Unleash Poker Excitement in the Macsot Gaming's Latest Game Wild Wild Bet!

December 28th, 2023
Back Unleash Poker Excitement in the Macsot Gaming's Latest Game Wild Wild Bet!

Mascot Gaming, a reputable developer of top-notch casino experiences, has delivered another thrilling title that will surely blow your mind!

Prepare for a poker showdown like never before! Wild Wild Bet beckons poker enthusiasts to a thrilling fusion of slot excitement and classic poker. Imagine the dusty streets of the Wild West, where saloon dancers, stern sheriffs, and rugged cowboys invite you to a high-stakes card table - the ultimate gaming frontier.

Card Table Extravaganza

The game unfolds on a 5x3 area, utilizing a full deck of 52 cards, accompanied by 5 additional jokers.

With each spin, players will be equipped with a hand of 15 cards, and the goal is to achieve poker hands, from triplets to the elusive Natural Royal Flush. But the real twist lies in the shiny golden Jokers - land 3, 4, or 5 to trigger 10, 15, or 25 Bonus Dials, each carrying a thrilling x3 multiplier. But, this is not the end! Brace yourself for the chance to win up to 25 additional Bonus Deals during this exciting phase.

Landing a hand of 5 Jokers isn't just a visual treat, it's a jackpot in itself. This combination not only unlocks 25 extra spins but also comes with a generous payout. The Wild West spirit truly shines in this poker extravaganza.

''landing a hand of 5 Jokers does more than just trigger 25 free spins''

For the true gamblers of the Wild West, the game introduces an enticing gamble feature. Test your intuition and luck as the dealer reveals the first card, leaving the remaining four shrouded in mystery. It's a game of wits and guts as you attempt to pick a card higher than the dealer's, with the potential to double your winnings.

Wild West Aesthetics

Immerse yourself in the Wild West environment with Wild Wild Bet's captivating design. The table view captures the essence of a Western gambler's haven - a Colt at the hip, a glass of whiskey at arm's reach, piles of money, and lucky golden horseshoes. The attention to detail transports players to the heart of a classic Wild West showdown.

With an RTP of 95.16% and a Hit Rate of 35.8, Wild Wild Bet promises an unforgettable Wild West adventure where every spin is a chance to strike it rich in the exhilarating world of poker meets slots. Saddle up for an epic gaming escapade where the spirit of the Wild West comes alive!

Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming shared a few words about this game and said: ''Hold onto your colt tightly, and your cards even tighter! 'Wild Wild Bet' blends the excitement of poker with the thrill of slot gaming – an ideal combination for those who love a great game with a touch of Wild West charm.''

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