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  • I recently signed up at aa new casino called limitless casino,  they gave $100 upon signup, and then emailed me code for 50 spins, I submitted my identity verification and the approval was really quick! Less than 48hrs, I made a deposit after approval of just $25 and I cashed out $160. And withdrawal via bitcoin was even quicker! This casino really rocks! Instant deposit via bitcoin and instant withdrawal less than 15 mins.  I never heard of this casino.  I received invite via email. Has anyone else played here? Great experience 👍 👌 

  • I also received the email and free chip.. you are the first review I've been able to find.. visually looks like brango or extreme.. I will give it a try based on your endorsement 

  • I recently received an email about this casino . they email daily my withdraw was very quick with bitcoin i really like this casino so far

  • For some reason i believe they are affiliated with casino brango and extreme because they are awesome 👌 

  • I also got the chip, lost, but they sent me some free spins today. Looks like brango and yabby and extreme, but they say they arent sisters, they have the same layout and chat support and games and also claim instant cashouts. Will deposit and let everyone know how it goes if I dont win off these spins

  • I've asked numerous times via email and online chat about their KYC policy, and no one ever replies. Strange.

  • I recently joined this casino as well.  The FREE100 code is legit, just verify email first. I am currently waiting on verification to be done.

  • I've been playing daily religiously and I haven't had that problem.  They've been absolutely great. Even they don't have alot of promotional bonuses,  I've went in chat and asked for something and they always seem to find something to give me.  (No deposit)

  • All of a sudden the chat button turned to a search button once i complained about verification time taking long.

  • I originally gave a great review, however after playing there every other day I realized they have absolutely nothing to offer bit those same codes. And you can forget about using them after you've been verified. No cashback, no tournaments and lately customer service totally disregards direct questions! They started out like a rocket now they are plummeting fast!

  • yeah most international online casinos are like that, they should change their style as it is frustrating, here in our Country Philippines, we have lots of local online casino and they will do the verification of ur account during the signup process, now omce verified you can withdraw your winnings instantly literally! the longest time to wait is 24hrs (that already includes the verification plusthe widrawal) normally its processed in 10 mins 

  • Hello, I was wondering if you were able to cash out or not. Conicendentally I was able to make a withdrawal with my win once I was able to win let's say, a LOT, know) within hours. 40,000K I WON. I cashed out 2,000K. Then they invented a coupon code and reapplied a coupon to my account after allowing my cash out which I made a deposit (I made my deposit on my own without them asking). Only then was I able to get them on the line for verification once my withdrawal was denied and returned (and of course my account reflected my entire balance minus the amount you are "ALLOWED" to win) and after many attempts I was able to 7 days later get a confirmation. 

  • I went from a $2,000 account balance to a $50 balance. I wasn't even able to have my deposit go through because of "pending withdrawal" which is bullshit and how they were able to apply my first withdrawal and then steal it and wait until I had a zero balance to approve my verification for withdrawal. I used crypto to deposit.

  • Hi chasemonster, yes i made straight deposit after losing on the FREE100 promotion,  and I won. Maybe not thousands but several hundred.  Whenever I signup I go ahead and submit my documents for verification,  there was no problem for me on withdrawal from them. One thing I don't like I'd the lack of incentives and promotions for  existing players such as me. I make deposit almost everyday or maybe every other day. I was able to redeem costless a few times but now? I get Nothing! My husband has account has made a couple of deposits and everyday he can redeem BLING and SPLENDID50.  So my theory is as long as they getting your money? They don't give Nothing in return. I'm done with them.

  • COSTLESS only works 7 times PER 30 Days (not Calendar Month)

    BLING just worked for me though!

  • They haven't been open that long,  have they? Thanks for the information though.  I'll see if BLING works for me. 

  • Limitless casino is a complete joke... I used there No Deposit bonus and went thru there week long verifaction process and now i cant log into the site,, it keeps saying its down for maitnace so i message them a hundread times before i get a responce and guess what there responce is......."We apologize customers who have not made a deposit cant log in at this tine,, but were working on this issue....""....WTF is that about..... Ill keep everone posted but this derienetly is fraud like activity....i will provide transcripts and screen shots of all of my communication upon request

  • Please keep us informed, if you should require assistance please let us know and we will contact the representatives. 

  • This casino is not even in the same league as Brango or Extreme. They have their payout servers set to reject confirmation emails to get payoutthen they tell you to change emails but you have to go thru verification all over again. Fast payout my arse they are biggest scam kings definitely not payout kings. What a joke. 14 hours after attempting to withdraw and already fully verified they still keep playing games. Pathetic

  • the 50 spins you get for cash bandit 3 did you notice no matter how many times you pick a number it never shows one for the top safe not once in over 500 spins just another scam casino

  • Withdrawing money has always been quick and easy with Limitless. I have noticed what seems to be a tightening of the slots as soon as money is taken out, but not sure if that's verfiable by data or not. Just an opinon. 



