1.125 Euros To Fall Into The Hands Of Young & Ambitious Lcb.org Member From Portugal

Back 1.125 Euros To Fall Into The Hands Of Young & Ambitious Lcb.org Member From Portugal

Portugal – a wonderous, small country, home of Dom Luis Bridge, Pena Palace, Jeronimos Monastery and other breathtaking landmarks. Today, we will uncover another Portuguese jewel that comes in the shape of our precious LCB member – Bruno234.

This lucky fella was fortunate before, however, that didn’t stop him from sharing some useful information and tips on how to be worldly-wise and grab a lucrative jackpot which in his case was whooping 1.125 Euros!

Him scoring a jackpot wasn’t the only topic in the spotlight. He talked about his long-term passion for this industry and how precisely that drive stimulated him to kickstart his own business which, for now, looks very promising. Now, let’s check out what he had to say!

1. First of all, congratulations! Is this your first big win?

No, actually, I’ve been gambling for more than 10 years and I have already had some big wins as well as some huge losses, you can check out my profile and see since how long I’ve been a member of LCB.

2. Do you have any favorite game or is this the one?

I don’t have any favorite slot or provider. Generally speaking, I love playing slots.

3. Why did you choose it? What's so good about it?

For quite some time I wasn’t playing at Rival, therefore, I didn’t have any particular slot mind. This one I chose randomly. I wanted to play an interesting game and by accident I stumbled upon this Aussie Rules.

4. Do you have any special strategy when it comes to playing online slots?

No strategy while gambling, especially when it comes slots. You are either on a winning streak or on a losing one. Actually, I am a player but also an affiliate, (some people from LCB team know this fact), it’s a form of a "mini" site. Feel free to check it out to see what it offers.

5. Do you have any useful advice for our readers?

Yes, if you happen to win big, like cash-out immediately my advice to you is not to log into the casino until you are paid, do not reverse your withdrawal.

6. How did you discover our community and how do you like us so far?

I don’t remember how I’ve discovered you guys because it’s been a long, long time. Generally speaking, I love it here. It’s really good and entertaining and all my casino accounts were basically created via your website.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

A lot of things, going to the beach during summer, going to the "beerland" sometimes also , sleep, working on my website.

8. What are you going to do with this jackpot? (if that's not a secret)

I don’t think it´s a significant amount of money that can help you become/ rich. I could have earned more, but this amount (€ 1.125) is solid and I relatively satisfied with it. I’ve already transferred some of it to my bank account and I’m planning on investing some cash to advertise my website.

9. We asked you to give us an advice concerning jackpots, but do you have one regarding our website/forum?

At this moment not really, the site and forum look very good and it’s a shame there aren’t enough active forum members. That’s probably the only negative thing about it.

No Particular Strategy – Just Keep Your Eyes Wide Open!

It is obvious that our dear Bruno isn’t just an ordinary player who accidentally grabbed a nice jackpot at 24VIP Casino but also a prosperous entrepreneur who might just become a millionaire any time soon.

As he stated, he doesn’t have any specific strategy but it’s more of an excellent combination of a great gut, ten years-experience along with a pinch of luck and voila – that’ the receipt for a slot related happiness! Send us some, next time please!

“jewel that comes in the shape of our precious LCB member – Bruno234”

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