiences and help each other out. Since you gave so much of your time, energy and knowledge to this tight-knight community, it was only fair to give a little extra in return. That is how the LCB Shop was born and equipped with the goodies every player loves best: free spins, cash and gift vouchers, even items such as mugs, t-shirts and phone cases bearing the LCB logo.

Based on virtual currency chips, the program is designed to award every action made on the site. Member participation and feedback is greatly valued, and your contribution always results in a certain amount of chips earned, which can then be used in the Shop to purchase the goods. Daily log-ins, forum posts, comments, ratings, and first deposits at participating casinos all count towards chip accumulation. Only reputable and trustworthy casinos are elected to participate - we are on the lookout daily for new gaming sites eager to join the program with bonuses and vouchers members will find useful. The aim is to create unique offers, better than otherwise found across the industry, with greater entertainment and profit potential, and with user-friendly conditions. There is a dedicated forum topic where you can leave your suggestions as to which casinos you'd like to see featured - we do our best to get members' top choices over at the store.

Blueday, our hard-working moderator who has been part of the Team since the inception, is in charge of the Shop and purchases. Day in and out, she handles the busy traffic all by herself, arranges new deals and ensures everything works as intended, with unwavering patience and efficiency.

Favorites: Than & Now

Back in the early days, around January 2015, the program took off with a bang and we could hardly believe it. The offering was still small but of superb quality: among others, Miami Club, Casino Extreme, Slotland, Win A Day and iNetBet took their positions as crème de la crème of the gaming world, remaining with us till this day. All 12 of the first-to-feature offers were going like crazy, with Win A Day and Miami Club dominating the purchase charts. After a couple of months, the former rose above everyone else and was convincingly at the top as the most popular item. But then Guts arrived with fury, breaking records with over 100 purchases in a single month! No longer available, it was undoubtedly a favorite - players still lament its departure hoping for return.

With Guts gone, there was an empty place to fill: Bitstarz took over as the hottest treat in the basket, its appeal matched only by Red Stag's competitive article. Such a dynamic battlefield could not have stayed the same for long however, and in May 2017 it was Lucky Dino threatening to grab all the attention for itself - Blueday had her hands full sorting through as many as 173 requests that month. These days, Miami Club, Bitstars and Win A Day proudly bask in the glory of our members' love.

According to the statistics, there have been around 680 to 730 requests per month. Roughly 45% of those are either denied or refunded, usually due to players misinterpreting the Terms and Conditions of the rewards system. Please remember to read the rules carefully before claiming any chips: complying fully and meeting the requirements ensures a quick and easy credit without issues. In case of any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to ask on the forums, or to contact the team at rewards@lcb.org.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the big kahuna, the grand reveal: no-deposit chips! Who doesn't like free stuff, so here is the current list of all items that do not require a deposit for the first purchase: Slotland, Casibon, Win A Day, VIP Stakes, Fruity Casa, Calvin and Grand Wild.

Several years ago, we couldn't have imagined the impact LCB Rewards now have on the community. A milestone of $200,000 awarded not only makes us proud, but also shows we are doing something right, that the perks of being an LCB'er are real and there to be enjoyed. From a handful of items, to 60 offers currently available for grabs, there will be even more in the days to come.

“Shop's popularity still grows, culminating this month, October 2017”

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