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  • Dear LCBers,

    This is a place where you can get in touch with the BGAMING representative who will be updating you with the latest game releases and upcoming things. They are also here to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the software they are representing. 

    If you want to be up to date on what's new with BGAMING, you are more than welcome to subscribe to this topic and address the representative directly. 

    Enjoy! heart

  • Great resource! You can get into the minds of the peeps at BGAMING. Ask any question LCB'ers!

  • Then I am honored to be the first player with the first question and the question is, what can we as players to expect from BGaming in the near future? Are you developing new games and what can we expect from them?

  • I actually would like a bgaming rep to pm me about glitch bounties if they do that or not idk. I’ve found some things they would want to know about 


  • We would like to add, that we know and combine perfectly well all aspects like “want, can and need” in the IGaming world, that’s why Bgaming does not relate to monkey business. Naming our special sauce upfront without extra boasting, we do not just create games, we’re creating art and an unforgettable experience just right for players. Our games support the world’s fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and are absolutely any-device-friendly. By the way, our undeniable strong suit as a game provider is a  "provable fairness" feature. So, we’re not only striving to match the energy level of the industry but literally want to be ahead of the rest by improving gameplays, multiplying chances for players to bank even larger sums of money. Getting down to business, as the IGaming industry doesn’t stand still, there are always a plethora of delicate issues that may arise, so here we are, eagerly waiting for your questions with open arms and brains!


  • Hello Mojo Jojo, thanks for asking. 

    We are grateful to see the idea is working and you ask questions. 

    So, let us start with yours. 

    As you might already notice this year we were planning to end with 6 games and this is a big deal as there has been a stagnation period with new launches. 

    Yes, we do plan to launch new games. 

    You can expect from us new slots on a regular basis, table games portfolio upgrade and something new that we are not announcing at the moment =)

    We will start 2019 with Sic bo release and will proceed with table games update. 

  • Thanks for the information, Saturnm22! We've replied you in pm!

  • I have to bring this point up only because I have yet to see it posted by anyone else on the forum and it has been really jerking my chain for a long time. I first off have to start off with that I do love BGaming games and that I do especially LOVE Aztec Magic. I do however notice a flaw that has yet to be fixed. When a player lands winning symbols on a payline starting with more than 1 WILD than the other symbols that follow these wilds are dismissed. For example. If I were to be lucky enough to get a payline which featured a WILD... BROWN... BROWN... BROWN... BROWN I would be rewarded with 15 mBTC but if I were to get a WILD... WILD... BROWN... BROWN... BROWN I would be rewarded with only 0.0004 mBTC.... This happens everytime and across all casinos... Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Hello 

    We've notified Bgaming Casino Representative. Keep an eye on this thread.

  • There has been an issue with wording in some of the games that feature a wild multiplier. One of those games was Aztec Magic. You can read more in the Bitstarz support thread, but to my knowledge the issue has been resolved. 

    Basically, wild in Aztec Magic acts as a 3x multiplier, but more wilds on a same payline do not act cumulatively.

  • Hello bR0k3N0J0k3, thanks for reaching out. 

    As a separate thank you, we really appreciate your love towards Aztec Magic.

    So, on to your case. 

    This is how it looks like when you receive the combination of 1 and 2 wilds (2 line)

    As you can see everything is paid according to the paytable. 

    We would love to have a look at your gameplay. Please tell us the casino, the nickname, and timeframe. You can pm us or use here the form at the website. 

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

    BGaming team smiley

  • Win Thank you so much for the quick response. I believe that this is how the game should payout according to the paytable. Unfortunately I have yet to find a casino that pays out like this. I just want to start out by saying that I do not think that this is the fault of any of the casinos but possibly an error on the platform. I was lucky enough to hit this win the other day but then I hit this today ASAnd found this old screenshot and have many more just need to look through my mass folders of screenshots! I noticed that the last win that I had it seems they fixed the glitch though. It is good to see but this glitch was going on for a long time. I have more screenshots that are easier to see the flaw but I have to sift through a ton of screenshots to find them. It seems that something was changed not long after my post which seems to indicate that something was wrong previously... I have a screenshot of the same win paying out 0.0004 instead of 0.0075 previously.

  • Seems that after posting it that some of the casinos have begun to actually pay out correctly. This is great but if they were paying out incorrectly before shouldn't we be reimbursed for those wins that were not paid correctly? I have been sitting on this issue awhile... thinking that I was the one seeing it incorrectly but after talking to a couple of people and seeing that they were getting the same wins especially when landing WILD WILD (ANY SYMBOL) playing at 0.00001  a line... It was without a doubt always paying out 0.0004 regardless of the symbol which followed. I should have spoken up sooner because I am sure A TON of players lost out on a ton of wins on the account of no one speaking up. Again I hope that other players speak up and get back the wins that they rightfully were entitled to and I hope that BGaming compensates those players as well as makes sure those loyal players are compensated fully. Just got off of work so will be back on my home computer shortly and able to upload screenshots dating back at least 6 months to present day. 

  • Just noticed as well, in your example given that Line 8 only paid out 0.04 which means that it did not calculate in the win which included the WILD WILD as well as the 10 which followed. It simply counted only the 2 WILD symbols on line 8 and left out the 10 symbol. Wouldn't line 8 include all symbols on that line? That is what I am talking about with my issue. 

  • Hello bR0k3N0J0k3, 

    We can see that your screenshot is from last year - right bottom corner of the 3rd screen. Can you post the recent screenshot where you can see the wrong payout? Otherwise, your intention will be questioned. 

    Neither mbit nor BGaming has touched the game. There were no troubles with the game whatsoever last year and current year as well. 

    Please find the description of the payout for the 3rd screen - you received 9th Line 0.04000000 BTC for 3 wilds which is higher the amount you could receive from 4 A symbols (the game always pay whichever is higher).

    Your last screen is paid for the 4th line which is 3 Man symbols where triple of the win takes place (again whichever is higher comparing to 2 wild symbols payout).

    BGaming team.

  • Hello Bgaming ! I’m a huge fan of slotmon go thanks for putting making this one available . The question I had was about the bitcoin minimum bet. Is this decided by the casino or by bgaming ? While rarely it’s nice to bet very low amounts but most of the time I raise my bet up. The issue I encounter with the minimum bet is it’s what is given for freespins and usually doesn’t match up with what I would be betting.  So the wonderful freespin perk I get from my casino has caused it to not be a perk. 

