Samurai Studio® by NatsumeAtari Joins Forces with SwinttStudios

September 30th, 2022
Back Samurai Studio® by NatsumeAtari Joins Forces with SwinttStudios

A prestigious provider of casino software, Swintt, has joined forces with Japanese entertainment brand, Samurai Studio ® by NatsumeAtari, to launch games via the dedicated SwinttStudios program.

Introduced earlier this year, SwinttStudios is an innovative program created by the Malta-based brand that enables boutique software providers to create and distribute games within the current Swintt framework. It also allows partners to focus on the design and theme of games while Swintt takes care of game logic and delivery of the products, ensuring a smooth and creative process for all. 

Following the new cooperation, Samurai Studio® will utilize the opportunity to enter Swintt’s broad distribution network and back-end tools, expanding its brand even more by adding games in several new markets.

Dating back to 1987, NatsumeAtari was established as a company that delivered technology, artwork, and services to video game brands and pachinko machine developers. The launch of the modern company was in October 2020 which started focusing on creating video slots.

What Was Agreed

Under the terms of the new deal, NatsumeAtari will use this industry expertise to develop a series of special games via the SwinttStudios partnership program, providing new and current players the chance to sample a range of beautifully-created video slots that come with their special themes and features. They will probably be welcomed by users at different Swintt’s partner casinos as more and more special content appears in their lobbies.

What Was Stated

Commenting on the new deal, David Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Swintt, says that with NatsumeAtari having only introduced Samurai Studio® two years ago, they have been impressed with what the provider has already accomplished in such a short period of time – but with SwinttStudios, they will be able to support them reach another level. He added:

“Having seen the studio’s flair for design and innovation, we’ll now be able to take the nuts and bolts of game logic and product delivery off their hands. This will enable them to make cutting-edge game development their main priority as our distribution network makes sure that the exclusive games, they create via the SwinttStudios partnership program reach all the markets where they need to be seen.”

On the other side, Mitsuhiro Koide, Chief Operating Officer at NatsumeAtari, says that having created the company with a goal to spread happiness to everyone included with NatsumeAtari, they are delighted with the joy they deliver to players and the level of entertainment they will reach through the deal with SwinttStudios.

 He also added:

“By joining forces with Swintt for this exciting venture, our talented team of designers and developers can focus on creating the most immersive and enjoyable games possible while Swintt’s distribution solutions and in-depth industry know-how help us put our product in front of a brand-new audience.”



“Samurai Studio® by NatsumeAtari teams up with SwinttStudios,, September 27, 2022.


“enter Swintt’s broad distribution”

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