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  • April 17th UPDATE:  Only 1 opening left - Finnish market only

    Hi LCBers,

    We are super excited to announce one of our biggest projects yet - getting player safety to the next level, from the players for the players! 

    This will be a massive, long-term undertaking and the purpose is to promote responsibility, accountability, and transparency among online casinos.

    To keep the casinos in check, we are going to be testing everything. We can trust their words, but nothing beats personal experience. The entire process - from deposit to withdrawal - will be subject to scrutiny. 

    Casinos Tested - Examples:

    1. Reviewing Cash-Out Process at El Royale Casino
    2. Reviewing Deposit/Cash-Out process at Pin-Up Casino


    We are going to need YOUR help.

    Yes, we are creating an elite LCB testers team! We sponsor, you play and get to keep all winnings in excess of the original deposit.

    Here's a quick summary of the steps involved:

    • We will be selecting the casinos to test and sponsoring an average of $200-$300 per play
    • Tester will be required to screen record/ss certain steps with a free tool provided by us ( this in order to document the process from registration to deposit to withdrawal - all personal and sensitive info will be blurred out )
    • Tester must abide by casino's T&Cs, complete KYC, play, and cash-out a predetermined amount ( e.g. $50 or what ever the minimum withdrawal amount is for the said casino )
    • Tester gets to keep all winnings ( no matter the amount won ) over the original deposit which is to be used for the next test.
    • Tester submits the report of the process to us

    To become LCB Tester, you must meet the following requirements:

    Be honest, experienced, and disciplined with good forum standing. For the time being we will be looking for testers from these countries:
    US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, The Netherlands


    *We are looking for 5 testers at the moment. Later on, we will expand the team to include testers from all 10 countries.
    *Your private information will be kept safe and edited out in all published reports
    * We reserve the right to update/change the rules and requirements at any giving time, upon which we will duly notify the community.

    In conclusion, these are the rough guidelines and we will be sharing more details with those members that apply for the new positions. And I'm sure there will be more questions that we will be happy to address in this topic.


    We made a short tutorial to show how the screen capture free tool is used:


  • I've been waiting for such projects for a long time, where I can use my experience of almost two decades in the igaming industry, in a meaningful and helpful way for other players.

    So you can put me on your list for especially interested and qualified forum members ;)

  • Sounds awesome, I guess it now requires a joint effort to curb malpractice!

    How will you be choosing casinos to test, any criteria? 

  • R0UNDER wrote:

    I've been waiting for such projects for a long time, where I can use my experience of almost two decades in the igaming industry, in a meaningful and helpful way for other players.

    So you can put me on your list for especially interested and qualified forum members ;)

    great, thanks for the support, adding you to the list of potential testers  thumbs_up

    nirvana wrote:

    Im interested, how do I apply?

    you just did thumbs_up

    Sylvanas wrote:

    Sounds awesome, I guess it now requires a joint effort to curb malpractice!

    How will you be choosing casinos to test, any criteria? 

    Starting point will be those casinos with reported slow cash-outs and poor CS ( as those are the ones we want to expose and warn members about ),  as well as new casinos. We will aslo have an option where members could cast their votes and/or propose casinos to test. We will run this on a monthly basis.


  • I am not a long time standing LCB member but I believe my LCB account is in good standing - Maybe 2 years a member now, but I have around 8 years experience gambling , including been vetting casinos, did some content writing for online casinos, slots & bonuses (Part-Time).

    Have a very sharp eye for attention to detail and checking casinos out including terms and conditions etc.

    And definitely meet the requirements from a Hardware Specification perspective with an i7, 32Gb ram and 512 SSD (NVME) - Given I am a Systems Engineer by profession! :-)

    Languages - Afrikaans (Native) & English (Secondary)

    Count me in!

