Couple of (probably) dumb questions about slots and their RNG's & RTP's

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  • So if the online slots use RNG's, the moment we hit spin , that spin's fate is sealed right? No matter if we do the turbo spin by holding the space bar, or slow spins medium spins fast spins, or which option we choose in the bonus, that's all already been decided by the RNG right?

    And can different casinos having different RTP's on the same slot? Like hypothetically can Casino A's "Rook's Revenge" have a better RTP than Casino B's "Rook's Revenge? . Because after you play the same slots over and over after a time you notice how they're a bit looser in some places as opposed to others.

    Please & thanks!

  • To your first question, yes, outcome of spins is being decided the moment you press spin. Furthermore, same goes for bonus rounds, free spins etc. Stopping the reels manually does not affect the outcome at all, and neither does fast spins or anything like that.

    As for the second question, some software providers do allow operators (casinos) to alter and configure RTP of their games, but only to a degree (say, to no less than 80 percent or so). Thing is however, you would hardly be able to tell the difference, since it takes millions of spins to approach the theoretical RTP value. 

  • You've got it right about RNGs. The moment you hit spin, the outcome is determined by the RNG. This includes the results of bonus rounds, free spins, etc. The speed of your spin, whether you're using turbo spin or not, doesn't affect the outcome.

    As for RTPs, it's a bit more complicated. Some game developers do allow casinos to adjust the RTP within certain limits. However, these changes are usually minor, and it would take significant playtime to notice any difference. It's also worth noting that reputable casinos often stick to the default RTP to ensure fair play.

    The perceived "looseness" of a slot at different casinos might be more related to luck and variance rather than different RTP settings. Remember, each spin is independent, and the outcome of previous spins doesn't influence future ones.

  • Thank you very much you guys, it's kind of what I figured but it's nice to have confirmation. lol sometimes when I hit the bonus on 3 genies wishes, they make you choose between three things and they have either a small prize (size of your bet), a big prize (10x or 20x your bet), or 6-10 free spins with sticky or raining wilds (my fave, obv. lol) I remind myself it's no use getting upset for picking the wrong one since the outcome is already predetermined and the animations are just for show.



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