Peter & Sons Partners with Relax Gaming to Expand Game Distribution in Regulated Markets

Back Peter & Sons Partners with Relax Gaming to Expand Game Distribution in Regulated Markets

Peter & Sons, a popular iGaming content developer of top-tier online casino releases, is making a bold move to elevate its presence in the iGaming world. The company just announced a thrilling partnership with the well-known iGaming aggregator, Relax Gaming. This agreement brings Peter & Sons into the Powered by Relax program, a collaboration that's set to bring a fresh wave of innovation and excitement to the iGaming scene.

Expanding Horizons Across Regulated Markets

This partnership with Relax Gaming is a big deal for Peter & Sons. It means its innovative games will now be available in several regulated markets, including the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Ontario, Greece, and regions overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). By tapping into these diverse markets, Peter & Sons aims to significantly expand the reach of its distinctive games, bringing their creative and engaging experiences to a much larger audience. This strategic move fits perfectly with its vision of becoming a leading provider of unique and high-quality gaming content worldwide.

Peter & Sons have always been at the forefront of groundbreaking visuals and gameplay. Its games are celebrated for their unique artistic style and innovative mechanics, making them stand out in the competitive iGaming landscape. The studio's commitment to excellence and creativity shines through in every game they produce. Now, with this partnership, Peter & Sons will leverage Relax Gaming's extensive distribution network to ensure their high-quality games reach more players, all while keeping their distinctive edge.

There are a lot of strategic benefits to this partnership. By teaming up with Relax Gaming, Peter & Sons gain access to a robust distribution network, essential for reaching players in various regulated markets. This not only broadens its market presence but also enhances its ability to deliver engaging gaming experiences to a global audience. Moreover, the partnership allows Peter & Sons to focus on what they do best: creating innovative and visually stunning games. With Relax Gaming handling distribution, Peter & Sons can ensure its games are available to a larger and more diverse player base.

Players are set to benefit immensely from this collaboration between Peter & Sons and Relax Gaming. Gamers in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Ontario, Greece, and MGA jurisdictions can look forward to a wide range of Peter & Sons' innovative games. These games are designed to offer unique and engaging experiences, characterized by striking visuals and captivating gameplay. The partnership guarantees that players in these markets will have the opportunity to enjoy Peter & Sons' distinctive games, known for their high performance and creative flair.

A New Chapter for Peter & Sons

This partnership marks a significant new chapter for Peter & Sons. It represents a major step in its journey towards becoming a prominent player in the iGaming industry. The collaboration with Relax Gaming is not just about expanding its market reach; it's also about solidifying their position as a leading game development studio known for their innovation and creativity. By joining the Powered by Relax program, Peter & Sons are set to bring its unique brand of gaming to a wider audience, enriching the iGaming landscape with their distinctive offerings.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Relax Gaming as a P2P partner," said Yann Bautista Commercial Director of Peter & Sons. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to push the boundaries of game design and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. With Relax Gaming's robust platform and extensive network, we are confident that our games will captivate players across multiple markets."

"Relax Gaming's reputation for excellence and their extensive network will enable us to showcase our games to a broader audience. We are eager to collaborate with their talented team and leverage their expertise to take our game distribution to the next level," added Yann.

Relax Gaming Director of Aggregation Commercials Nicholas Hammon said "Adding Peter and Sons' premium range of content to our platform is an exciting collaboration. Peter and Sons' distinctive approach to creating games and story telling is well recognized and loved by a wide range of players and they are a welcome addition to the Relax family."


''Peter & Sons Announce New Partnership with Relax Gaming as Latest Powered by Relax Partner '' Press Release. July 09, 2024.

“This strategic move will significantly enhance the reach of Peter & Sons' distinctive games, bringing their creative and engaging experiences to a broader audience”

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