PlayOJO's Safer Gambling Week 2023, A Humorous Dive into Excess!

November 11th, 2023
Back PlayOJO's Safer Gambling Week 2023, A Humorous Dive into Excess!

In a refreshing approach to Safer Gambling Week 2023PlayOJO is set to launch a witty campaign beginning November 6th, turning the spotlight on the perils of excess with engaging video skits.

The online casino, known for its commitment to responsible gambling, delivers a crucial message: "Too much of anything can be bad." Through four humorous videos shared across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, PlayOJO explores scenarios where indulgence takes a turn for the worse.

The Perils of Prolonged Slumber - Too Much Sleep!

The quirky examples include excessive sleep, extended bath time, prolonged indoor activities, overexposure to sunlight, heightened caffeine consumption, an abundance of spicy flavoring, and even an overdose of carrots turning the skin orange. Each skit playfully underscores the potential pitfalls of unchecked indulgence, tying in a thoughtful reminder about the importance of balance.

Balancing Entertainment and Responsibility

While the campaign maintains a light-hearted tone, the core message remains clear – players should stay in control of their gaming activities. This initiative aligns with PlayOJO's consistent efforts to raise awareness about responsible gambling practices. As a reputable online casino powered by SkillOnNet, PlayOJO prioritizes player well-being.

A noteworthy feature in its safer gambling arsenal is the "Safe Mate." This tool empowers players by providing a comprehensive overview of their gaming patterns. It simplifies understanding gambling habits, aids in budget adherence and highlights any changes in behavior that might require attention. By incorporating innovative features like Safe Mate, the brand continues to set high standards in promoting safer gambling practices.

The campaign's entertaining approach not only captures attention but also reinforces the vital message – striking a balance is key. PlayOJO ensures that while players enjoy their gaming experience, they are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to gamble responsibly.

The Chief Marketing Officer for PlayOJO, Peter Bennett, stated: ''We are longstanding supporters of Safer Gambling Week and, like previous years, this year we wanted to run an additional paid social campaign that would help increase awareness of safer gambling above and beyond the Safer Gambling Week. To do this, we needed to create something that we felt would stand out and reach players on the channels they spend time on, to ensure our message hits the widest possible audience. This is a quirky and fun campaign that aligns with our overall brand positioning but with a clear main message about why players need to stay in control of their play; too much of anything can be bad."


''PlayOJO to Launch ‘Too Much of Anything Can be Bad’ Campaign'',, November 7, 2023.

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