New Challenges Under Way for Casinos in North Eastern America

April 20th, 2024
Back New Challenges Under Way for Casinos in North Eastern America

Casinos in northeast of America will face new challenges following the harsh competition coming from all around the market with focus on New York.

Some of the burning topics in the federation revolve around smoking ban in Atlantic City, impact of online casinos on success of land-based industry, and illegal online businesses in the market. All these topics have been brought to attention at Atlantic City conference.

Next important topic was discussed among East Coast Gaming Congress participants at Hard Rock casino about the present fuss in the sector, as three new NY casinos are coming to the market.

What’s Going on Right Now

New York is currently in the phase of selecting casino sites and getting ready to address questions from casino operators before it starts awarding licenses.

According to Mark Giannantonio, president of Atlantic City’s Resorts casino city has “a two-year window” to get ready for huge competition coming from the north. He said:

“We see New York gaming in general clearly as a threat.”

Giannantonio also thinks that New York venues will impact brands in eastern PA and Connecticut. He believes that Atlantic City should enhance its operation, improve cleanliness, infrastructure and overall safety to remain competitive in the market.

Other opinions coming from all sides including Stacey Rowland, chair of the New York Gaming Association. She thinks that new casinos will open to seize the money that’s currently flowing in the pockets of other states. Rowland believes that competition will be a good thing for neighboring casinos to step up and show their business proposition.

Current Situation in Atlantic City

Another hot topic is currently discussed in Atlantic City. The casino is facing huge pressure from casino workers who look to outlaw smoking on gambling floor. They insist the adoption of law that will prohibit the smoking in casino areas and they also filed a lawsuit to revoke a law that excludes Atlantic City’s venues from this rule.

Even Giannantonio thinks that a smoking ban is going to be one of the biggest threats to their current business.

According to his prediction, if that happens, this will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and tax revenues will significantly diminish. He backs a compromise proposal allowing smoking to happen away from table games and in spots where employees won’t be exposed.

On the other hand, casino staff refutes those claims stating that gambling halls will perform better by grabbing attention of non-smokers who currently avoid visiting their locations.


“New York competition, smoking, internet betting concerns roil US northeast’s gambling market”,, April 17, 2024.

“illegal online businesses”

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