Spain Considers Gambling Addiction a Mental Problem

January 3rd, 2020
Back Spain Considers Gambling Addiction a Mental Problem

Spain is famous for its strong gambling industry and casinos with numerous chances including slot machines and sports betting options. Spain is also known for having a low rate of problem gaming actions among the European Union members. The country is still looking to keep problem gambling under control as it considers the act a result of a mental disorder.

More About Qualification

Spain’s gambling regulator, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), has just determined problem gambling a mental disorder. From now on, players with problematic behavior can look for adequate treatment and expect the same measures as for mentally ill people. The Spanish Responsible gaming Advisory Council is also looking to support gamblers with issues while promising to prevent exaggerated expenses at casinos.

Both Spanish bodies believe in suppressing gambling addiction before it emerges in an immense issue. They also agreed on formulating guidelines and indicators that can be utilized by medical staff to identify and cure problem gambling.

Gambling Around Europe

Gambling seems to be one of the most important subjects among worldwide customers. The European Union countries have different ideas on how to control gambling activity, but there is also a common opinion that all members should fight against gambling addiction.

Taking a look at other countries, we can see that Italy prohibited all types of gambling advertisements. The United Kingdom has also introduced ad control while Spain looks to find a less restrictive solution for the same problem.

Present Activity

At the moment, Spain is dedicated to creating a specific registration hub which will include all problematic gamblers to hinder them from placing bets. If someone from the list tries to enter a gambling venue, the system will notify the business. Spain is also looking to input an anti-money laundering policy and prevent minors from placing wagers.

The country is following the example from the United Kingdom which has already introduced strict gambling policies despite significant losses in working positions and money. Commenting on gambling restrictions, U.K. Gambling Commission representative, Neil McArthur, said:

“These changes will protect children and the vulnerable from gambling-related harm, and reduce the risk of crime linked to gambling.”


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“determined problem gambling a mental disorder”

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