Blackjack whoring started out bad but doing well now

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  • Do you guys play for winning a huge sum of money or just for fun?


    What do you play for?

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  • So far I've completed the bonus requirements at two casinos. Casino Club -10euros, William hill -5euros. I started a third at betfair and after losing 30euros in my first 200 hands I said screw it and withdrew. I play perfect strategy using cards for each sites particular software. I never go over the minimum bet of one dollar or one pound. Yet I am getting killed at the tables. After the first loss I just chalked it up to variance. But two more...well now I'm not so sure. The cards were shit at all of the casinos. Honestly I don't know how anyone makes money clearing these bonuses. The sites I played at had very easy clearing requirements too and I still lost! Could it be that I'm just that unlucky? Does anyone have any advice? Anyways I'll probably never try one of these blackjack casino bonuses ever again. It's been a waste of ten hours and 45 euros. I'll just stick to poker.

  • Hi Logjammin, sounds like you

  • Prob just a bit of bad luck really... I lost 7 bonuses straight back in March but still ahead over all by heaps smiley

  • Yeah, hopefully i just had some really bad luck to start. I've decided to give it one more shot. I just deposited $200 at casino on net goin for that juicy bonus. I'll let you know how i do..

  • Good luck  smiley I am sure you will come out on top this time.

  • cheesy Just got done whoring casino on net +232!! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome...Time to drink some beer
  • Nice work, give us a full run down of how you went. I'll add it to the testimonials.

  • Casino-on-Net +$232!!
    Overall +$260 in three days

    I came across this website by chance looking for poker bonuses. I was already applying the concept of whoring for poker but it always seemed like a grind. The risk was pretty high too in proportion to amount of bonus that you can make. So I decided to try my luck at casino bonuses. I deposited at couple of casinos and had a bad run of cards finishing down $45. At this point I was ready to give up on the whole thing and go back to poker. I asked around in the forums and was told the odds of that happening were about 10%. Just my luck huh.

    Anyways I decided to try one more even though I felt real sour about the whole thing. I deposited into gamebookers and played blackjack. I stayed firm at betting a mere .50 per hand. I never went below the amount I started with and after a few nice runs was able to finish ahead +$80.
    Hurray for me!!

    Next I deposited at casino on net and had a nice $250 bonus on a $200 deposit. I decided to devote an entire day to clearing this one so I got in the zone, sat down and played for 12 hours..I stayed firm with betting the minimum $1 as recommended. No scares here really. Dealer would go on a run sometimes and win 17 out of 20 hands or so. But then I'd come right back later and do the same. In the end finished out mathmetically just where I should be... +$232.

    So, $260 for three days of sitting on my bum playing blackjack. I'll take it!!

  • Nice one we have added your testimonial heregrin

  • The game of blackjack offers very good odds for the player making it close to a even money bet allowing you to turn over the required amount of wagering without going bust. Slots on the other hand is a high risk game with large wins and large down swings, making slots just not suitable for casino whoring.

  • if you're interested in the slots bonuses check out the no deposit/freeplay ones on the site  wink

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