Play Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em

This is an online Ultimate Texas Hold’em game trainer which can help you learn and master the basic strategy, developed by the team at LatestCasinoBonuses.

LCB Ultimate Texas Hold’em Game Instructions

1.) On top, you can see three options. The trainer can offer advice, so choose when you would use that advice, by checking the “Never”, “If I make a mistake” or “Always” box.

2.) On the right side of the screen, you will see the paytable. You will see that you can make a Blind Bet (and the payouts for it).

3.) You will see that you can also make a Trips Bet (and the payouts for it).

4.) For more information on the House Edge and how it applies to the rules, please visit the page Ultimate Texas Hold’em House Edge Calculator, at our sister site.

5.) Next to the paytable, you will see the fields where you can place your wagers.

6.) You must make an equal bet on both the Blind and the Ante field, as presented with the equals sign. The Trips Bet is optional, so you may make that bet, which will be equal to the Ante Bet.

7.) Below, you will see your bet options, your current balance and your total wager.

8.) Click on the chips to place a bet between $1 and $100, and then click on either “Ante” or “Blind”, with which you will have placed an equal bet on both fields.

9.) If you’ve made the right bet, click “Deal” and the game will start. If you change your mind, just click “Clear” and place new chips.

10.) You will be dealt two cards. After you see your cards, you can either click "Check" for the first community cards to be dealt or "Raise" your bets to fast forward the gameplay. The dealer will deal all cards, and you’ll see whether your bets have won or not.

11.) By clicking “Check”, the dealer deals the first three community cards. You are then asked again whether you want to “Check” or “Raise”. By clicking “Raise”, all cards will be on the table, and the payouts will be paid out to the winner.

< 12.) By clicking “Check”, the dealer will deal the last two community cards, after which you will be asked whether you want to “Fold” or “Call” the bet.

13.) Clicking “Fold”, you lose your Blind and Ante Bets, the dealer’s hands are shown and the game finishes.

14.) Clicking “Call”, you will make a bet equal to your Ante Bet, and the final hands will be compared. The winner takes it all.

15.) The game will give you the option to play another round, so in place of the “Fold” and “Call” buttons, it will display the “Repeat” button.

16.) By clicking “Repeat”, the Blind and Ante Bet from the previous round will be placed automatically again for the new round. From there, you continue playing the game using the steps described above.

About This Game and Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I’ve noticed that when I raise, up to four new chips are wagered. Why is that so?

A: A bet equal to two to four times the Ante is placed, depending on the game variant you’re playing, and on the moment you make a “Call” or “Raise” move throughout the gameplay. If you “Raise” after you’ve been dealt your two cards, you need to bet four times the Ante. If you “Raise” after the first three community cards are dealt, you place two times the Ante bet. If you have raised at that point, and the last two community cards are dealt, you can “Fold” or “Call”. If you call, a bet equal to your Ante is added to the total.

Q: With how many cards is Ultimate Texas Hold’em played?

A: The standard rules of Ultimate Texas Hold’em, as played in the US, clearly state that this poker variant is played with a single 52-card deck.