  • Hello Saturnm22,

    Check your DM.

  • Hi, i play domnitors day and night everyday all year long and been doing for 2-3 years lol. I am chasing the top payout that is just non-existent. After multiple millions of spins on domnitors i never got wild line base game or bonus, never had 4 wilds line in bonus and never had 5 scatters retrigger in the bonus. After millions of spins (really, if you look my direx nv accounts you will see i am not lying haha) i am thinking does it even exist? Or is it just set to happen only once every new moon like a big progressive jackpot? ty

  • Hi there, 

    Fredos386, always a pleasure meeting a true fan. We are pleased to see you playing Domnitors for such a long period already. 

    What you have touched is the idea behind the HIGH variance slots, the possibility of getting even one of these wins if playing 1 million rounds is low, but this definitely exists.

    What we mean is that you have the chance to hit VERY big, but 1 million spins, even greater amount of spins, cannot guarantee this.

    Anyway, we are happy to see you our loyal player and we wish you great wins in the nearest future. smiley

    Your BGaming team 

  • I can't help it, i just love the structure of the game hehe. Of course i do understand that with such structure the huge payouts are much harder to get than other type of slots. My curiosity come from the fact i never had them so it makes me wonder. I often get worried when playing alot a slot or a site why im not getting x or y but usually once i saw it once then i don't worry about anymore since i know it's possible hehe. Will just keep chasing the infamous wild line hopefully someday :D. Funny that as i received this notification im in middle of a long session of domnitors deluxe on oshi casino hihihi. :D


    4.5/ 5

  • Oh and... the music of domnitors... so "beep beep" darn "beep" epic! lmao

  • Well.. i got destroyed by your slots again everyday. Just the past 4 hours i lost straight to 0 on cryptowild domnitors, even if i won on roulete on bitcoincasino.us again your slots took me hundreds of time my bet without fak all... then i go finish on 1xslots and all dead spins to 0 again. Im done with liking bgaming, it's pure scam and it been for too long. I loved it so much i took the beating but enough is enough. Your slots are not 94% and never been. Not only did you change from 97% to 94% without warning anyone making them play your slots at twice the cost which is fraud i can take to court with i have a motherload of proof stats, records etc. But on top it's not even 94%. Your slots were supposed to be low quality slots at cheap cost for playtime and now they are more expensive than slots at montreal casino live while casinos online provide nothing but connection to server. Ohhhh im tired of you online casinos and been for so long. Hope one day you get audited by an independant agency and not the ones you pay to say what you want to say. gg and have fun with your hundreds of daily dead spins.


    2/ 5

  • Just for the sake of proving my point, i decided to try a 4th casino, anonymous with 80x. Within 100 spins i had lost 77 of my 80x.. before i hit a little up and down never going even at half my start to then die. No bonus, no nothing... 4th straight garbage run around 65% RTP in a row. Not only as the slot destroyed me all year day after day but the big wins are also gone. In the past i used to hit 500-700x once every new moon or hit what i called a "hot mode" where i would hit over and over till i got up 500-600x. These lil rarity run were kind of compensating for the scrap runs everyday but these runs... are no more. I didnt hit one of these or a 500-600x in over 1 million spins. I just lose, have no playtime, no fun, i lose 500-1000-2000 times my bet size on domnitors day after day without ever winning. Oh ya once one a long while i'll hit something and go up 100-150x but it never last long because the next 200 spins are all dead and the profits is gone within 15 minutes and then the rips again. The slot behave like a 73% RTP slot in a shady casino meant to trap tourists.

    I played this game because i wanted playtime, fun... entertainment. I know i can't win long term so i just went for the fun.. which you removed. Now it takes me easily 500 spins to get a bonus that never pay nothing more than 30-40x... maybe one bonus on 20+ will give 80-100x but as i said it's followed by a dead spins streak that take it all back. I'm not talking a few sessions, im talking millions of spins, hundreds of days where i played 4-16 hours the same dam game. My sample is so big there is just no room for "bad luck" anymore. It's mathematically and statistically impossible. Being streamer (or well ex since it's not fun anymore to straem dead spins) helps figuring out things when you have access to hundreds of people stats and runs to have an idea how it goes for others and not just me. Well since the industry decided to shoot itself in the foot, half the people i knew quit, others reduced their play and budget because it's just not fun anymore.

    I used to be thrilled to gamble, i would walk 2-4km at 4am in middle of winter at -20c to the nearest store buy a prepaid to play hyped be the fact i'll gamble. Now i just go on autopilot, the habit... no hype, no thrill. I watch my session of dead spins and i move on. Domnitors was supposed to be a low variance smooth playtime game ... now if i wager 5x my deposit it's the best run of the day. Bonanza used to be known for being insanely hard to bonus.. now domnitors beats it but with the difference that the big wins don't exist on domnitors. Btw the wild line and all that crap, im sure doesn't even exist in the system or is set to be 1 in trillions just for the sake of saying it's possible while making sure it doesn't happen.

    What the industry did by destroying the return to player is a temporary fix to a permanent problem. There are too many casinos these days and the philosophy of scamming people thinking there are billions of potential new customer is gone. People are quitting in mass and even if the current money took from players compensate.. for now.. is just temporary as the industry will not be able to support it for long with all the players they are losing. I used to be one of the very first to call the industry on their bullshit in forums.. but now you scamming so many people at the same time that i don't even need to do much anymore, people are raging all over everywhere more than ever. Unless the industry take a massive 180 degree turn, you guys will be history in a few years. Might as well just rip on my gov casino, at least i'll help finance my healthcare and not liars and criminals that lie about almost everything.

