Slots of Vegas Casino Tested: Delayed ID Verification + Insane Fees + Slow Customer Support

June 23rd, 2023
Back Slots of Vegas Casino Tested: Delayed ID Verification + Insane Fees + Slow Customer Support

For almost two and a half years, our testers have been investigating online casinos all over the globe, sharing all the good and bad moments that took place during the investigation. Sometimes it turns out that a certain casino exceeds expectations, but at times, testers end up disappointed.

Wanting to see whether US-friendly Slots of Vegas Casino has made an improvement, or it still deserves to be placed on the “Warning list”, we tasked a tester to examine it. After quite a lengthy and exhausting investigation, he shared all his numerous troubles with us, giving us an all-encompassing insight into this casino’s practices.

Let’s look at the milestone moments before we proceed:

  • Tester of the day: Johnny
  • Registration date: May 16, 2023
  • Deposit made on May 17, 2023, USD 1,000 / 0.03757502 BTC; after the fee of 0.00019452 BTC was removed, the tester received USD 992/ 0.03738050 BTC.
  • ID Verification: documents submitted on May 16, and again on May 19, 2023, finally verified on June 3, 2023
  • Withdrawal requested on June 2, 2023, canceled three days later; new request placed on June 5, 2023, approved on the same day; the tester requested to cash out USD 938.22, but after the fee of USD 46.22 was removed, the cashier indicated that he would receive USD 892
  • Withdrawal received: June 6, 2022, USD 892

Looking at these highlights, it is more than obvious that the investigation was all about the delays. Was it because our tester failed to submit the necessary documents, or the casino messed things up?

Read on to learn more about our tester’s experience with Slots of Vegas Casino!

Slots of Vegas Casino Overview

Powered by Realtime Gaming AKA RTG (also known as Spinlogic Gaming), Slots of Vegas Casino presents itself as “one of the most exciting online gambling communities in the online industry”. Paying attention to the “About Us” page, you will notice that the operator proudly points out that clients are their "first priority".

However, visiting the review page on LCB, you will notice that this brand is on the warning list, due to slow payments, among all. That’s one of the reasons we decided to delegate a tester and see have things changed a bit, or if they remained the same.

Registration and KYC

On May 16, 2023, our tester accessed the Slots of Vegas site to register. He entered a couple of basic info in the form, after which he typed in a code he received on his mobile, to have it verified.

To eliminate any potential delays when the withdrawal time approaches, he decided to verify the identity right after finalizing the sign-up process. As noted, the requested documents include a valid government-issued ID as proof of identification, and a utility bill no older than 3 months as proof of address. He sent those via e-mail.

According to the notification, the process of document review may take up to 72 hours.


Having completed the registration process and KYC, the tester decided to fund the account. He intended to do so via Skrill, however, cryptocurrencies were the only available choice he had.

To see if an alternative means of payment can be used, he contacted the support team via live chat. He also wanted to know whether players from Romania are permitted, noting that the Terms indicate they aren’t.

However, even after more than 30 minutes, no response arrived.

After a bit more than half an hour of waiting, the live chat support agent finally responded, letting the tester know that he is welcome to play, but cannot make a deposit using Skrill.

Yet, the tester was still unsure whether his country is permitted, despite the agent’s claim that Romania is permitted. He even submitted a link to the file from T&C’s page which confirms so.

The agent responded that the attached file is the very old one, further recommending the tester select Bitcoin to replenish the account.

While chatting with a live support agent, the tester also inquired about the wagering requirements on straight deposits, to which the agent noted the deposit amount needs to be played through once.

In the meantime, an auto-response arrived, letting the tester know his documents are received.


As he had no other choice but to add money via crypto, he deposited USD 1,000 using BTC on May 17, 2023. As indicated in the cashier, the fees on BTC were rather high at that time, so the message suggested Litecoin should be selected due to being more efficient and less costly in terms of fees.

Expressed in Bitcoins, the amount was 0.03757502 BTC, while the fee was 0.00019452 BTC, which meant that he would receive 0.03738050 BTC.

A couple of minutes later, he checked the cashier, spotting the amount of USD 992. This means that a network fee of USD 8 was removed from the total amount he wanted to deposit.

Available deposit methods include VISA, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit is $30, maximum is $200 per day if the account is not validated, yet the tester managed to deposit $1,000 despite not having completed verification previously.

Gameplay and KYC

Following the deposit procedure, the tester ventured into the operator’s well-equipped lobby. His first choice was Cash Bandits 3, followed by Shanghai Lights but shortly after he returned to Cash Bandits 3. After these, he checked out Enchanted Garden II, Gem Strike, Dragon Orb, and Frog Fortunes after which he returned to Gem Strike once again.

A day later, on May 18, 2023, the tester explored the Masks of Atlantis, Trigger Happy, and Gem Strike. A bit later the same day, he returned to Gem Strike and played it for a while.

The next day, on May 19, 2023, the tester started his gaming session with Gem Strike, after which he ventured into Bonus Wheel Jungle and Cash Bandits Museum Heist. His next choice was Rudolph’s Revenge, after which he returned to Cash Bandits Museum Heist. Having played this game, he relaunched Dragon Orb and then switched to Wild Hog Luau.

