Redeemed BetUS Casino OFF Probation And Back Into the Realm of Respectability

March 4th, 2021
Back Redeemed BetUS Casino OFF Probation And Back Into the Realm of Respectability

Before being placed on our warning list in August 2011 (that’s almost ten years exactly!), BetUS Casino has caused a lot of grief and strife to players everywhere due to their unethical business practices.

This changed last year when the casino was moved from the warning list to the purgatory of sorts, LCB’s probation period, after showing encouraging signs of improvement.

Today, we are happy to report that a decade long grievance has been put to an end, as BetUS Casino is OFF our probation list and back into the company of good, reliable online casinos.

How it All Began

For the sake of the context, we’ll first go take a trip down the bad memory lane.

LCB’s original BetUS Casino warning text went as follows:

“Bet US Casino has been placed on our warning list and in the best interest of our members they should be avoided. Unethical business practice and noncompliance of contractual agreements have put them at high risk. Lack of commitment to players and processing payments is possible and puts Bet US in jeopardy of a fair and honest casino operator.”

What was happening, in a nutshell, was just your typical bad treatment of players and affiliate partners.

Miscommunication and general lack of answers regarding payment issues have been ruffling the feathers of too many to go unnoticed and the inevitable outcome was blacklisting the casino for the greater good.


The casino’s new management wanted it to start afresh and in October 2020, after showing some encouraging signs of fair practice - backed by our members’ testimonials - we decided BetUS Casino deserves another chance at life and has been placed on the probation.

Fixing all the past issues was the new management’s number one priority, and it showed.

After six months of probation, on March 3rd 2021, it was announced on our Forum that BetUS has passed the probation period successfully, that there have been no complaints form the players whatsoever regarding this brand.

The casino’s Terms and Conditions have been radically changed to be more player-friendly and in line with honest business practices.

The time was ripe to get them off the Warning list, although our members’ are warned to keep their eyes wide open - as they normally would in any other situation - and keep vigil for any anomalies that may still arise.

LCB will still keep its watchful eye on BetUS (and any other casino for that matter) as we feel there may still be room for improvements. However, as things stand now, all is well and all is fair and we give the casino a chance to improve their reputation.

The casino’s review page has been updated to reflect the positive changes - you can read it here.

Have you had any experience with BetUS - good or bad? If you have, contribute to the discussion and let us know your thoughts on this development.

“a decade long grievance has been put to an end”

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