    My rant is over. I said what i had to say... you nuked your slots so much that i went from streaming everyday to stop streaming... to stop my side incomes to play more... to just not care... because there is no possibility or hope to have some fun. I hit so many 100-200 pure rip streaks on domnitors recently.. 200 spins with 10% rtp that even doa seems decent game now. weeeeeeeee

  • Out of boredom i tried casino #5... bitcoincasino.us with 55x bets... straight 0. So at what point you guys will understand that your fraud is very easy to prove? It's hilarious.. i could go all day casino after casino.. same same same. How many thousands of times my bet size do i have to lose to win 100-200x once? But i think i can stop the madness now, after 5 consecutive straight scrap on a low variance slot supposed to be made for playtime... Im at what.. 500x+ lost already.. on a slot that pay 200x once every month while playing everyday for hours? ya right... might as well just shove jammin jars.. at least this one gave me 17kx... which is more than the total of all my big wins on domnitors added together after 3 millions spins. GG guys you ruined it all for everyone.


    2/ 5

  • Alright this is the last time i will post here. Just for the sake of laughing at your bs a bit more... casinochan.. das ist.. anonymous.. again.. rip rip rip rip. Even if it was just today it would still be completly crazy to run so bad... but the problem is that's it is 90% if not more of my days that are just that. Have to figure that with bgaming slots, especially raw, it is near impossible to 1- have fun 2- win 3- have a rtp that is what you advertise 4- impossible to win unless you hit and run and never return because when you hit the slot takes it back right away. Yep, bgaming as no reason to exist no more. It was meant to be fun lower cost slots. They are not fun anymore, they are more expensive than fraudulent tourist scam casinos not to mention the very basic graphics of the slots. I kind of see your future now, might as well start looking for a plan B career-wise cause the group you work for have a dark future.

    edit: after posting i returned to twitch casino to see if i got any messages and here's the first message i had. "They're killing the industry - making everyon rip -they gonna scare people off except the hardcore stubborn ones who keep thinking they gonna win".  That's almost everyone talking like that. The industry is killing itself. Not only players are massively quitting, but the other "stubborn" ones you will bankrupt them quick and they will either end up in therapy or even worst.. dead. It's hard to make money when you have no customer. How do you think wal-mart family made billions, not trying to scam everyone selling crap for 3 times the price... value, low price, tons of customers that return.. all across the world= billions. When you scam people like the industry is doing right now, you get a lump sum once then you close shop or go bankrupt. The industry is acting exactly like if you were all about to be shut down and were trying to milk everyone at the same time asap before the end. If you have intentions in staying in business then you did exactly what you had to do to fail at it. Doesn't take a genius. You have anyone that go around on youtube, twitch that talk and discuss with people.. have a feeling of what your customers are thinking? Because as of now either you are trying to milk everyone before closing or you have the worst management in history. In multi-billion industry i would have expected you to have at least one or two person that actually know how to run a business. All i see is amateurs doing the most common mistake noobs make that send them directly to bankruptcy. Is it the industry that don't want smart people that know their job or it's smart people that don't want to work for it? Oh and btw... "random, each spin is independant from each other bla bla". Do you know the odds of just today's run of happening randomly? Then had the past 2 years... I would have more chance to win the lotto back to back. So ya...

    If i had not been told by an angry vip manager that 1- i wasn't supposed to win (yeah she somehow knew i couldnt win that day) 2- i should be thankful she gave me a pre-determined bonus winner as she wasn't supposed to do it but still did because she felt bad about how crap i was running. So that day i solved the big streamers constant luck mystery and why their bonuses were manually added... pre-determined winners to give artificially high rtp to promote the casino and give a false picture of what the real product is. You know that is completly illegal right? But i guess with everything you are guys are doing you obviously don't care because if you did, at least a little you would have put a little more effort in your system to at least be a little subtle. Another vip manager on another direx casino, after i complained again about my constant rtp on bgaming told me that i had a huge win on another slot (endorphina) and it meant i had results that are what they should be. As a win on another slot/provider was mixed with the other slots for... I know it's true because i figured the system and how it works, not random not at all but it was funny to see a vip manager of a casino that claim slots are random and each spin is independant from another tell me that in fact all slots results are combined together ... ooooh you guys are hilarious really.

  • @BGaming

    I sent you a DM a few seconds back to report a on going bug that I felt the need to finally report it since it is still existent after first encountering it way back 2018. I thought it wouldn't last and will be noticed but have had to experience it again like twice or thrice and found out it wasn't known to your game developers I suppose. I look forward to receiving a response as soon as you can. Thank you and more power to BGaming! Ü



  • NiCOL3 i know for fact and proved it here in complaints sections already that casinos/providers have "bugs" pruposely place there to rob players of winnings here and there to make more money. Evolution gaming declines bet or ignores bet when winning (take your bet, accept it then a few milisecond before balls land put the bet back in your balance and don't show it in the history meaning if you go complain to support they don't see nothing). The same provider also purposely disconnect players once in a while to block them form betting as it happened to me on rizk casino another complaint i won here on lcb complaint section. Glitches on slots as on leovegas my bonus was glitched out and i wasnt paid anything, they said the provider reviewed and said there was no issue and i was just a liar... then they suddenly turned 180 degrees when i told them i had posted the record of it on youtube. The list is looooong. As i streamed on twitch and deal/talk with 100+ players all year long, i ask around and people that like live tables all had disconnection issues at a very convenient time for the casinos etc. It's not rare, it's generalized. But most players will just think they legit lost connection or whatever and the few that will complain won't achieve anything as casinos/providers lie and decline everything so if you don't have screen shots with a clear record of the action you will get turned back everytime. People would have to record every single session they do which is ridiculous. Evolution gaming has been forced to build new studios in my country under our laws and supervision if they wanted to continue operating in my country because their studios in latvia were, let's say it for what is is... fraudulent, so they would not be allowed to offer service anymore from that place.

