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  • So I've figured it out! I found a wallet, I found a really good exchange, and I've actually used it. Now I want to know.. How long does it take the casinos to actually cashout via bitcoins??

  • I cashed out from 30 mbitcoin from a 10 mbitcoin no deposit bonus and was instantly.

  • If your using mBit or the cash out will be sent your wallet within 10 minutes or less.  Assuming it's not over 50 Bit Coin.

    Then the madness starts while waiting for confirmations.  Generally I have found amounts 1.5 and smaller.  Normally takes about a little over an hour to confirm.

    My last cash out of 3.9 BTC took about 2 hours.

    Still though for a US player.  A 2 hour cashout is a dream come true.

    I can't vouch for Bit Stars or any other site.  Mainly because I have made those 2 casinos my casino of choice.

    BTW I bough in for $300 again today, and just cashed out another $900.  I'm a roll baby.

  • Thank u both. I cashed out from and as you said, about 5 mins was all it took. I really like bitstars, I do pretty good on their slots. :-)

  • FYI the list of bitcoin casinos -

  • Thank you zuga!! I had been trying to find that the other day. I couldn't find anything for the life of me. Lol

  • Yeah the Bit Coin casino list is a bit hard to find.  I ended up finding it eventually buried in the list of payment options.  I just wish it was more user friendly to find.

  • Congrats and welcome to the life of bitcoin gambling... Its an easy option for americans. Fast and quick without the ID, doc bullshit. Once this fully adapts cc, neteller, etc. will be a thing of the past unless they change too...

  • mer3801 wrote:

    So I've figured it out! I found a wallet, I found a really good exchange, and I've actually used it. Now I want to know.. How long does it take the casinos to actually cashout via bitcoins??


      while searching for topics on bitcoin exchangers, i came across this.. please share with me the wallet and exchange that u are using.  im searching for a exchanger for the usa, thats reliable.  there are so many scammers out there having to do with bitcoins,( i cant believe im even saying this, i read about how people get scammed for their bitcoins, but never imagined same thing would happen to me)

      if u could share any info u know of on bitcoin exchangers, i'd be most grateful. its not that idk any, i actually know alot. i just dont trust any anymore. i have searched for reviews on the sites,etc. before sending my coins, but i end up with bad luck. thats why im searching for reviews on lcb, this is the closest to the info i need. i realized, theres so many fake reviews to promote those fake scam sites, cant trust anything, but one good thing is that i just know that the one friendly place where scammers cant promote their scams.LCB trustworthy.. i love it!


    i know of coinbase,and circle, which are good, but i was looking for bitcoins to moneygram or debitcard type of exchangers. if anyone can help with their experiences or suggestions, thanks...

  • For moneygram, I would look at or those both have people who want to buy your coins for those types of trades.  Just look for the folks have a decent amount of feedback.  For a cash transfer my rule of the thumb would probably be around 50 plus at least.

    Then as for BTC to debit card.  That would be circle hands down.  I don't know of any other place that works well sending money to your debit card.

  • I have used to exchange my bitcoin money to skrill. this website helps you to find the right company for you to exchange your bitcoin. It took me a while to find out how it works. the only downside of exchanging via any exchanger website is that you probably get less money than you expect. I had to pay about 20% in total exchange cost but they still legit thou.


  • For me it was never longer then 60 minutes to cash out from bitcoin casino.I exchange coins for fiat at BTM or local bitcoins

  • Generally, for most bitcoin cashouts you want to send them to another wallet before sending them to the place you will be cashing out from.  I've heard a lot of people use as their intermediary wallet, but there are also lots of others.  In theory, this makes it less likely that the place that is cashing your butcoin out will know its a casino cashout.

    BTMs (bitcoin ATMs) are easy for buying/selling bitcoins with cash easily all over the US. There are several US bitcoin atm locator maps.  They do charge a bit of a markup though on transactions. is great as it has many ways to buy/sell bitcoins and you can see the reputation of sellers too.  One that I've heard is popular now is the Amex Serve card to card transfer.  You can apply at  In addition to serve, cash deposits to bank accounts, Western Union, money gram, paypal, cash by mail, and many more methods exist.  For those with a netspend card, you can use the netspend card to card transfer method (flashpay).    Depending on the method you use, you may need to verify yourself for the first few trades possibly with a selfie/id on localbitcoins.

    Paxful is similar to is an easy site to buy from too, but it requires some verification.  You need an intermediary wallet to withdraw to coinbase, although I've heard that they are cracking down on these too.  They may shut your account if you use it to gamble with but will let you do one last transaction to withdraw your coins.

    For cashing out you can also sell your bitcoin using the card which generally gives a good exchange rate.  You simply send from your intermediary wallet to bitpay, and can go to an ATM and withdraw, or use it for debit card card transactions.

    Pay attention to transaction fees to send bitcoin.  Good wallets generally automatically calculate these for you to speed up transaction confirmations.

    Good luck!

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