Revolutionize Your iGaming Experience; Introducing Pay N Play at Betstro & Foggybet

August 30th, 2023
Back Revolutionize Your iGaming Experience; Introducing Pay N Play at Betstro & Foggybet

The iGaming industry is developing more and more every day, delivering exciting new products! An enormous number of iGaming brands have left their footprint on the online gambling scene, including developers, aggregators, and operators.

Aside from new products, an important factor among players is payment options; the more the better, providing the utmost convenience for every wallet.

In light of this, we have some exciting news to relay...

New Payment Method in Your Favorite Casino!

Two reputable casino brands are proud to announce that players will be able to take advantage of the Pay N Play method on their platforms which is recognizable and praised by players across the globe, on their platforms!

Players from Brazil who decide to check out the Betstro and Foggybet platforms will now be able to benefit from an easy, fast, and safe payment method that will allow you to have a carefree time with your favorite titles!

This method was first presented at London ICE 2018 to revolutionize the iGaming landscape.

Trust us, this is an extremely fast, easy, secure, and safe solution for the process of registration, depositing, and withdrawals!

This is an integrated process that merges the stages of account registration, KYC compliance, and deposits to offer immediate, authenticated, and safeguarded entry through a solitary and distinct interaction.

But How Does It Work?

Without excessive hassle, this payment method will do everything for you. So, how does it work? Here are a few steps!

  • Utilize the Trustly Pay N Play mechanism for initiating a deposit directly from your online banking account.
  • Within the Pay N Play system's backend, your bank and the online casino seamlessly exchange essential personal details using your exclusive ID, all within a deeply secure setting.
  • Once the process is finalized, the operator generates a player account that has undergone meticulous vetting, pre-screening, age verification, and precise identification.
  • When it's time to request a withdrawal, players have the option to do so immediately and with utmost security.

Pay N Play is currently focused on Europe with the largest presence in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. However, it is restricted in Australia and, the United States.

Players from Brazil, on the other hand, will now be able to take advantage of this method only if they visit Betstro & Foggybet!

We believe that this will significantly influence the future of the market, which is developing at an abnormal speed. We also believe that this method will win the hearts of fans of these platforms. If you get a chance to check it out, let us know what you think in the comment section!

“players are registered, authorized, and free to enjoy games and request payments in a matter of seconds”

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