Probation Lifted: BoVegas and Sister Brands Regain Full Operational Status on LCB

November 8th, 2023
Back Probation Lifted: BoVegas and Sister Brands Regain Full Operational Status on LCB

BoVegas, along with its associated sister brands, is celebrating a significant milestone as they have successfully completed their probationary period on our platform.

The collective group including BoVegas, Golden Lion, Supernova, Eclipse Casino, Cherry Gold, Free Spin, Exclusive Casino, and Two-Up Casino have now regained full operational status after a rigorous evaluation process.

Previous Issues Addressed

The reinstatement comes after a meticulous retesting by LCB due to prior warnings and probationary status that lasted over six months. The retest revealed that while the payout process remains slow, there have been no complaints lodged against these casinos in the past six months. This development facilitated their removal from the warning list and the successful conclusion of their probationary period.

BoVegas Casino had initially faced challenges with delayed payouts, with a recent retest showing that the Know Your Customer (KYC) process took up to 13 days for Bitcoin withdrawals. The group of brands collectively faced issues of prolonged verification processes, slow or absent payouts, and unresponsive customer support, leading to their placement on the blacklist two years ago.

Under new management operating through Affiliates League, significant strides have been made to rectify these issues. Their efforts bore fruit as no complaints were received for over a year, leading to their placement on probation to demonstrate their commitment to improved services and trustworthiness.

From Blacklist to Probation

Two-Up Casino, a part of this collective, recently had its blacklist status lifted and was placed on probation due to a change in management and a lack of complaints on the LCB platform. This shift signifies a positive change in their operations and serves as an opportunity for them to prove their reliability in providing a better gambling experience.

While the removal of probationary status is a significant achievement for BoVegas and its sister brands, it's essential to note that the extended payout processing times still warrant attention. The casinos will continue to work diligently to regain players' trust by enhancing their services and striving to offer a more efficient and customer-centric gambling experience.

The casinos are committed to further improvements and welcome any inquiries, complaints, or questions from players through dedicated channels on our forum.

As BoVegas Casino and its affiliated brands regain their full operational status on LCB, they are focused on sustaining their positive trajectory and ensuring a smoother, more reliable gambling experience for their patrons.

For further details, inquiries, or to engage in discussions related to this development, LCB’ers are encouraged to visit the dedicated topic on our site.

“a significant achievement for BoVegas and its sister brands”

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