OnAir Entertainment™ Introduces Travel Fever with Super-Charging Atmosphere

December 4th, 2023
Back OnAir Entertainment™ Introduces Travel Fever with Super-Charging Atmosphere

OnAir Entertainment™, an established live casino supplier, is happy to uncover the latest product for its players - Travel Fever™, a game show that is going to redefine player experience once again. The introduction of this game is just the beginning of a new era for gaming shows, opening the space for even more exciting and interactive experiences in the future.

Live Casino Turns Different

Travel Fever™ is the newest game from the company, belonging to the group of dedicated game shows. It comes with a horizontal wheel as well as six bonus game stations. At every station, users will start their special travel experience, with a chance of landing top multipliers. The game also includes striking visuals, history and statistics, as well as super graphics that take the experience to a whole new level.

While playing this exciting casino game, your goal is clear - you should predict the positions of the horizontal wheel as well as the results at every bonus station. Thanks to six 6 bonus games, alongside three bonus types, and adjustable side bets, Travel Fever™ is soon to become one of the main favorites among customers around the world.

From the Media

OnAir Entertainment is committed to delivering some of the best products out there, and its game shows belong to the group of the most appealing and interactive in the market.

Armands Zalitis, Head of Product Design, commented on this momentous launch, said:

“Traditional live casino game shows have often lacked the ability to sustain players’ excitement through every game round. We’re turning convention on its head by incorporating the essence of a bonus round into every second round. Players are constantly presented with opportunities to potentially win big, experience heightened entertainment value, and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of anticipation.”

More Information About Lading Company

OnAir Entertainmentᵀᴹ is a leading company in the live casino industry, established in 2020. Its team consists of industry professionals with years of experience in the sector.

The company has several hubs around the world including Malta, Latvia, Poland, the UK, and Estonia. They are obsessed with innovation while also boosting the production activity from three studios in Latvia, Georgia, and Romania.

As the company that sets new industry trends, OnAir also helps companies to create some of the best live casino experiences. They are famous for live casino content and game shows, with special features, UI design, digital environments, animations and immersive streaming technology. That’s why the company turned into one of the first choices in the wider market.


“OnAir Entertainment™ Launches Travel Fever™”, onairentertainment.com, November 30, 2023.

“new era for gaming shows”

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