Casino Experience: Sign Up, Deposit, Gameplay & Cashout Assessment

March 2nd, 2021
Back Casino Experience: Sign Up, Deposit, Gameplay & Cashout Assessment

Our latest and most ambitious project to date, “From the Players, For the Players” is off to a flying start. The entries are pouring in at encouraging speed, proving that you, our Forum members, do play a vital part in the embodiment of our brand mission - providing more value to the (fellow) player.

This time around, we have Casino under scrutiny. Having thoroughly tested its crucial aspects, our esteemed member Juggaloroscoe has performed an independent, player-POV kind of quality assurance of this online casino that has an enviable 4.3/5 rating at our casino directory.



Even though our own review is, obviously, honest, objective and vouches for the integrity of the place, we'd like to refute any doubt some of you may have about the casino by going through the vital step by step procedure when joining it.

This basically covers all the steps from signing up, depositing and experiencing some gameplay action. You know, the essentials.

But before we dig into that, let’s see what our own initial findings of the casino were.

A Word or Two on

Licensed under the Curacao jurisdiction, is a crypto-friendly playing hub that boasts a modest selection of developers and entertainment they supply. Available in Chinese and English, it entices punters to become permanent members with its welcome bonus plan that covers first two deposits.

Introduced in 2013, has, over time, built a creditable reputation of a casino that is genuine, respectable and catering to players’ needs.

Now, onto checking whether our own impression of the casino matches this particular user’s experience.

The Sign Up Process: An Exercise in Simplicity

From LCB’s online casino directory as the starting point, we head out to Casino’s slick interface where the Join button waits at the ready near the top of the landing page.

Clicking on it opens one of the simplest and most to-the-point sign-up screens you’ll see: no multiple steps, no uncanny requirements. Just pure reason and convenience.


Having filled out all the available forms - name, address, phone number, the works - the player was sent the 6-digit verification code to their mobile phone. This is an obligatory step that aims to secure the integrity of players’ sensitive data and protect their overall safety.


Bitcoin Deposit: Smooth as Can Be

Next up, we come to the vital and often one of the most problematic elements of online casino experience: deposit.

The player opted for Bitcoin as their banking method and preferred currency.

Again, a simple window pops up that opens a dialogue window that takes them through the entire and very convenience deposit procedure. They deposited $199.78 worth of BTC.

The procedure consists of entering the code for sending Bitcoin to the players’ wallet address


After a very brief period of waiting, the instant Bitcoin deposit landed to player’s account. The confirmation of this was quite evident in their account’s wallet.


Onto Some Money Spending! Gameplay Experience

With all the delicate, potentially nerve-wrecking processes out of the way, it was time to unwind with some quality reel spinning.

The player opened with Chilled Penguins and soon transitioned to the Tournament version of Gold Rush Gus - all in real play mode, of course.


With their balance clearly visible at the bottom of the screen at all times, the player could not be at loss in regards to their financial state. A clear overview of their status and the games’

A particularly enjoyable and lengthy session of Bulletproof Babes followed, with the same fortunate outcome of there being no glitches or suspicious activity of any sort.


Balance Cashout: The Moment of Truth

Now we come to the part of the online casino experience that causes most aggravation for so many - the withdrawal.

The player decided to cashout all of their remaining funds. In the process we got the confirmation that the casino doesn’t have the maximum withdrawal limit, which is neat.


Again they pasted the address/code to their own Bitcoin wallet before requesting a withdrawal.

The withdrawal verification code was sent to their phone via SMS.


The casino confirmed the withdrawal request and that it will be reviewed within the next 23 hours.


They also sent the withdrawal request confirmation email to the user.

Once the cashout has been processed, the casino sent another email confirmation of the successful withdrawal of desired amount.

The Verdict

All things considered, we’re happy to report that the Casino experience goes without a single hitch.

From the sign-up procedure, over deposit and gameplay to the dreaded withdrawal, this online casino adheres to excellent customer service and user experience that is rarely matched.

We’d like to thank our esteemed member Juggaloroscoe for taking his time and effort to conduct this valuable review of

Don’t forget that you can follow our players’ reports and reviews on the dedicated From the Players, For the Players Forum thread!

We’d like you to contribute to the discussion of experience if you yourself are a punter there. Do you have anything to share? Feel free to elaborate in the comments below!

“this online casino adheres to excellent customer service and user experience”

From the Players for the Players
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