Mr Ringo Casino Hits the Warning List

March 22nd, 2017
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Dear members, please be informed that Mr Ringo Casino has been placed on our warning list due to delayed payments/unpaid winnings and an unresponsive casino representative.

We never jump to conclusions or make rash decisions when a casino reputation or player wellbeing is at stake. There are clear prerequisites for a site to be considered reputable, and there are no exceptions to standard rules. Be licensed, fair and responsive to player inquiries. When a casino does not feel obliged to act by these ground rules, then there's nothing else left for us to do but to warn against depositing there.

Over the last two years, we have received a total of four complaints regarding Mr Ringo and their tendency to withhold payments or stay aloof to questions. It is worthwhile to mention they have not been doing well even before the complaints were filed. Their rating was never magnificent, and if you take a look at our review, you will see they have several predatory terms and conditions regarding withdrawals. Let's go over some of them before moving on to complaints:

''The casino reserves the right to charge a fee on withdrawals''

''Maximum and minimum withdrawal amounts vary and is determined by the casino on an individual player basis''

''A player’s winnings may be paid in six installments as determined by the casino''

The review concludes:

''Some of the terms are predatory particularly how rules change and are different for certain players. The definition of some of the bonus abuse as described by the Casino are unfair and unreasonable.''

Complaints are from several players in November and December 2016, and February 2017. Officially, only one remains unresolved ( filed February 4, 2017) and it was the last straw as far as we are concerned. Although the rest have been labeled ''resolved'' and cases closed, it was pushing it at best, as none were to player satisfaction. In each case, players had trouble cashing out their winnings and received no answer from the support until we intervened. Reasons given by the casino rep and the support on the site were always dubious: either double accounts or a change in bonus rules that players were somehow unaware of or failed to understand correctly.

November 30, 2016

Member stormb545 won £250 at Mr Ringo but did not receive the payment after withdrawing and with no acknowledgment by e-mail confirmation or any response whatsoever. After contacting the casino, they asked for verification documents, but again failed to respond or process the payment after the documents were sent. Again the player sent an e-mail asking for a clarification of the case and the reason for the delay. 24 hours later, the casino responded one last time and proceeded to ignore the player:

''Dear Ms Spencer,

in our system, it appears that you have two accounts with the same IP.

We kindly want to inform you that violated the General Terms and Conditions:

"2:10 Just a Mr Ringo account can per person, household, IP address or email address be opened

Otherwise we suspect.:

a customer has several accounts opened (by the same or similar names, addresses, telephone number, e-mail, the same or similar IP address, computer or other equipment to be used);

a customer operates as part of a syndicate (by the same or similar names, addresses, telephone number, e-mail, the same or a similar IP address, computer or other equipment to be used and will be operated in the same or similar model); "

Since you have not acted the rules accordingly, we close all your accounts you opened at the Mr Ringo.

We kindly inform you again that you are not allowed to withdraw at this bonus balance which has been already locked in the system and will be deleted soon entirely.

If you have questions, please contact to''

Since stormb545 insists she has only one account, we tried to help her and reached the casino ourselves. A full week went by before we were informed by the casino that they have already made a decision regarding this issue and will not revise it. Case closed.

November 30, 2016

Member Panekk claimed a sports betting bonus of 100% up to €100. He deposited €100 and withdrew €1264. Mr Ringo refused to payout his win, stating the player breached bonus terms.

''Dear Mr Panek,

It has come to our attention that while you had an active bonus, you broke the terms of the bonus, in regards to the sportsbook betting.

You placed a bet under the minimum value of 1.80. As this is stated in the Terms & Conditions, as a violation of the bonus, whether accidental, or purposely, it is necessary for the bonus, and any winnings gained, to be deleted from your account.''

On his part, Panekk is adamant he was betting within the rules and that Mr Ringo, in fact, changed the bonus terms after he won the money. He provided screenshots to support his claim which you can see here.

We contacted the casino rep and were told the new version of the bonus terms ''says the exact same thing with a little more clarification''. We are not allowed an insight into players' games and bets, therefore, unfortunately, there was nothing else we could do to help. In addition to his win, Mr Ringo also confiscated Panekk's deposit.

December 08, 2016

Having made a withdrawal request, LCB member ola142117 had his Mr Ringo account terminated for allegedly registering twice from a single IP address and claiming the same bonus:

''It has been brought to our attention, by our Quality Assurance team, that yourself, and another player have both signed up on the same IP and both claimed the same bonus.

Because of this we have no option but to assume that both accounts originate from the same household, as they follow a particular pattern. As this raises many red flags on the fraud scale that is implemented with regards to regulations, we have no choice but to close both accounts.

In doing so, we have 2 options. We can either hand this matter over to MGA who will investigate the matter and may call in governmental agencies whilst doing so as it may be considered 'money laundering'. Or we can return your deposits.

We have chosen the better option, which is fairer to you, and will return your deposits. Then your account will be closed.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.''

After determining that the player was using a dynamic IP address that changes with each connection and therefore is not at fault, the casino again refused to payout the bonus win stating:

''It was duly noted that your ISP supplies a dynamic IP address, but at the same time the pattern, and time of deposits and play were almost identical on both accounts. The other account information, along with yours, will be sent by the Legal Department to MGA when fully collated.

As you can appreciate, while this matter is being handled it is not for us to release such information, except to the MGA.

Best regards,

Matthew Brinkley''

Strangely, ten days later the player did receive the payment, and their account remains open.

February 04, 2017

Judasgoat won over $1000 playing at Mr Ringo, requested a withdrawal and sent verification documents twice as per their request. Seven days later there was still no response, so the player filed a complaint with us explaining the case. We managed to talk to the rep and this is what we've been told:

''The player uploaded e a screenshNetellerteller and support sent him again a "copies request" mail because he needs to upload his ID/passport and a current bill as well. Otherwise support can't approve the documents. And he never send his id and a bill.''

They advised Judasgoat to contact their live chat, but this did not help either. We've spent a full month trying to get them to respond, but received only partial answers or nothing at all and the complaint remains unresolved.

September 04, 2017

Curacao egaming authority issued a notice of suspension for Star World Games N.V. which was effective 1 September 2017.

The Aftermath

Given all that has transpired, we believe there are enough reasons to add Mr Ringo to our Warning list. We still haven't heard from them, and they do not seem interested in sorting out the situation in the least. It's not a safe site, and we do not recommend playing here. Instead, you can take a look at our list of approved casinos and choose a reputable venue that you can trust.

“Mr Ringo Casino has been placed on our warning list”

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