    So that said, if you found a "glitch" that make you lose money and it has been going for a long time then i'd be very surprised if it wasn't just one more purposely placed bug. If it's just graphic stuff then nevermind but if that glitch make you lose a bonus, a win etc. Then i'd bet my shirt that it's there on purpose. That's just my 2 cents but you can verify most of what i said if you look into forum especially complaint section. The list is crazy stupidly long of all the scams i or others around me got victim of and that i could prove. I would be lying if i wasn't admitting that it's addiction that made me stick around still even after being cheated and frauded countless times. But the whole thing is a joke. The system is not what they say it is, nothing is truly random, all live roulettes have magnets (there is no reason to have it in any way and the only use of such control over the game is in favor of the casino to allow them to scam players and avoid paying too big sudden bets). Most of the gambling comissions were created by casinos themselves to rule themselves and these entities live out of the money casinos pay for the license.. so if they don't rule in favor of the casinos they will just stop paying for the license and the comission will just close doors. A good example, the "top rated" MGA ruled in favor of karamba casino that refused to pay my 2k cash out. They said that my bank didn't exist... and refused to take calls from it. I complained the MGA, back then i still was fool enough to think they wre there to protect players. They told karamba to offer me another option which they quickly replied with skrill ... which is blocked in my country and they knew it. MGA said that i was offered different cash out options but i couldnt get paid through them and therefor it was my fault... Ya it was my fault if the casino said my bank do not exist and refuse to take their calls. Crazy no? Then the truth.... at the time the casino was operating from a country that is blocked from trading with my country for... criminality and such there lol how surprising. So the casino was taking players and deposits from my country knowing they couldnt pay them which is complete fraud. MGA had to know that fact or then they are really incompetent in their task. They let karamba steal me and that's it. That's when i realised that things were not what we are told. I researched and found the creators of the comisisons and i fell of my chair thinking people see the license on the site and think it's a safety tag that means it's safe to play there LOL. The only one comission i know of that actually take actions is the UKGC because gov involvement but they still let the casinos operation evolution gaming and everything else while it's crazy stupidly easy to prove them fraudulent.

    I know a person that tried to sue them for exactly the reasons im here and his lawyer got blocked at the political level and been strongly suggested to turn back and go home and forget about it... So ya, there has to be a high level of corruption for all of it to be possible. He told me trying was futile and to give up so instead i just started sharing my knowledge in forums for players to see. Im just a disabled guy at home, i'm not going to fight and conquer the world lol but i can at least try to have a few people read my posts and knwo what it'S all about and maybe save them a good chunk of money or more. I played almost all the casinos lol over the years. There, to my knowledge, no true honest legit casino online at the moment. They all use strategies, tactics that are illegal or simply dishonest. The only difference is that "good" casinos will use stalling payment tactics, multiple id checks hoping you reverse and lose... while the worst will just rob you blind without any kind of remorse. As you can see, i got cheated and frauded by rizk and leovegas... they are supposedly top casinos so it gives you an idea. The top casinos also offer the same providers that i have proven to be fraudulent... So is there really a legit honest casino... if there is one.. i didn't find it yet and i would love to know about it so i can go play there lol. Even Videoslots that was said to be #1 casino in the world used tactics against me to avoid paying. If i was losing then win a little i could cash out but the second i'd start hitting for real they would block my cashouts and request a new ID check... they did 3 times in a row!! The 3rd time they were asking screen shots of the current date of an old skrill account used years ago once for like 10$ deposit or so and i couldn't cash out for as long as i don't provide it. I emailed them back asking if they were serious about that because it was ridiculous to ask something that don't exist anymore for being closed years ago. Obviously the person that read my mail figured it was completly stupid because they just unlocked my cash outs and gave up on the constant extra KYC checks. Anyway at that point the only thing left to ask me was a picture of me naked lol. VS never stole me or cheated me but the stall payment tactics were awful and ridiculous when you are said that once you are verified you don't have to again in the future (KYC there is extremely difficult to pass).. to then go on and on unverifying my account 3 times when i'd win something decent lol.

    So ya with all i know of the industry now, when i read you talk about a glitch that has been there for a long time then i'll bet my shirt on the fact that it's there on purpose if it makes you lose money. If i may suggest something... bet the lowest possible, spend the lowest possible... just play for entertainment with money you don't expect to see ever again. The forums are loaded with complaints and from what i know only very few people complain so that's just the tip of the iceberg. Find a place where you get paid without hassle and that you trust and stick to it... casinos cheat and fraud players all over the place but they will be less likely to do it to a regular returning player as they want to keep these customers ... and usually the players they try to scam are the new/casuals that they fear might just run with the money and never return. If they know you'll come back the next day to rip it all, they will pay you everything without problem hehe. My mistake early on was to play a little everywhere... meaning the places where i'd win (like karamba) would just see me as a casual min roller that would most likely not come back give them the money later on... so they try to not pay or simply don't. Don't overbet, don't try betting huge to recoup losses, their system is built for that and make sure you will not win if you do. They pay you with your own money (except early on because they boost new players rtp to attract and hook them up). What i mean is that if you play say 20 cents a spin 20$ deposit once in a while, you'll eventually hit but it will be the % of the rtp you previously lost. If you go and bet 20$ a spin the algorythm will simply not have the money to give you any win and will just rip you dead till you have lost enough for it to shoot you back wins with what you just lost. It's about what investigated,tested and figured over the years to a point the odds of me being wrong is less than 1%. Which means either i have less than 1% odds of being wrong... or there is a 99% chance im right and casinos (ran by well, look who owns them lol) and they cut corners and ignore laws or base themselves in antarctica to be out of reach as much as they can to make more money. Honestly i think i have a good shot at being right hahaa. It explains why when people try bigger bet than usual they rip like crazy and then they lower bet and BOOM.. (oh if only i had it on the previous bet!) but no they wouldnt have it on the previous bet... the algorythm was ripping the player to be able to pay him the win on the bigger bet with his own money.. when he lowered back suddenly the price of giving a big win on that bet was much lower and the player had lost more than enough to get it paid. There are thousands of situations just like that, that i know of... and everyone i know in the online gambling community knows that if they raise bet more than normal it's guaranteed gg so...

    With a system that controls the games and the outcome to follow rtp, it means that the slim thiny chance of beating the odds long term and be one of the rare lucky winner is non-existent. That system goes the other way too as if you lose too much you are guaranteed to eventually hit back your rtp but you just don't know when or how. What that means is you won't lose more than you should long term if you stick to same bets and you will also not win more than you should which makes betting more completly wrong as since the luck factor is out the door... and all is controled it means that if you bet more you just lose more and nothing else. If you want to see something funny about what i just said here... in the complaint section here we have a casino that refused to pay a player because they said it was impossible to win that much. The player push spin, they control everything... the player just push spin how could he have cheated them if sltos are random? Unless.... they know what i explain here... they kow how it works and they know it wasn't supposed to happen and that the said player probably had some kind of intern knowledge of how the system works and knew of glitch/tricks/bugs that can be used to bankrupt the casino. They probably reviewed his play and understood instantly what it was all about and refused to pay. What is hilarious is how all casinos will tell a player that lost for an eternity that it's random and randomly it can happen.. so  to them it can randomly happen that you lose too muc BUT it's impossible that you win too much hahahaha. So with all i posted today, that will be the third words of a casino staff that clearly implies the non-randomness of the system.

