UK Gambling Operators Could Overcome Credit Card Ban with Easy Payment Gateway

February 11th, 2020
Back UK Gambling Operators Could Overcome Credit Card Ban with Easy Payment Gateway

The recent ban on credit card use in online gaming imposed by the UK gambling regulator has brought plenty of turbulence in the industry. Scheduled to come into effect on April 14, the new measure forces operators to come up with alternative solutions before the business suffers some significant losses.

Among the most suitable options considered is Easy Payment Gateway, payment and fraud management services aggregator. Encompassing a selection of 240 banking methods, it may help operators retain customers and continue growing their market share.

Alex Capurro, founder of Easy Payment Gateway commented:

"If the announcement of the British Government's decision has already caused losses in the shares of large gambling companies, the imminent entry of the ban and the uncertainty as to whether debit cards will be affected shows the need to find alternatives to help them overcome this situation."

Providing More Opportunities

The convenient platform is easily integrated into the website itself and allows for the development of regular customer lists, known as whitelists. This way, clients get a better user experience, because they are spared the verification process and can access payment directly.

Thanks to an extensive list of…

…240 payment methods (which continuously grows thanks to strategic agreements), of which 190 are alternatives with 35 bank card processors worldwide and fraud management, KYC, etc. operators and players have a wide palette of choice at their disposal, giving them options to find something that “best suits their tastes and needs."

Facilitating Transactions

It’s very important that online gaming sites evaluate all the options on time, in order to make a smoother switch to other methods before the credit card ban comes into effect.

The more possibilities the user has to make deposits into their accounts…

… and make refunds of their winnings, the more opportunities there will be to maximize the conversion ratio which will contribute to retaining and building customer loyalty.

Capurro observed:

"The faster and easier the payment is for the client, the more possibility this business will have to make them loyal. In addition, gambling customers tend to be very recurrent, so it is essential to facilitate payment, especially for those who are more trusting."

Moreover, the newly-set system will have to be agile and intuitive. The more complicated the procedure the bigger are the chances to cause a certain distrust and abandonment on the part of the potential consumer. If the user does not have to navigate through different windows, the chances to retain him/her are bigger.


“UK Gambling Companies Can Navigate Upcoming Credit Card Ban Effectively With Easy Payment Gateway”,, February 10, 2020.

“Easy Payment Gateway, payment and fraud management services aggregator”

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