STS Kicks off Cooperation Deal with Enteractive Platform

December 7th, 2019
Back STS Kicks off Cooperation Deal with Enteractive Platform

Leading casino operator from Poland – STS – has just closed a cooperation deal with Enteractive. The casino site which operates in additional EU markets will take advantage of Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud® platform and improve the retention of users.

More About the Polish operator

STS is a top-notch gaming provider in Poland which keeps about 47% of the local market. It represents a key sponsor of the Polish national football team and other top clubs throughout the country. The company has recorded a significant increase in revenues in the previous years and it looks for expansion in additional casino markets. At the moment, STS hires 1500 employees in major cities including Katowice, Warsaw, Prague, and Malta.

STS Reaction

Commenting on the latest partnership, STS CEO Mateusz Juroszek said:

“We have found a partner in Enteractive which shares our values in terms of innovation and constant improvement. It is our strategy to lead the way in development in terms of technology that constantly pushes to do things better.

“Partnering up with Enteractive and connecting to its Reactivation Cloud, we have added another vital tool to our CRM department so that we are able to communicate and engage on a large scale with our customers the STS way.”

About Enteractive (Re)Activation Cloud®

Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud® is a unique and authentic software in the market, designed for personal one-on-one calls which keeps users‘ loyalty. The company is focused on retention tools thanks to innovative technology and human interaction. It is known for bottom-line P&L and brand recognition in the market. Players can rest assured that (Re)Activation method complies with GDPR and G4 while users' data are secure and safe from third parties.

More Comments

Commenting on the recent deal, Enteractive Founder and CEO, Mikael Hansson observed:

“We are very happy to partner up with STS, a powerhouse in the important Polish market but also an agile and ambitious company with great potential in the rest of the world.

“With STS connected to our (Re)Activation Cloud, we have already seen good signs in terms of conversion rates and player reactions which further strengthens our belief that strong brands benefit even more from our qualitative and scalable product. Now we look forward to continuing the ramp up and to lay the foundation to a strong and profitable partnership in the coming months.“


“STS signs with Enteractive“, George Miller,, December 5, 2019.

“47% of the local market”

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