Push Gaming Brings Irish Folklore to Life in Shamrock Saints

March 7th, 2024
Back Push Gaming Brings Irish Folklore to Life in Shamrock Saints

In a dazzling departure from the traditional depiction of leprechauns as solitary creatures guarding their pots of gold at the end of rainbows, Push Gaming has unleashed a new gang of rowdy sprites in their latest slot, Shamrock Saints.

Stepping into the realm of Irish folklore, the game promises players an electrifying experience as they navigate the antics of these mischievous faeries who have taken over their local tavern.

Gold, Gangs, and Gaming

The central theme of Shamrock Saints revolves around the leprechauns' insatiable appetitefor plundering and drinking, creating a unique narrative rarely explored in the gaming industry.

Push Gaming's creative twist on the conventional leprechaun motif promises an exhilarating journey into the supernatural, filled with surprises and animated characters that bring the folklore to life.

One of the standout features of Shamrock Saints is its innovative approach to the leprechauns' obsession with gold. The game introduces the Tokens and Chest Feature, drawing inspiration from the highly successful mechanics found in two of Push Gaming's iconic titles: Razor Shark and Wild Swarm.

Melding the Mystery Symbols and Razor Reveal Feature from Razor Shark with the Chest feature, collectibles, and Swarm Mode from Wild Swarm, Shamrock Saints crafts a completely fresh and dynamic gaming experience.

The 5x4 reel, 20 winline slot offers a maximum win of 10,000x, ensuring players are in for a thrilling ride. The addition of fan-favorite elements from previous games guarantees a special experience for both loyal followers of Push Gaming's portfolio and newcomers to the gaming scene.

Furthermore, the vibrant visuals, coupled with a distinctive soundtrack, contribute to the game's lively atmosphere, immersing players in the rowdy world of these rebellious leprechauns.

Anastasiia Mysan, the game producer at Push Gaming, shared insights into the creative process behind Shamrock Saints: "We wanted to create a lively game full of action. The gang-themed art style, distinctive soundtrack, and, of course, the many exciting features help to achieve this.

She also said that the inspiration from two of the studio’s most popular games of all time has created some incredibly fun features, and the company is sure players will be excited to see how Push Gaming reimagined them.

Leprechaun Charm is Here

By blending successful elements from previous titles and venturing into uncharted thematic territory, Shamrock Saints emerges as a game with irresistible charm and explosive gameplay.

Push Gaming's commitment to innovation and creativity shines through, promising players an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional leprechaun narratives. With Shamrock Saints, Push Gaming invites players to join the rowdiest gang of leprechauns in town for an adventure like no other.


Push Gaming explores a rarely seen side of leprechauns in Shamrock Saints, pushgaming.com, March 5th, 2024.

“The central theme of Shamrock Saints revolves around the leprechauns' insatiable appetite”

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