RealTime Gaming’s Progressive Jackpot Finds its New Home in LCB Member’s Balance

September 6th, 2019
Back RealTime Gaming’s Progressive Jackpot Finds its New Home in LCB Member’s Balance

Diamonds have always been a lucrative business. Apparently, this also applies to online slots titled Diamond Mine, if you’re lucky enough!

One of our members, jasonlogrande, has had firsthand experience…

…with just how lucrative this particular slot game, can be.


He has managed to win a jackpot of $2,500, which pushed his total balance for this run to $3,545!

All of this happened over at Casino Extreme, in one of RealTime Gaming’s progressive jackpot games.

Jason was kind enough to answer some questions for us regarding his lucky streak, and shared some of his personal preferences when it comes to one-armed bandits!

Before we start, congrats on the win! How did you get interested in online slots?

I love to gamble. It’s the bonus round that got me really interested.

Do you have a favorite slot, and if so which one is it?

Witches Brew.

What do you look for in a slot game?

Lots of features, free spins, re-spins, wild multipliers, and pick the icon bonuses.

What features do you look for in an online casino?

Fast and easy payouts.

Are you satisfied with the bonus amount you've won?


What drew you to Diamond Mine Slot in particular?

I was winning and thought I might try a slot that I usually would never play, you know with no bonus rounds or any features or wilds and only one line. Lol!

Is this the highest bonus you've won, or did you have more luck in the past?

I will add a few other screenshots for you to see.

Do you have a strategy when you play?

No, just dumb luck.

How would you describe your experience at Casino Extreme?


How did you hear about LCB?

Searching for free chips through a search engine, not sure which one.

Any word of advice for other members of the LCB community?

I have to lose a lot before I win. It's not my choice, of course. I seem to get lucky at the slots I have lost to in the past. I call it my "Due theory", It doesn't work in a single day. I have to lose then come back to it days or weeks later. I realize that the machine was due to pay off (since it has only been taking my money). I have no way to know and I have lost a LOT more than I have won, even though I might be down in the end, I have a great time playing.

As you can probably tell, Jason is no newbie to slots. His approach, although without any specific strategy, is deeply rooted in his previous experience. Sometimes all you need…

…is a good instinct and enough guts to follow through. As Jason states, sometimes you have to come back to the slot games you’ve lost to in order to win.

Even better, sometimes those same slots treat you with an awesome bonus that will…

…not only recuperate your losses, but push you far into the green!

“All of this happened over at Casino Extreme”

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