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  •   If you are one of the subscribers who are fortunate enough to recieve an invite to Posh Casino, you may be in for a real treat. The first withdraw I did was wired directly to my bank. Of course I had to wait the discretionary time, as is with most casinos, but everything went smoothly and just as promised!!!!

  • Hello

    Just played on Posh and hit a good win $10K+, but all the posts I've been reading not just from this site but some others is making me a tad nervous. 

    I've submitted for 2 payments thus far first for $1000, second for $500. Like you this is going straight to my bank account so this will be my report back to everyone about the site.The laughable part for me is as soon as I struck my last $7,500 win and got off the site, my VIP called me no more than 30 seconds later acting casual if I needed any assistance. So when I told them about the win, they were very quick to tell me the process, the length it can take and as everyone seems to be complaining to hear - their processor is taking a beating. So from my calculation I can see the first payment in October which is fine with me, and since the second is smaller, be interesting to see if it arrives quicker than the first. 

     Agree with you and some others, their time is theirs for the process but I understand the frustrations as I had one casino about 4 years ago take up to 9 months to process a $8k win I had with them.  Annoyed was not the word especially when the excuses seemed feeble at best.

    Any way I will post my experience for others to know so they can decide for themselves.

    Another site I deal with usually pays out within 2 weeks and if you win real big ($40k+) they actually speed up the process for you but their site is hard to win on a regular basis.

    Hope to be posting good things soon.. later..

  • i need invitation on this casino....help me guys...

  • Thought i would respond as i have been with Posh Casino since mid 2016, i have always been paid my withdrawls, it used to be 7-10 working days x3, roughly 1.5-2 months. Now it is 7-15 worlking days x3, the lastest one was for $2500 and just got the email from my host it has been paid. As its Saturday where i am it will be in my accounrt during next week. Note that i clicked withdrawl on August 26th but it didnt proccess the first of the 3 processes till Sept 9th. Just think of it as a savings plan as getting it 2 months after you won it means youve basically saved it and will prob appreciate it more.

  • Congrats on your win!!! So I'm curious as to the outcome... Have you received your money or gotten the run-around? Hope it all worked out for you. I actually just signed up with Posh and have not yet deposited.

  • I was paid on Oct 31st, although they have restricted my bonuses now so ive moved on to Planet7oz as the games are the same and payouts are way faster from what ive heard. No use staying with Posh if they arn't going to give me any incentive to stay, the fact i got paid in over 2mnths and their max withdrawl at a time is only 2500, has also given me reason not to use them anymore. They pay but its just about the rediculous wait times. Enjoy, btw theres a jackpot thats going to go off soon on Posh the machine is called ZHANSHI, its due around 6-8k, also the most volatile game is sweet 16 on the 1.75 bet. I have also won like 3 jackpots on Santatic, usually goes off between 400-600, always agood balance top upper. Good luck,

  • Im glad you got paid and yes definitely you should stay away from them. The word is this casino is part of the infamous Virtual Group ( CoolCat, Prism etc ) which we all know for slow payments and other issues...

    Heres comple more topics about them :  https://lcb.org/onlinecasinobonusforum/no-deposit-casinos/posh-casino-22398/15#forum


  • thanks for the warning Zuga. I totally forgot how bad they are.

  • I've been having problems withdrawaling my winnings to my bank account they say the bank I use they are unable to compete wire transfers with and I ask what banks they do work with and they just keep sending me the same list of banks that they are not able to do the wire transfers too and my bank isnt one of the ones listed so I don't understand the issue

  • Hi Jessica, 

    Could you please provide me with your casino username? We'll get in touch with them and see if the issue with your withdrawal can be sorted. 

  • Turtlebaby.... But they said that they are unable to complete a wire transfer because of the bank I have. But I've tried two different banks and have asked them for a list of banks they are able to do the wire transfers with and they continue to just send me the list of banks they can't and neither one of the banks ive tried are on the list so Im confused on what bank I need to go to 

  • Thanks for the info Jessica. The casino has been informed. Hope we'll get the reply soon. Keep you posted. 

    • Thank you
  • HI Jessica S Olguin,

    Unfortunately, none of the contacts we got in touch with regarding your case, aren't in charge of this brand. We also tried to get through to their support but we can't access the site since we don't have the invitation code. Have you heard anything from them since then? 

  • Yes they continue to say that they aren't able to send the check because my bank won't accept the wire transfer. Do you know anything about bitcoins ?? And how they work? Someone told me that I should ask them if I could withdrawal using bitcoins and they said I could but I don't know anything about bitcoin or how they work and I'm worried that once they are deposited into a bitcoin account will I be able to withdrawal them into my bank account I'd just would rather get something than end up with noting if I have to pay fee for using bitcoins

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