  • "Bling" now works on limitless casino; 50 spins on cash bandits2! 

  • So after you have wagered and withdrawal for that coupon code are the rusable?

  • Code Bling (says it's only 2X per week!)


  • regalag wrote

    the 50 spins you get for cash bandit 3 did you notice no matter how many times you pick a number it never shows one for the top safe not once in over 500 spins just another scam casino

    Lol cause You are aware that the top safe is worth like 250 free spins if not more. The one to the left of it atr the top if You unlocl it it vives You 100 free spins.

  • I keep playing/depositing and haven't won since first bonus win! I'll try a few more times Only because I like the fast bitcoin withdraw! 

  • 311eetcvFghjukk

  • This casino is predator to players, they use misleading terms and (unlike most all rtg casinos) don't have locks on bonus disqualifying games to allow players to unknowingly forfeit winnings based off of the terms and condition. Be ware of these malicious intentions. Learn from the woes of those who have already made the mistake of trusting a provider that does not care about it players.  They stripped my fiance, and thus myself in the process of 2k usd for playing a few hands of bj after the balance become withdrawable , and they refused to meet anywhere in the middle deeming the short losing session "such a serious violation".

  • I'm in the process of making a withdrawal 😁

  • @mikeg1204 It worked for me and I'm Canadian..  Try choosing to display in US currency. It's worth more anyway when you go withdraw your winnings . cool




  • i have been trying to get them to process my documents for weeks now and they say it could take up to 5 working days and its been over 13 working days and was supposed to be escalated... does anyone know how to get their verification department to do their jobs?


  • Send a email to and you should get a response. Sending to banking@limitlesscasio .com and thw other one posted on the website forgot what it was doesnt seem to get any response back from them. Hope this helps

  • Don't play this f business is a scam u ain't playing fair mother f cheats 

  • Dear kinggod93

    Once a Free bonus coupon has been used it cannot be redeemed again. Please keep in mind that rules allow only one free bonus in between deposits unless otherwise stated

    The Limitless Casino Team

  • Hi LCB-ers,

    We put Limitless casino to the test. Here is the video. 



  • Nice thanks

  • Hi MichaelRamey488

    Please send us your casino username in order for us to follow up.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you

    The Limitless Team

  • My birthday on the 15/10/1983 hip hip

  • i saw the video.its really good.very well done its all explain there.good job

  • Anyone else try to cash out from SPLENDID50 ? I won, played my wager down and had the 50 dollar max cash out balance on my account. I decided to go ahead and make a BTC deposit as with Casino Extreme and Brango that was all that was required of me to withdraw. So I make the deposit, funds are held and I'm told to play down the 50 to receieve the money I deposited. this point I was so friustrated I just played it down in hopes they hadn't kept my deposit. Now I can't even use the splendid50 code despite being made to play the balance down and not allowed to cash it out. IDK just seems weird to me.


    2.1/ 5

  • This EXACT same thing happened to me at Limitless Casino.  I was ready to do my $50 withdrawal, but had to deposit so then I don't see my deposit, I assume I am supposed to play a little. Well, I ended up losing the withdrawal.  Next time, do your deposit and no, it won't be there immediately. But you may proceed with the withdrawal now and it will be approved since they'll see the pending deposit waiting on your account.  And boom you got your BTC withdrawal and money in your account.

  • The play through is brutal and hear there not easy with cash outs ?!?!

  • If you email an admin on here, they can assist in speeding up the process. They did it for me! I did have to put a $10 dep then they cashed ne out. I ended up liff add into the $10 playing but got $40 free in the end!

  • Play through sucks but easy payouts@gossipslots.ue

  • A bit off topic but hope everyone is well and have recovered from the covid pandemic.

    Just wanted to say thank you once again to LCB for the amazing bonuses, awesome support and and ever growing community that's just superb with their insights and experiences. 

    Keep up the great work, stay safe and remember "life is too short to do the things you don't love doing". Make the most of every moment, be happy and laugh/smile while you still have teeth. May God bless you all.

  • Were  you on a bonus and then once you met playthrough requirement it took you down to like $50. ? It should warn you so I always watch where I'm at on bonuses.. sucky I'm sorry! 

  • Decent place to play. Haven't made a cashout so can't be sure until Ive done that.

  • That is why I only play at a couple known respected casinos these days. Good luck

  • Sonstige casinos

  • I can vouch for the simple fast crypto withdrawals from Limitless Casino.  And if you make a minimum deposit of $10 (I used BTC) you don't have to wait for document verification.

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