Stakelogic Reinvents Popular Game of Skill with the Launch of Super Stake Blackjack

December 29th, 2022
Back Stakelogic Reinvents Popular Game of Skill with the Launch of Super Stake Blackjack

Young and Innovative Dutch Studio Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to a Popular Game of Skill

After releasing three slots with mammoth pays and majestic features this December, Stakelogic wraps it up for 2022 with a totally new take on the popular table game.

This in-demand provider of premium live dealer content from the Netherlands has strengthened its portfolio on 15th of the month with Super Stake Blackjack, a version of the popular classic American game of skill that now offers a new live blackjack experience.

Blackjack with a Super Stake

It’s the month of live dealers over at Stakelogic, a Dutch gaming studio with an impressive roadmap in 2022. It has already filled the racks with 3 Jokers, Diamond StaXX Multipays, and Origins in December, but to wrap it up, the supplier decided to bring a version of blackjack like you’ve never seen before.

Rolling under the studio’s famous Stakelogic Live line-up, the latest title is changing the game with a thrilling set of features and options.

Although it’s based on the classic American Blackjack rules, Super Stake Blackjack comes with a supercharged gameplay that combines Stakelogic’s innovative Super Stake with win multipliers or Golden Cards at the beginning of each round.

First of all, the company’s latest contribution to the table games collection, Super Stake Blackjack, is entirely scalable and can be played by multiple players at once. Just like in any other variant, HIT and STAND decisions are made automatically.

In addition, after the hand is dealt, players choose in accordance with their decisions whether to Split, No Split, Double or No Double.

If you’re new to blackjack, the simplest choice is to Split or Double.

Matching player’s cards with the Golden Cards will help any passionate blackjack enthusiast to engage with optimal strategy.

However, the biggest change in this game comes from Super Stake which allows players to multiply their main bet from x2 all the way up to x60.

Still, there is a catch: players must pay a 50% fee in addition to their bet to activate the feature.

Once all bets are closed, the screen behind the wheel displays six Golden Cards at random, each with a multiplier value of either x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8, x10, x12, x15 or x30.

Matching one or two of the Golden Cards and winning a hand will multiply the initial bet by the value shown on both cards, up to a maximum of x60.

Four Side Bets to Beat the Dealer

To experience even more and double the action, Stakelogic included four side bets, such as Golden Pairs, 3, Golden 3, and Buzz-T.

Here’s more about each one of them:

  • Golden Pairs – if the first two player cards are a pair combination, the player receives a prize
  • 3 – if the player’s first two and the dealer’s first create one of five different combinations, the player receives a payout
  • Golden 3 – player receives a prize if the first three cards form a three-card poker
  • Buzz-T – players can bet that the dealer will bust

Blackjack is a live casino staple but with Super Stake Blackjack we have taken the player experience to a whole new level,” commented Richard Walker, head of Live at Stakelogic.

Check out more about the core blackjack experience from Stakelogic and interact with the dealer by joining one of the partner casinos on our site! You can practice with our trainer to improve skills before engaging with the studio’s latest innovative title.


Stakelogic Live to Change the Game with Super Stake Blackjack, stakelogic ,December 15th, 2022.

“Super Stake Blackjack comes with a supercharged gameplay”

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