    One last thing, what proved me for good that the algorythm system tracks us and our +/- and control it to reach the rtp they want to provide is that everytime i went to live roulette and won big... right after all the slots were nuked. I did dozens of times same thing... try slots.. play them see how it goes if it starts going down i go roulette... win go back to the slot.. and suddenly ther return is nerfed dramatically... so i lose.. return to the roulette.. win again.. back to the slot.. rtp even lower.. to the point multiple time i could reach the point where the slot even if the lowest kind of variance supposed to give lots of small wins.. would give me 200 dead spins in a row... then 1-2 tiny win then anotehr 100 dead spins. Everytime i did that test i ran -800 to -2000x on a slot that pays 200x once every new moon lol. Then i decided to test see if it how i think it is... if so.. if i "dump" the money on live roulette (doing a huge bet that rng/algorythm will make sure not to hit as they control the ball with a magnet) so i would go do crazy bets that never won obviously lol.. to then return to the same slot and boom hit like crazy all over.. oh how magical... I did it repeateadly on mutliple casinos it's all the same. I first had hint that something was weird when i was playing videoslots and i realized on the stats/rtp page that when i start playing live roulette i won a lot get my rtp on roulette 233-266% but.. my average over all games was about the same.. how... my slots rtp all over had tanked to compensate the wins on roulette... i couldn't believe it. Tought maybe it's just them? Maybe im wrong? but i was so mad i just self-excluded. To then do it again elsewhere.. and alllll the same. They are all linked on the same global system so it's the same deal everywhere. I did it so often that once again less than 1% chance im wrong...

    The obvious goal is that 1- they control the outcome making sure there will never be a random guy that deposit 20$ and bankrupt them. 2- they make sure players eventually hit which will make them play more. 3- It creates an effect where if a player lose a chunk and quit or take a break... when he returns the algorythm/rng is loaded with his previous losses (considering he was not in profits and what he lost put him alot under the system target rtp) so that when the player return, from break.. or after therapy fall back to the game... when he returns he will hit all over which will instantly hook him back. And if the player never returns... well the casino get to keep what they stole from him. You have to understand that true random slot do not go cold/hot in cycles... randomness doesn't follow a plan. Let me repeat what an ex tech from the industry said in a conference i watched "slots have a rtp lower than 100% which means the player lose... it makes it very difficult for the system/casino to make players enjoy and have fun because true random slots would, in general, just go up and down a little slowly going down forever with very limited chances of hitting a big win or a streak that is intersting for the player. Therefor they set the system to create artificial lowered rtp to gather money to use it later on to trigger a huge win or hot streak as artificial as the rip streak to hook players and make them get completly addicted". So all in all, slots are not random, they are controled by system that make sure the player gets the target rtp long term and prevent unwanted act of randomness. That system creates artificial low rtp that rob the player on purpose to then later give artificial big wins to hook the player. So if they were random.. if each spin was independant from each other.. the slots would not behave like that, in fact it would be very different. It would be boring.. we would lose less but we would almost never really win big and we could just see our money slowly go down to the casino edge (the % below 100% that casino keep) and would just give up. Instead they have an artificial control system that is built to hook players and reward them when they do something stupid... that way they create complete out of control degens and rip em off. I reviewed all my big wins, my results at the time, what happened previously etc and i could easily understand exactly why the slot had given me that crazy win. I had lost like crazy for a while and just went yolo big bet to empty my wallet and give up.. and boom biggest hit in years by far wow luck? I continue get in the same spot.. remember last time.. do the same thing i did.. boom again a mega monster.. i moved from a casino to another doing the same thing and won like crazy. But the system is controled.. it gave these wins to make me believe that if i lost alot if i go big i'll win all back plus more... so that next times in the future when i lost a ton... i go lose even more thinking it will hit again but wont. I stopped doing it tho because after the last run i did like that i put the profits in my debts, cleared credit cards etc... But the sytem had given more than i shouldve got for the purpose of stimulating my bad behavior... so after.. i ripped.. everyday.. for an entire year. And i was streaming most of it.. they used to call me the biggest ripfest ever. Then when i had lost everything back after a year plus more... i started running normal again. That's when i understood it wasn't like they said.. that if i win i'll have to lose it back before i can win or have fun again. So after that everytime i'd win big and get up and start losing everything everywhere.. i'd just go dump the money in roulette or else on purpose so that i can run normal again which worked everytime lol. The gringo here from bgaming can have access to my infos on direx casinos.. he can verify and see i am not lying about anything lol. I even emailed cleopatra support once after losing 2000x straight on domnitors again after winning big on roulette.. totally impossible to lose 2000x on that game... I knew as i had been going through dozens of cycles just like that repeating it again and again to see if it was really 1 in a million chance bad luck or just what i think it is. So at the time i knew that i had to dump it all back so i can have fun again (i dont play to win money, i know how it works, it's impossible unless you hit the beginner's luck and never return to any casinos hehe or win some kind of progressive). I play for fun and entertainment... as i have nothing else interesting to do. So, i was raging obviously because i would get cheated repeateadly by a controled slot and even if the artificial huge wins/streaks are fun to get... it means the rest of the time you get cheated out of all your money and completly kills the fun. So i wrote support and told them exactly what i said here.. and what i was going to do. I said their rigged slots wouldnt let me have fun for as long as i havent lost back everything so that i would go to roulette.. with their amazing magnet and rng.. and do stupid big bets that had 0 chance to win so that i can have fun again. I went.. did stupid big bets 500$ 1000$ 2000$ bet... then lost everything.. and weeeeee i had runs and hits again after coincidence number 1,400,232 lool.

