Prepaid Debit card that accepts transactions w\casinos??

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  • I'm in the usa, and i know that there has been a lot of problems with deposits and withdrawals...this is what i do and i would like to share it with our members.

    purchase a prepaid DEBIT CARD

    the one i use is put out by NET SPEND they are not distributed thru a federal bank, SO the gambling law is not in effect on them usually can be purchased at check cashing places, walmarts. card cost 9.99, and 2.00 to load it, once purchased u have different, options such as pay 1.00 per transaction or 10.00 per month for unlimited transactions.

    it is accepted everwhere i have played with no problems.

    as far as withdrawals go

    this is what i did, i opened a checking account in a bank that i don't use on a regular bases and i have my winnings electronically placed in that account

    the safety factor is that no one gets a hold of my everday account information

    hope u can use this

    Once you purchase and activate a Card, you will receive $5. It's easy money.

    To redeem:
    to purchase your card online or search for a nearby retailer at
    Once you receive your card in the mail activate it online and enter the referral code provided for a $5 credit to your Account

    No credit application. No Bills. No hidden fees.
    Credit amount subject to change at any time for any reason.

  • I have the netspend Visa and have never had any trouble until 2 days ago, I deposited at one of my casino and usually its there instantly but it wasn't that day, its out of my netspend account and not in my casino account both places are saying its in limbo, its been 2 days and I have no clue where my money is. I thought I would wait another day and my fiancee went to buy me a reload card and the store told him they recalled them, said there has been alot of trouble with this card lately, I've never had any trouble with the netspend card until now, on my netspend account history its showing a pending transaction for the $20.00 I deposited, $20.97 pending and it has 00000000000000000000000LU LU with card ************ and the last four digits of my card and the amount is $20.97. Would anyone happen to know anything about this. I did go to and its a virtual credit card, I just want to know where my money is?  The check out girl at the store said she thought they were going to do away with the netspend cards, now what are we supposed to use, that prepaid card was the BEST. My fiancee came home with another card, its a Visa, ONLY1 Card, prepaid, he had to pay $9.95 1 time fee plus he loaded $20.00 on it for me, I know you have to pay a $4.95 services fee every month, but I was reading the booklet that came with it and I can't use it to deposit in my what am I supposed to do, thats why he got it for me. Anyone have any suggestions?  Sorry this is so long I just thought everyone should know, I always used my Visa, netspend card to deposit at my casinos, but now I have $20.00 that I have no clue where it is.......and a card I don't think I can deposit with........Let me know of any suggestions? Thanks mrgmomma67

  • first of all I am sorry to hear that happened to you but I have to tell that it happened to me too at Superslots casino. I used to play at English..and Super... both casinos. I deposited at English harbour and they were really nice, never had any problems so one day I decided to deposit at their sister casino which is Superslot casino for $35 with my CC. it went through but after I checked my balance there was no money so it started from there..... I went through hell with them and both my cc and casino said the same things. Anyway, I did all I could to send them all the proof of money was actually went to the casino but still they denied.Long story short, I lost my money and closed both casino accounts.................................................. never again use any of my bank account or credit cards. I use my net spend and other prepaid cards.

  • I have a list of all my casinos under a file I call FINANCE, and when  a deposit is made

    they ALWAYS give you a transaction number. When the deposit is finished, there is a spot on the bottom that says PRINT.  Everyone should do it.  Make your own filing system, but file it.  A $20. deposit might not hurt you so bad, try doing it some time with a $500. deposit, and it goes in limbo somewhere, and you have no proof.

    I will never do it again.

  • Ummm there is Entropay that allows you to create a visa prepaid virtual card which can be used for deposits and withdrawals into your entropay account but just read through the details carefully as the fees are very high compared to neteller and skrill 

  • Ive been using net spend for ever never had a problem till recently and they sent one through ups 3 days only


  • I know that Netspend is quite popular for USA users but I use Entropay and have been quite pleased with them.

  • Last I knew Entropay didn't quite care for US based folks.  Then again that was some years ago.

    Netspend worked for me for a while, until they got nosey on my international transactions.  Most of the times, this would be fixed simply by calling and verifying that I had indeed made a purchase in China, Europe, or some middle eastern country.  Then my card would work fine as long as the descriptor didn't change.

    Then one day I logged into my Netspend account, got told to call customer service again.  This time I was told my Netspend account was closed and any subsequent Netspend cards whether under the direct Netspend brand or cards that were ran by Netspend would be closed as I was no longer welcome to use Netspend services.  So I was given a corporate address to write to see if I coudl any specifics as to why my account was closed and I was no longer welcome to use their services. The only response I got was the same generic one with a bit more saying security had reviewed my account and had determined I was not a good fit for there products.  Yet still no real specific reason as to why I'm no longer allowed to use Netspend.

    So I guess with that being said.  Just be careful on how often and how much you use your Netspend card for online gaming purchases.  Honestly if I were any person in the US who is using a prepaid card to game online.  I would diversify and get a Netspend, Green Dot, and My Vanilla card.  Then use them all interchangably.  Yes there would be a lot in fees.  Yet at least you wouldn't be continiously hitting the same card over and over again for everytime you want to deposit into an online casino.

    Yet on that same exact token, since your paying the lot in fees anyways.  Why not just change over to bitcoin and use that as a means to deposit.  Less noseyness and the fees you pay to get your BTC.  Would be a lot less than what your paying Netspend, Green Dot, or My Vanilla anyways.

  • Yes I  had trouble with Netspend too.  Once told me if I continue to use for Online gambling would close account. LOL  I have to get new virtual numbers to go thru processor.

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