Probation Period Successful: DomGame and Irish Luck Casino to Rebuild Former Reputation Under New Management

April 25th, 2019
Back Probation Period Successful: DomGame and Irish Luck Casino to Rebuild Former Reputation Under New Management

We know that we are your most beloved heroes and we never get tired of this pleasant duty. You know, there’s something truly satisfying in exposing the bad guys so that community becomes aware of the unethical practices.

Yet again, announcing some good news gives us even bigger pleasure, as it strongly proves that venues are willing to turn over a new leaf and start acting lawfully. With that being said, we are more than happy to declare that DomGame and Irish Luck Casino have learned a valuable lesson and are back on stage again!

The Road to Nowhere

Their reputation started fading off after numerous complaints. Irish Luck displayed unresponsive customer service and they showed no interest in fixing things. The situation was absolutely identical to the other venue, Dom Game, which also had poor and unreliable support. As usual…

…we investigated, and these testimonies proved to be true. Violation of members’ rights is definitely the thing no one should get away with, particularly not an online venue. Their management seems to be lacking the will to make even the slightest improvement. Perhaps punishment is a bit too strong a word to use…

…but that’s exactly what we did! On September 9th, 2016 we put them on our blacklist and decided to let the community know about their shameful acts.

How About The Second Chance?

You are probably already familiar with the fact that we always give such “hubs behaving badly” a second chance. Therefore, both of these were placed probation on 12th Feb 2019 The reason we did it was new management. This gave us hope that they are willing to take serious steps…

… and work hard to fixing all the issues. That’s exactly what happened. Becoming a part of Affalliance, a company “passionate about the casino, decisive about putting it to good use and transcending their passion to online gambling,” they started working really hard to rebuild the reputation and get off the notorious list. Ever since there wasn’t a single complaint nor an issue, which resulted in probation removal on April 24th, 2019.

Let’s Hear it for the Good Guys!

You already know that bad news spreads way faster than good news. That’s why it’s up to all the LCB’ers (yeah, even you who’s reading this) to change the fate. How so? By making sure the community finds out as quickly as possible that…

…these two establishments have proved that good behavior is recognized. Though the industry is more than over-crowded, it still doesn’t mean that they can get away with bad behavior. At least not while we are around! So, do your best and spread the good word.

“spread the good word”

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