    but anyway i think you got my point lol and if i wrote all that, it wasn't just for you but for all that come here to see. Could be helpful. There are ways to manipulate the not random slots to entice it in doing things it wouldnt but you can't manipulate it to win more or lose less or if it's possible i simply don't know. But there was ways. For example, bonus wagers are like scratch tickets. The slots you play, the bet you do.. they don't matter. When you get the bonus you are given a kind of "script" just the same as when you go buy a scratch ticket. The ticket result is already know, it's already pre-determined ... you just scratch to discover the result. The time when you scratch it, the place... a nickel or quarter won't change anything... same with bonuses. They provide a result and then you discover the outcome through your play. If you deposit small and do crazy high bet and you were meant to lose.. you will go straight to 0. If you do micro bet then there are good chances that the system give you some hits early on to eventually just rip you anyway.. if you have lots of money ready to do many deposits and dont want to bother with fake wins that will be taken back after .. big bet lol. Also there is no point doing live tables/roulette etc when on wager as the system will simply place dead spins in between the normal run to get rid of the new money that you were not meant to have with slots. Same way if you lose on roulette and you were not meant to rip like that on slots, when you return you instantly it... it's just easy to try out. So i just don't roulette anymore on wager.. pointless.. especially if you do like i did first.. all in whole bullet on roulette. The problem here is that i could just lose on roulette a wager scripted to win... and win roulette on a wager scripted to go straight zero meaning i'd lose a winning run and see my winning roulette attempt get destroyed by pure dead spins to 0. So yeah they don't allow you to win more than you should but you can rip more than you should.. at every corner they built the system to have an extra edge over you.

    But what i wanted to say is that if you want screen shots.. have big wins to show friends to brag.. simple. On wager do big bet ... most of the time it will just rip your balance (wins on bigger bet cost much more so the system remove money from the balance to create room for the big win). Then at some point stop.. go back to like 20p bet... and enjoy. It won't always work.. if the script is a loser it can just continue to 0. Also even if the script is a winner or meant to get deep on wagering it doesn't mean the provider will give you back everything in one go... it will either give you many nice wins one after another in a crazy fashion (on stream i had once like that had about 30 book of dead bonus in 2 hours lol) or it can give you a crazy monster. That way i got 800x+ on reactoonz 50+ times.. countless explores lines (500x) 1000x bonus etc. Wayyyyy more than anyone else i know, simply because i knew how to trigger them. It doesn't make you win more, it's not a treak to beat the casino... you just remove money on big bet to get your rtp back on micro bet giving room for the slots to shoot at you something unusual and nothing else. Try it guys.. see for yourself lol.

    p.s.: to bgaming or any other casino industry person reading this... if i am completly wrong... if it's something else that just somehow had 1 chance in millions to give me that "impression" and allowed me to toy the system left and right... Then please i would like the evidence of it. I loved gambling but your scrap killed it, might be happy to know i was wrong so i can hope again and not just stream and tell the viewers what will happen next on the not random slots lol. I'd like true evidence... not your usual "trust me on my words" because if there is something i know 100% is that the industry is filled with compulsive liars. All my complaints.. everything that happened to me.. i was lied to in an awful fashion... I mean what kind of genius think that if you tell the player what he just saw never happened.. and think he'll just be like "oooh i hallucinated ok sorry" works with everyone then weeeeeee. The only time i can think of that i wasnt lied to or pushed in a corner from a casino that already had dealt with me and my PAB and knew i know so they just plain paid without even taking time to ask evidence lol. Even if i track my rtp on a certain casino... i just then go ask the live chat "what is my rtp on x slot" and they never provided me with the right number lol... just the advertised rtp +/- 0.1%... no matter if on a different currency i just did 200 spins and on the other 100k. No matter even with 200 spins i'd be spot on the target rtp which is just laughable. You can't never trust them, they always lie. they don't care they aren ot paid enough to care.. they just lie to you and move on. It's so generalised.. so big and everywhere that it amazes me that it's not told more online or anywhere. People get cheated.. robbed and just go back sadly to their stuff taking the hit and not saying anything, the perfect victims. Others would have the will to do something but since the casino bankrupted them.. not much they can do. It's so amazingly set up lol. But yeah prove me wrong, show me true evidence that im wrong and i'll shut up for good, erase what i wrote and post that i am sorry and was wrong.

    Fun fact tho... no one will. Because i don't believe in the 1 chance in i dont know how much that i could be wrong... not after 1000 days of gambling, thousands of tests.. wagers.. etc. My sample, my results and stats make the chance of being wrong so slim that i just plain don't believe in it being waht you guys claim it is. Same way i studied and figured then got confirmed by a person that build these system that i was right.. the live slots in casinos.. not random. They run a script... like if you have a script made for 10,000$ in 1$ bets with 9,000$ return to the player that is placed on the script in a hot/cold fashion same as online. The players don't know what is coming or when, looks random.. but the difference between live and online is that online you are always on the same slot. Live if the slot is obviously cold dead you can move. If you hit huge and it rips you can change slot... online you can't. Yep guys i know that the main reason for "1 account ip per person/household" is not to prevent bonus abuse... it's to make sure players that know how it works don't quit while up (before the rip) to just then open a new account... or simply run the beginner's luck all over then create new account over and over. Again.. prove me im wrong. We are tracked.. everything is controled and if we win huge on a casino and are massively up.. all the other casinos will rip too... Too consistent cycle to be random and legit. Which leads me to that question... how does the money works? What i mean is that i suspect you casinos to not pay from your own the winners or keep the losses. Seems like you are all merged together.. deposits go to the same place and that place pay the winners. It would explain how all casinos could give results like they were all linked together. It would explain how a little casino with 2-3 daily players losing 10-20$ can have a sudden high roller come win 100k then continue without going out of business. What is it? Is it possible that if i go deposit/withdraw and wager 1000$ raw on 94% slot that the casino don't dela money directly and is just paid the 60% they earned from the 6% rtp cut? It would explain why if i depo 20$ and wager for 2-3 hours then rip... ask freebie and get one.. and the next times i deposit 200$ and lose it in one roulette spin and they say i am not allowed to get anything at the time... with my 20$ i would have made them alot more money than just my 200$ that wagered 200$ meaning they would just have made 8$ out of that. How did i rip 8k on direx casinos.. to then hit 17kx on another casino from another group to then return and instead hitting i'd just continue losing just like the huge win was from you... I lost about 200 deposits in a row all across casinos, all groups... it was all the same.Funny how it was just after i dumped 7-8k on cleo roulette cauz i was tired of dead spins lol.. i never won anything like that ever.. not even close.. then dump 7-8k and hit 3.5k on 20 cents bet lol... coincidence number 1,234,323,433. To then return and instead as every other time i didnt hit, didnt have fun or playtime.. i was just ripping like after everytime i'd win back my rtp. And it happened dozens of time. Way too often to be normal.