  • Fiekie247 wrote:

    I am not a long time standing LCB member but I believe my LCB account is in good standing - Maybe 2 years a member now, but I have around 8 years experience gambling , including been vetting casinos, did some content writing for online casinos, slots & bonuses (Part-Time).

    thanks for your application, definiely considering you for the SA market.

  • I would like to be considered too , I play mostly freebies and poker tourneys. Will LCB do poker too? 



    Wonderful idea and no matter who you choose to test casinos, i will dilligently be following this project.! 

  • bigbutt wrote:

    I would like to be considered too , I play mostly freebies and poker tourneys. Will LCB do poker too? 

    No poker at the moment, casinos for the before mentioned markets + bingo ( UK ).  thanks for applying!

  • I had a nice job as a systems engineer until covid wiped us out. I was tasked with doing all the technical writings prior to opening the casino. This was because we forgot to hire a technical writer so this was self-inflicted unfortunately. I could talk for hours with the amount of stuff that goes into an opening. I have no doubt in my ability to perform this task you presented us here. PM me if you have any questions or need anything else from me.

  • This s really cool idea. Will be willing to apply if it is going start in my country also. Thank you. Much love

  • Hello.  Sign me up please    this is a fantastic idea

  • I think it would be very awesome to be selected to be a tester ... And it would be a great honour to be a tester.

    I can now make this message very big and long with the why you should consider me and so on ... But maybe thats just simply not needed haha :)

    Most of all I think this idea is awesome! A very nice way for us to be able to contribute on letting LCB be the best on the world wide web :) !

    So ofcourse I hope you might consider me as a part of the elite testing group :) 

    Most of all; keep up the awesome job you are all doing there! Without LCB it would be a lot less fun out there in the world of online gaming ;) :)

  • Well if i know one person that fits a project like that... it's me. Been doing just that for years and streaming it on top lol so if ever let me know. It's one project i would like to be in if any.

  • How can I apply for this function? 
    I'm coming from the Netherlands and this is a project where I could really help

  • I'm an avid daily online casino player and I'm chomping at the bit to be a part of your team to assist in any way possible. Please forward any info to proceed further. Your eyes and ears here in the US! Thanks

  • I will gladly take part if the citizens of Ukraine are admitted.

  • i think its a great project and you can count me in .

  • Hellou, if you will need someone from Slovakia in  future, i am here ready and prepared

  • Jozkinson wrote:

    Hellou, if you will need someone from Slovakia in future, i am here ready and prepared

    Same for Norway wink Great project BTW thumbs_up

  • Sounds awesome its a brilliant concept and I for one would love to participate in this endevour of yours you can count me in At your service LCB Team i_love_lcb

  • I didnt even know there was such a thing!  This is a great idea..  I am from the US and would love to be a tester.  Good information and I hope that I can become one soon.   Great job LCB

  • I also enjoy playing the casinos on line so yes please concider me in this as well ty so much for the chance....

  • I'm all yours.  I can start yesterday..

  • I'm very interested in partaking in this.

    Not sure how many South Africans there are who's interested in this, but I'd  love to share the experience from a more rural country.

  • I have 120 live video recorded on

    26 RTG games, that winning varies from $400-$5,400

    18 videos Slotland, Winaday live recorded winning $500-$2,000

    And dozen of Netent platipus videos that PROVEN AS AN EXPERIENCE TESTER 

    PLUS I used to be game tester for casino.gurus in 5 months, back in 2018

    How do I apply for lcb???

    From USA 

    Here us the example of latest videos





    4.7/ 5

  • Hi,

    Please add me to your list of possible testers as this opportunity sounds perfect for me and I am definitely knowledgeable and experienced in regards to online gambling.


    Kate Randina

  • Clearly a lot of interest in this....I would very much like to be considered and have no problem with the whole KYC thing.... I've already completed it at quite a few casinos. Also, it's more important now than ever before with the massive global increase in online gameplay. "The house always wins" shouldn't mean "nobody else ever wins under any circumstances" but it seems like that's how many of these newer casinos have interpreted this old saying.  

