Skrill, Paypal or Neteller?

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  • i use only skrill,for me work very well
    when i register i look at cashier skrill  options for deposit and whitdraw


    There is a underworld business sense at netteller almost gangsta in white collar over the last year, they have told me whoppers of lies that big even Pinocchio's hanky's is not big enough shall explain. Last year I made a £10 deposit with ukash middle of December and I had a few good wins roughly £1500. Deposits into my netteller wallet, several hours later I went to the ATM to withdraw but declined....OK I thought maybe needs clear bit longer,so I tried to book a train preston to Glasgow going to see my daughter Xmas. Virgin rail big big pepole tried to book ticket declined. Calls Netteller support explains whats happing, customer support says yes that's correct you deposited with ukash and there is a restriction on your funds.Come on theres also a gap of £1490. He replies our system cant tell whats ukash and whats not, so you cant make cash withdrawl for 30 days and can only deposit on internet or make purchases on internet, tells him  A CANT EVEN BUT A RAIL TICKET FROM VIRGIN. He then replies basically sites that are of nettellers choice.  I then demand management whom basically told me a whooper of a tale. how they were sorry and it was ukash that had put these policy's in place and they were fighting to get us a better deal.  IT WAS ALL LIES LIES LIES SMELL THE GREED. So move along we have paysafe now on which Netteller basically charge £10 for ever £100 SMELL IT . Not to mention once you withdraw winnings at ATM cost £3.75 WHAT IS THAT SMELL THINKS GREED.An only hours ago they have started to put up an early warning that theirs now going to be some new rules around paysafe mm mm 30 days no doubt. So what am a paying an why am a paying these pepole called netteller for as for the last 4hrs I have try-ed to deposit on various sites only to be declined as they all have a disease call GEOLOCATION really NETTELLER. I complained and you will never guess what THEY LIED TO ME,  NETTELLER SAID AND I QUOTE. " yes they were declined sir as they are operating with no UK authority as in GAMBLING GAMING" I said so GOSSIP SLOTSeu  ,  DRAKE CASINOeu , SLOTLANDeu, WINADAYeu , CASINO HEROS, SHANGIHI spins  and a few more are all racketeering an committing criminal acts then that would mean so is SKRILL PAYSAFE etc.  ARE YOU SMELLING THE GREED FOLKS, THEY WHO CAST THE FIRST STONE. NETTELLER ARE AND THEY ARE ACTING AND AND USE POLICYS, AND TATICS THAT ARE NO MORE THE STREET MENS GET RICH GANST STYLE LAWS. THEY MANIPULATE THE FLOW OF MONEYS THEY ARE INTRUSTED WITH BY CHANNELING IT AROUND THEMSELVES AND AROUND THOSE WHO CAN SPIN AROUND THE SAME WAY AS IT CAME IN, THERE PREPAIRED TO LIE AND SLANDER OTHERS GOOD NAME. So what am a paying netteller for fox knows because after nearly 4 to 5 hrs and 9 deposit attempts a couldn't spend my money with where an whom I wished  WILL BE MAKING OFFCAL COMPLAINTS TO PROPER BODY

  • I don't can vereif. my skrill-account..They don't answer me (3 emails)
    Not a good support:(

  • News about Skrill account:

    Now it is available the option to transfer from your NETELLER account to Skrill account, you pay a 1.9% tax on each transaction. In my opinion good news, more ease of use of money...
  • Skrill definitively in my opinion. Simple to use, really had no big problems in few years of using. Only once I deposited money to William Hill and they "disappeared" for few hours. I contacted WH and after ten minutes the money was back at my Skrill account. Skrill notified me that the transaction is succesful, but there was no money on WH. Nothing serious, resolved fast. Only disadvantage of Skrill is their "contact/help" service. They are too slow. You can wait to mail response about few days.

  • For comfort reason for sure PAYPAL. Skrill was ok too, until German players (at least me) are stopped to deposit via Skrill to certain CasinoGroups.

    NetEller, well, I have lost this authenticate code, because I thought it would be a one-time-password, so I logged in once, and thought I could enter my account with my regular password, but no. Ever since then I have a hard and annoying time to sort this issue out.

    Both, Skrill and NetEller, have a laughable support. Skrill didn't even answer several of my requests to help me.  >:(

  • I only use NETELLER, its the best e wallet for me. Every casino/Sportsbook accepts it, no problems to pay if you are in germany (for example skrill doesnt work from germany on Curacao licensed casinos). Easy deposits and fast payouts to Bank from Neteller. I like it!

  • I have used my Neteller only one time. Skrill is my favorite. Fast transfer from my bank-account to Skrill and the other way.And no problem to use Skrill in my favorite-casinos smiley

    *<:-)+>;o) *<8-)

  • my last the time favorite by skrill but neteller very nice because i am bronze vip and every day my withdraw  limit 3 time 750 euro total one day 2250 euro but skrill  only one day 250 also more selection beter ecopayz because unlimited withdraw max one time 500 euro and only fee 1.80 euro

    SM-G928F cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi

  • I have used my Neteller only one time. Skrill is my favorite. Fast transfer from my bank-account to Skrill and the other way.And no problem to use Skrill in my favorite-casinos smiley

    *<:-)+>;o) *<8-)

    And now I understand you when you say you got no respons from Skrill. I have had no bad experience at them until now.
    I have sent some mails and ask for my money I did transfer from my bank-account 6 days ago, but no answers at all.

    So from now I will use Neteller instead.
  • I use neteller for german and i have no problem with it !
    paypal allready

    problem was skrill , is no aviable  on all casinos , than i used neteller

  • I use Skrill most of the time when make deposit, they have also pretty nice VIP programme which I like because I am quite "heavy user"  kiss

  • Paypal is the commonly use type of payment since a lot of business offer this as their option.

  • Just update Skrill terms: "From July 16 Skrill withdrawals with credit card, will cost $ 4.00 EURO (or equivalent), each withdrawal."

  • I mainly use Neteller for my deposits and withdrawals and havd s bronze VIP Status but would ditch them in the gutter in a split second if ecopayz had more casinos offering thier services , Netteller and skrill are super greedy and offer very little when compared with ecopayz, eco allows you to have many different currency accounts , offers 3 plastic MasterCard cards in GB, EUR and USD and to top it off your first card can be ordered and delivered free of charge
    As soon as my favorite casinos add it to thier site I'm completely ditching skrill and Neteller  :'$

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