    I had runs like i would rip thousands on cleopatra... then go deposit 10-20$ on oshi and recover all my rtp i should have got on cleo previously. Then return on cleo and still rip like crazy to then return to oshi and again win mega. It created an depo/withdraw history where cleo look like a complete scam (could only really win on roulette there not slots)... while oshi history showed like i was the biggest luck box ever.. but i wasn't winning i was just recovering my due rtp from cleo on oshi.. Then i tought hey maybe next time i win on oshi.. don't go lose it on cleo? You are hot there, just stick to it. Then ooooh coincidence number 1 trillion.... i ripped oshi just like i woudlve on cleo. In an awful crazy fashion... vip manager their most likely remember whne i was mailing him yelling about that bs again. lol. Then i went back to cleo.. and won huge... like come on! Then i decided to toy with the system again, see if it's what i think it is. I ripped cleo like the previous times then before i win... i went playamo that time see if i get my mega win there... well guess what YES i won huge boom. Like you were alll the same place.. and it applies to other groups in general just in a slightler lesser obvious fashion. So if i am wrong, if each casino keep deposits and pay from themselves the cashouts.. then oshi... you are getting robbed or cheated from the inside... i suggest a serious investigation hehe.

    Anyway...i can't see how i could be wrong. I just talked about 1% of what i know or experienced.. and it's already a novel with multiple tomes. Randomess is just not possible like that. How would you react if you played a coin flip game and was told it's completly random to then hit 5 tails in a row then 5 heads then 5 tails on and on forever... wouldn't you figure out instantly that's it's just not possible?

    to viewers... don't try what i did with roulette. Don't go swing big bets to cover slots losses, it's a terrible trap because after slots will just rip you even more and when it hurts insanely bad is that while betting huge on roulette and then lose it back on slots.. even if you are really lucky with it.. all you will be doing is wagering a crap ton of money meaning the casinos/system will remove a ton of money from your "bank" if i can call it like that. What i mean is that if you go and wager 10k on roulette + slots... not only will you risk on roulette only to win more dead spins on the slot.. but the casinos will charge you over what you wagered... so 10,000$ on 94%= 600$.. What it means is that not only will you gain nothing even if it works but the system will register your play like you had won 600$ meaning you will have to lose back an extra 600$ just to bring back your odds where they were. I shot myself in the foot doing that and it never did nothing good... Casinos after some time will just pay you with your own losses... it means you can't win forever, you can't be up lifetime without some kind of progressive jackpot or lottery. You can't "beat the odds" like i tried going to roulette to recover my slots losses hoping that slots eventually start paying back my rtp.. they wont because the roulette winnings are just considered same as if you had won it on the slots. In a live casino you can lose 200$ on a slot, go bet 200$ on black win 200$ back return to it and repeat till you hit.. but online you wont because everytime you will win the system will consider it's what you were meant to win and just continue ripping you forever. I tried.. over and over.. i just ran hundreds of thousands of dead spins and nothing would happen before i lost everything back + more... ever. Just play a budget you consider same as if you go to a restaurant.. you spend and dont expect it to ever return.. enjoy the entertainment and eventually through your losses the casinos will gather you a big win from your own money that you will enjoy. If you spend loans, savings etc betting bigger or try live table tricks to try and beat the odds.. it will never work.. the system compensate.. all the games.. they are all controled.. nothing is random. You just can't go around taking the losses you are supposed to get. You can't compensate slots losses with roulette wins and expect to end up in profit... the slot will always consider what you won on roulette. All games are controled in a way or another.. roulettes all work on magnet to control the ball when they want to. Black jack games have cheating dealers, check youtube there are loads of proof... they also disconnect you on purpose here and there etc. There is just nothing you can get. If you like betting on sport and play slots too, i'd suggest betting sport outside online casinos... if you bet online and win your sports bet.. the algorythm/system will consider it a win no matter the game so if you go to slot after you results wil be nerfed accordingly... of course if you lose all your sports bets all the time then the slots will also compensate the other way and show lots of greatness lolol but if you are doing good with sportsbet... get them from another source.. because if you play slots then the slots will just nerf their rtp to recover all your sports winnings. So just saying.... try that lol.

    Finally for real.. i found a very entertaining hidden group online of ex-online high rollers that shared all their stats/proof that they were being cheated on live roulette because of their huge bets. Everythin is there and i was amazed to see that they had figured.. experience the exact same thing... everyone... same as me. All the people in there are now restricted to live casinos, they won't ever return online because if you saw all the evidences... the records, screen shots, history... it's just beyond belief. Forget live tables if you want to bet big... the only big bet i won easily were the firsts.. simply because the systems has that "beginner's luck" thing set so that new players or old player doing new things will have magical easy win to entice them into thinking it's so you return after and get bankrupted straight. After that.. i'd win loads of my bets on small bet and lose 90% of my big bets on a 32-40% covered board. Just imposisble once more. The evidence is everywhere. It doesn't surprise me that casinos do waht they do.. honestly.. when you learn that many casinos are owned/financed by mafia groups from east europe.. and that most casinos are all based in places where they can escape laws and such... if they were legit.. they wouldnt be on a remote island. But what i mean is being robbed, cheated and lied to from online casinos is nothing surprising, in fact kinda have to expect it. What surprised me is how generalised the thing is but still how we barely ever hear anything unless we dig deep. No lawsuits, nothing in the news... they just manipulate/lie/cheat/fraud all year long.. and nothing happen. All i saw so far was that my country said online casinos are fraud and to avoid them.. but since they don't have proof (yet) that they actually really do they "tolerate" it. But im pretty sure that if they are provided with the evidences i figured and all.. it be quickly banned just like usa did. Unless.. of course... that the person in charge at the government is one more amazing true honest person hahaha. Anyway hope i helped out someone. Try what i said by yourself see how it work out lol. Casinos if im really wrong please provide me with a real evidence.. i dont care about your words.. they worth nothing.