In the meantime, the tester reached out to the live chat support to inquire about the status of his documents. As he pointed out, the documents were sent three days ago (on May 16, 2023). The agent only informed him that he was not eligible for a certain offer due to country restrictions. That wasn’t the problem for our tester, as he wasn’t interested in claiming the promo anyway.

However, it took a while until he received a response regarding the status of ID verification. According to the agent, the tester was supposed to send proof of identity, a selfie with the proof of identity, and proof of address. Once received, the documents are reviewed within 5 business days (or even longer), which is longer than the notification indicated.

He expressed his confusion, asking if he needed to submit something else apart from what he already supplied. Following the live chat agent’s instructions, the tester sent the documents via e-mail once again, adding a selfie as well. He mentioned not seeing this particular requirement in the Terms. 

Just like on the previous occasion, an e-mail arrived, to confirm that the documents were received.

Having submitted the documents, the tester returned to the lobby to continue playing. Once again he revisited Cash Bandits Museum Heist.

Withdrawal, KYC, and Customer Support

On May 22, 2023, the tester finally met the wagering requirements meaning he would be able to withdraw the funds. However, the verification procedure was not completed, so he couldn’t make a request.

On May 26, the tester decided to reach out to the support department and inquire about the status of his documents (again!). Just like during previous communication with the said department, he needed to wait.

He was asked to send the address so that the relevant department could check it, after which the agent told him to contact back in 24 hours. The tester also checked whether he could request a cashout before the validation of documents, and the answer, which arrived a couple of minutes later, was positive. He could either place it immediately or wait for a response from the verification team.

On May 27, 2023, the tester asked about the status of his documents, but he was once again told to wait.

A couple of days later, on May 31, the tester once again contacted the live chat, seeking an explanation for the delayed verification. As he pointed out, the docs had been submitted 12 days ago, and there was still no confirmation whether they were approved or not. Once again, he had to wait a bit for the answer.

The agent told the tester that the back of the ID card is missing as well as the proof of address, the latter of which the tester already provided. With regard to the back of the ID card, the tester noted it was blank, pointing out that they should have mentioned it on previous occasions.

He even provided a screenshot of the mail where the attachments for the ID verification were clearly visible. The history repeated itself once again, as the tester was told to reach out again in 24-48 hours. Annoyed for quite a good reason, the tester was that was unacceptable.


The agent apologized for the inconvenience, and the tester wanted to know whether he could reach out to the Documents Department himself. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so the only thing left for him to do was to keep waiting.

Another 48 hours went by, so the tester reached out to the live chat support department on June 2, 2023. Having waited for a while, the tester was informed that some documents were missing, yet the tester repeated that those were submitted 14 days ago, on May 19, 2023.

The agent defended himself by telling that’s the standard time frame. Having lost his patience, for a valid reason, the tester told the live chat agent that he will request a cashout. He requested to withdraw USD 938.22.

Surprisingly, when he checked the “My Documents” section, the page said they were “Approved”.

A day later, on June 3, 2023, he once again contacted the live chat department to see if there were any news regarding his documents. After waiting for a while, he received a confirmation from the live chat support agent that the documents were finally verified.

On June 10, 2023, the tester checked his cashier to check the status of his request. The withdrawal required on June 2, 2023, was canceled on June 5, 2023, so the new one was requested on the same day.

On June 5, 2023, the tester had his request approved, plus a fee of USD 46.22 removed. The final amount for him to receive dropped below USD, amounting to a total of USD 892. The very same day money appeared on his balance, showing that he received a total of USD 892.

Available withdrawal methods include Bitcoin and Bank Wire. A maximum of USD 2,500 is approved per paid period/week per Terms, but the “Payments” page says the max weekly cashout amount is USD 2,000. For withdrawals, bank wire minimum is $100 and max is $2,500, for BTC the min is $20 and the max is $1,015. All limits are expressed per transaction.

Requests are reviewed within 7 days from the day they were submitted, while after approval it takes between 7-10 banking days for the payment to be credited. All withdrawals may incur a processing fee of up to $40, depending on the payment processor and/or withdrawal amount.

Therefore, both the fee and longer withdrawal time, though quite unfair, were actually in line with the operator’s Terms.


Having carefully analyzed each and every step of our tester’s journey, we can only conclude that he was lucky to have received the money after all. Except for the smooth gameplay, every other segment of the investigation was crowded with obstacles. Delayed ID verification, fees on deposits and withdrawals, postponed cashout, and unhelpful customer support were the problems our tester experienced while visiting Slots of Vegas Casino.

All in all, there’s no other but to confirm that the “Warning” label on our platform is more than well-deserved. Players are advised to steer clear of this platform and look for more trustworthy online casinos instead.

Have you had the opportunity to visit Slots of Vegas casino yourself? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below, we’d like to hear from you.

Always read the Terms and Conditions, gamble responsibly!

“our testers have been investigating online casinos all over the globe”

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