Spelinspektionen Bans Illegal Gambling Companies and Explores Credit Card Restrictions

November 10th, 2023
Back Spelinspektionen Bans Illegal Gambling Companies and Explores Credit Card Restrictions

Spelinspektionen, Sweden's regulatory gambling authority, continues its unwavering crackdown on illegal gambling operators, reinforcing strict measures against those violating the country's gambling laws set in January 2019.

The authority has recently banned multiple unlicensed operators, including the most recent addition, Perfect Storm, for offering games of chance to Swedish citizens without proper licensing.

Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling Operators

Perfect Storm was found operating its platform, 500 Casino, which contained content in Swedish and specific terms targeting Swedish customers. Consequently, the Spelinspektionen swiftly imposed a ban, adding it to the list of 32 prohibited operators.

Each entry on this list includes detailed reasons for the ban, further emphasizing the authority's firm stance against illegal gambling activities.

Notably, the authority also imposed penalties against Videoslots, who entered Sweden’s market in 2018 an online operator, for deficiencies in anti-money laundering measures and counteracting terrorism financing, resulting in a hefty fine of SEK 9m ($810,000).

On a related note, Spelinspektionen is also looking for ways to curb problematic gambling behaviors, initiating discussions on restricting the use of credit cards for gambling purposes.

Camilla Rosenberg, the director general of Spelinspektionen, highlighted the authority's position against promoting loans for sustaining gambling, in alignment with Chapter 14 Section 1 of the Gambling Act (2018:1138).

Rosenberg stated, “The Gambling Authority has a legal position stating that licensees may not in any way contribute or encourage players to take out loans to sustain their gambling.

The authority has been actively exploring the feasibility of banning the use of credit cards on gambling sites in 2024, aligning with the duty of care prescribed in the law.

The Spelinspektionen has not yet implemented a direct ban on credit card use but continues to investigate the effectiveness of similar measures in other countries like the UK and Norway.

Out of 50 operators surveyed by the authority, 60% currently offer credit cards as a payment method on their platforms, signifying a potential impact on the industry if restrictions are put in place.

Furthermore, the authority is laying the groundwork for a debt and credit register (Skri Register), indicating a proactive approach towards managing gambling-related financial risks.

Spelinspektionen Takes a Stringent Stance

By compiling a comprehensive list of banned operators and contemplating credit restrictions, the Swedish Gambling Authority aims to emphasize its stringent stance on illegal gambling activities while prioritizing consumer protection and responsible gambling practices.

The Spelinspektionen will remain committed to enforcing regulations and safeguarding the interests of both the gambling industry and Swedish citizens, signaling a continued vigilance against unlawful gambling practices in the country.

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“the authority also imposed penalties against Videoslots”

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