Post a Penny to Win During LCB’s $250 Contest

May 6th, 2017
Back Post a Penny to Win During LCB’s $250 Contest

Hey LCB’ers, you know how much we like to have fun around here, right? Of course you do, and since a new month is upon us, so is another $250 contest. Forget the Benjamins, May 2017 is all about the pennies – pennies from heaven that is. Lipstick is up to her tricks once again and to be honest, she hasn’t made things easy. It’ll all come down to pure luck, so if you’re ready to leave it up to fate, let’s get into the contest specifics.

Entering the Contest

Beginning on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), a different year will be posted every day for 14 days. For example, day 1 is 1997, so you’ll want to start digging through your purses, murses, pockets or jars of change to find some coinage from that year, then be the first to snap a pic and post it on the forum. No naughtiness will be tolerated. It’s got to be your own original picture and not one that you’ve swiped from Google or something sneaky like that.

Post your entries here.

No Pennies, No Problem

First and foremost, we realize that pennies aren’t included in every currency, so we’ve adjusted the rules to allow members to post the equivalent in your local currency. We’ve got you covered.

14 Prizes

There will be 14 winners, one for each day of the contest. Prizes range from $5 to $50 worth of LCB Chips, which may be redeemed in the Shop for tons of exclusive bonuses. Each member has the potential to win up to two times, and there are several new items available including 10 free spins on Wild Wild West or Warlords from Lucky Dino.

We wish you the best of luck, you’re going to need it. Ha!

“a new month is upon us, so is another $250 contest”

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