    Play for fun.. spend only what you can afford to never see back. Don't bet more for nothing.. system controls everything, you won't win more.. you will just lose more. All you can do is spin the reels and hope to have some fun... betting more or less changes nothing overall... it just means that if you bet more.. you just spend more for absolutely nothing. If you dream of winning a huge mega win.. next time you dream of that.. consider the fact that unless you are completly new and lucky... if you are an old regular.. if you want to win 10k.. you'll have to lose it first + more... so do you really want to win 10k? :D


    3/ 5

  • Fredos I need to talk to you for 5 mins my canadian friend.

    Everyone said i was smoked out cause I have been saying some of this stuff for years. The other day I hit 9 out of 10 in keno, 500 jackpot on some slot, 400 here and there on other types of keno and the list goes on and on. I was up alot and I couldnt loose. I remember the sun coming up and my girl was like "Oh you are taking a break from playing?" and to quote Donald Trump, I did get sick of winning. I was winning so much that i was irritated by it. I remember saying "f*** you" to the monitor because I hit and it looked so rigged. Here is the best part, i recorded the whole night in 10 min increments on bandicam. Near the end i went to tiger claw which is a betsoft game. The bonus is rare and you can get 8-96 initial spins. I swear on my life i never got more than 16 free spins. Wouldnt you know it, i click the denom up to 4 cents which is like 2 bucks a spin, hit the button and got all the symbols for 96 spins. Took like 25 mins to play them all. That was another "f*** you" moment. Like its possible to get 96 spins but how probable is it after getting 9 outta 10 in keno. I almost forgot, i was playing keno after tiger claw and hit for 2500 bucks. I took money out and ever since then I cant even get 1X play thru. Actually I played like 80 dollars straight on keno and didnt win 1 even money bet. I was laughing at the end cause i couldnt hit 2 out of 10 numbers no matter what. 

  • I usually play this slots on Direx casinos. Several days ago every time I open game they interrupted and next time is ok. And when autoplay stop and I set again autoplay game again interrupted,write some errors. 

  • Hello fredos386 and perobet,

    We've notified Bgaming Casino Representative. Please keep an eye on this thread for the updates.

  • @fredos386

    Hi!  That was quite long and literally took me time to finish reading it. I'd like to thank you for the time and effort explaining these facts. I do appreciate it. Though, I still have hopes that slots are truly random, I was intrigued by your experiences. I felt sad because I know that cycle of addiction is have been killing most of us players. I would be happy to see all the screenshots, proofs, videos you have because I wanted to see it for myself. About Videoslots ( I hope they have a representative who could read this ), they did the exact same thing to me and ended up closing my account and never paying me my money which is not from a win but a refund I was asking for all the wagers I have done with Netent games which I never though was restricted in my country since I was new back then and loading the game did not give any restriction errors. They had me wait forever saying the managers are looking at it and after 2 long weeks would suddenly receive an email asking for identification documents when in fact my account was fully KYC verified before I even did my first spin on their platform. Funny right? They are one of the worst casinos for me. Very obvious tactics done towards me. I called that Bu**sh*t. Hahaha! I am not much more playing with modern slots right now and is staying daily with a traditional casino. I'd like to bring you there. You might want to give it a try. If you find something fraudulent I would pay back what you lost. You could try signing up and do not deposit yet try to investigate first but 100% I am pretty sure you will also love it as I did. It is the main reason why I seldom play on Direx NV online casinos nowadays after Oshi stole half a bitcoin from me and came up with excusesof not paying me. Though from time to time I still play at Bitstarz, one of the few online casinos I still have trust to. Though I seldome deposit on the casino, I still get free spins from time to time which the last time I played gave me a huge win from a free spins drop. I did not deposit but they allowed me to withdraw it all. Hit me a DM. I'd like to talk to you! BTW, my message to BGaming is not related to wins it was just a bug that does not affect wins or randomness at all, I look forward to receiving your DM. Thanks and I wish you good luck and positivity! 



  • I loved this provider but what happened tonight I can't believe it's possible. I played Lucky blue with 0.09€ on Joo casino and hit 5 red cancers in V-shaped and got 1 euro wtf.???

    I usually hit 3 and this worth 0.64 €, with 5 I think should be about 60€.

    I send that to support Joo casino,but don't have screenshot because i have autoplay, but only know when I bet, one of 3 bets with win about 1 euros. 


    4.6/ 5

  • Hello perobet,

    We've sent an email to BGAMING Representative regarding your question. Please keep an eye on this thread for the updates.

  • Hi, perobet.

    Thanks for choosing our games to play. 

    Let's look more closely at the game details and paytable.

    Сoefficient for cancers are: 3-x32, 4-x64, 5-x128

    You put 0.01€ for the line, total bet 0.09.

    In this round, you had 5 cancers  on line №4, and 2 nine-symbols on the lines №3 and №7

    Two nine-symbols give the coefficient x1, i.e. 0.01x2 = 0.02€

    5 cancers -  0.01х128=1.28€

    3 cancers cannot give 0.64, as the coefficient  is x32, unless 3 cancers fell in several lines at the same time

    The difference between 3 cancers and 5 cancers in coefficients is only 4 times. Therefore, it is not possible that 3 cancers give 0.32€, and 5 cancers 60 €.

    Thank you, have a lucky game

  • OK, I thinking that this 5 worth more. On slot Book of pyramids when I played 3 main simbol give about 0.6 € and once I hit 5 and won 60€ with bet 9cent so i think that this is same like in Book of pyramids.

    Thank you 

  • I don't know if it's just me but bgaming games have seem to of become very 'predictable ' lately.  

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Coinbets777 - Exclusive Free Chips New players only - US OK! $25 $30 Free Chips How to claim the bonus: Players need to sign up through our LINK , go to Cashier, and activate the bonus. WR: 60x...
Coinbets777 Exclusive No Deposit Bonus

25$ freebet code - BIGLEAGUE valudated 14.5.2024
Betwhale.ag Casino No Deposit

Dzile Serbia 11 days ago

Welcome to yet another real cash monthly contest! It's hot in July and will be even hotter once we start this popular giveaway, so get ready to win a share of the $500 real money prize pool. Here's...
LCB $500 July Real Cash Contest: Let's Test Casinos!