Spinomenal Kicks off The Golden Era Tournament with a 150,000 EUR Prize Pool

April 26th, 2023
Back Spinomenal Kicks off The Golden Era Tournament with a 150,000 EUR Prize Pool

New Tournament Shifts the Boundaries with an Incredible Prize Pool up for Grabs

One of the leading iGaming content providers on the market is celebrating the launch of a new community competition based on its mythology universe, called The Golden Era Tournament.

This special event will feature a host of new games from the Spinomenal Universe and give players a chance to battle for a share of 150,000 EUR.

Inspired by Greek Mythology

As announced by Spinomenal, The Golden Era tournament is scheduled for 27th April. It is inspired by Greek mythology and will feature 12 brand new games created specifically for the competition.

It all starts with the legend of the beautiful Goddess Athena who observed mankind from the heights of the Olympus. Saddened by the suffering and injustice inflicted upon its people, she decided to bring back the Golden Era.

As the tournament continues, all lucky participants will accompany Athena on her journey throughout the games from the provider’s magnificent universe.

This event is part of a Spinomenal Network promotion and the tournament will also feature promotional games, including mini rounds triggered at multiple stages.

These may include Fortune of the Gods, Medusa’s Treasure, Summer of the Vikings and many more, giving players a chance to win additional bonus points.

As a special treat, all participating members of the Spinomenal Operator Network will receive tournament tools and a full activity package to drive community interest throughout the campaign.

Operators will therefore gain access to 190+ Spinomenal Universe game titles, all fully optimized with dynamic gamification features for a better slot experience.

While exploring the far reaches of the Spinomenal Universe, players will go through a total of 11 game rounds.

Each one transports players to a different world, where they can accumulate credit points and convert them into points for the final round.

The leaderboard progress can be achieved by completing tasks and point boosts during Rush Hours.

The Golden Era tournament delivers a wonderfully engaging concept which is woven into the narrative of our Universe concept. Players will enjoy multiple titles from our portfolio that each build towards the chance of a mega win,” explained Spinomenal COO, Nir Ronen.

Grand Tour Round 8 Live Until April 26

Meanwhile, if you’re competing within the Grand Tour competition, make ready for the next round.

The 7th round included slots like Wolf Fang – Sakura Fortune, Book of Lucky Jack – Baba Yaga’s Tales, Spear of Fire, and others.

The first 90 players on the leaderboard shared a prize of €15,000, confirmed the host and sponsor of the tour, Spinomenal.

Round 8 is live and will end on April 26th, so if you think you can beat the competition in Queen of the Forest, Story of Odin, Boxing Ring Champions and other great hits, come and try your best.

The prize pool is €25,000.


Spinomenal Debuts Universe-inspired Golden Era Tournament, news.cision.com, April 19th, 2023.

“all lucky participants will accompany Athena on her journey”

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