Swedish Slot Players Advocate Ban on ‘Bonus Buy’ Games

March 1st, 2024
Back Swedish Slot Players Advocate Ban on ‘Bonus Buy’ Games

In an exclusive poll by Play’n GO, a majority of Swedish slot enthusiasts call for the prohibition of controversial ‘Bonus Buy’ slot games, citing concerns of exploitation and increased losses.

Achieving Another Record Legal Triumph

One of the most prominent casino entertainment providers in Sweden, has conducted an extensive survey in its home country, revealing compelling insights into the sentiments surrounding ‘Bonus Buy’ slot games.

The results highlight that 55% of Swedish slot players are in favor of banning this contentious gaming feature, emphasizing a growing concern within the gaming community.

According to the supplier, the nationally representative survey exhibited striking figures:

  • 69% of the general Swedish public supports a regulatory change to ban ‘Bonus Buy’ games
  • 66% of those advocating a ban believe these games exploit vulnerable gamblers
  • 63% of slot players perceive ‘Bonus Buy’ games as leading to higher losses

For those who are not familiar with the concept of ‘Bonus Buy’ games, it’s important to know that they enable players to directly purchase entry into the bonus or honorary spins, often at a significantly higher cost than the initial stake for a single spin.

Notably, leading regulators such as the KSA of the Netherlands and the UK Gambling Commission have already banned this game type, emphasizing the need to discourage increased stakes.

Key findings from the Play’n GO study also suggest that 61% of Swedish slot players consideraligning regulations with the UK and the Netherlands on ‘Bonus Buy’ games as the responsible course of action.

In addition, 53% would feel proud if the Swedish gambling regulator prohibited ‘Bonus Buy’ games.

CEO and co-founder of Play’n GO, Johan Törnqvist, expressed the company's commitment to a sustainable and regulated gaming industry. Törnqvist highlighted the detrimental impact of ‘Bonus Buy’ games on players and the industry's long-term health, reaffirming the company’s firm decision to abstain from creating such games in the future.

In response to the findings, Törnqvist stated, “Play’n GO would never make a Bonus Buy game – a decision that has cost us hundreds of millions of Swedish Krona. Bonus buy games are harmful to players and to the long-term health and sustainability of the entire industry.

Moreover, the research indicates that over half of the Swedish public (51%) perceives game suppliers abstaining from ‘Bonus Buy’ games as ‘responsible,’ with more than a quarter choosing terms like ‘ethical’ or ‘brave.’

The survey exclusively targeted individuals in Sweden who reported playing slots at least once a month. According to Play’n GO, these findings shed light on the urgent call for regulatory adjustments and industry responsibility in the evolving landscape of online slot gaming.

Play’n GO Plans Further Expansion into US

In the meantime, it’s also important to mention that in 2024, Play’n GO has returned for the second time to participate in NEXT.io: New York, solidifying its title sponsor position after a successful 2023 in North America.

The Swedish gaming giant's momentum began with the acquisition of a Connecticut license in February 2023, leading to further expansion into West Virginia and securing new operator agreements throughout the year.

Building on this success, Play’n GO's games are currently available on platforms such as Rush Street Interactive, BetMGM, and Pokerstars. Players in West Virginia, New Jersey, and Michigan can now experience and enjoy the diverse content offered by Play’n GO, marking another milestone in the company's North American breakthrough.


55% of Swedish slot players think ‘Bonus Buy’ games should be banned, playngo.com, February 27th, 2024.

“55% of Swedish slot players are in favor of banning”

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