  • Very experienced with beta testing, mainly just for the knowledge and experience. Would love to apply, what would be the next steps? 


  • count me  in this .good luck to us all and stay healthy

  • Choose me! thumbs_up

  • Super initiative! & welcome to my 1man army of stalking casinos and learned some of their ways over the years.  


    count me in if you need to fill out a crack


    and yes im country blind ;)
    the internet has no boundaries



    future news:
    the crystal ball says: it will be harder for the casinos to get and keep their online license in the future, it has already started in Denmark and will spread quietly in the EU
  • I am interested ... I have been playing at the LCB casinos for over 5 years. I would like more information to apply for a position.

  • I would love to be chosen for this project.

  • Count me in!!

  • J'aimerais essayer stp sa serais cool je crois j'attend tes nouvelle merciwink

     Translation: I would like to try it would be cool I think I'm waiting for your news thank you

  • I would be honored to be selected as a team member.

         Thanks for your consideration!

  • Would love to participate and as a potential tester along with 7 years of igaming experience I bring with me a background in software engineering (ability to test for game piracy, proper payment technology implementation, fair game play, questionable tracking), web design (web design load, web design errors affecting gameplay, questionable design implementation), web development (best practice web technology implementation) and data analysis and a keen eye for Ts&Cs and casino malpractice tactics.

    Many casinos that are rogue target our gambling population and I have experience with all of the good and bad guys.

  • great idea. i would love to be part of your team. 

  • Hello.

    I'd love to be considered for the tester position. I've played many years online and off from your casinos and other NDB sites.  I've played most or all of the USA available casinos.  Let me know.  Very exciting!

    JBrown - USAthumbs_up

  • It would be great if I could get a job doing something I care for... I like critiquing. I critique even my loved ones(though i shouldn't),and to top it off I have a great computer with nothing better to do these days during the pandemic. I am 32 years of age. I have been around before the internet age was around watching my parents do scratch offs or going to Las Vegas, and getting shooed out the Casinos. I am very descriptive especially when I am payed to do it. I also win a lot when I gamble if that helps! Im currently living in West-Central Wisconsin, USA and Id love to see if these Gambling sites are actualy holding up to their T&Cl and honor their agreements. I would love to see if they deserve to be on your site, the peoples site for the players! The name is David shoot me an email at

    Thanks for taking your time to read this!

  • Is there a spot still open? I want to do this

  • hey hows ur day..yes I'm well qualified and super eager to become such a tester.. this sounds great I have plenty of experience live to be a tester please put me down on ur list ..hope to hear from u ..great

  • Count me in for sure, this would be awesome! Brilliant idea and much needed, I'm curious as to what happens if say, we were to catch a casino not playing fairly? Just blacklist them? Or does more than that happen.. Would love to be apart of this experience! thumbs_up

  • I am very interested and might be a good contibutor in this endeavor as  i have been gaming almost daily for years now and have a background and experience in Research. I am available at all hours and would gratefully appreciate the opportunity to contribute something positive for all the time I spend online playing games regurally anyway.  What I may lack in formal on the job experience I make up for twofold in drive, positive attitude & trainability. Would you please consider me for one of the 10 positions on this new and exciting team of gamblers.  I would be most appreciative &  honored.  TYVM... -Kim Mowen

  • Very interesting! Sounds like a very good idea in order to keep up with the casinos! Sign me up!

  • Would like to be considered for the testers position.

    I am assuming it will be testing across the board of online casinos?

  • Hey, for the German part, I am very interested in becoming part of your team.
    I look forward to hearing from you and getting more details

  • I would like to be screened for the testing job please. I have played many years in familiar with Cryptocurrency and the online casino experience

  • I am interested but unfortunately, my country is not in that list! :-(

  • Such an awesome idea, sounds like a lot of fun!!How do I sign up?

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