The "new normal" for casino T&C's

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  • Having played online since 2008, like a handful of you, we've seen a number of changes, sites that come and go, etc. One thing of the last year or two is casinos across the board are tightening their terms and conditions when using bonuses, which in all reality make me fairly angry. I'm one of the few people who actually enjoy playing at RTG casinos because I hit most often with this platform. But ALL of the platforms (with a minor few being the exception) are requiring outrageous requirements, both for a rollover, and now a maximum wager of $10, some sites even lower than that when playing with a bonus. RTG especially used to have a line setting of $5/line. Now its down to $1/line. Other platforms like Pragmatic Play are the same (formerly Top Game - which was my absolute favourite). A few sites have even introduced "maximum cashouts" per your deposit when using a bonus. I know that times have been difficult, but all of these issues are not good practice, and raise red flags with me, not only playing online for 15 years, but also working in the casino (brick & mortar) for longer than that. Are the sites with these requirements suffering from solvency issues? That's my biggest question. Our casino has an online app in several Provinces and States, and if we have a $10 million dollar winner, they are paid immediately, in full, without question. Is the introduction to legalised gaming in The States and Canada causing that much disruption, even with the most reputable sites listed on LCB for sites available offshore? Most of the same platforms are used. Our site just introduced IGT's Candy Bars game to our online library. The max bet on it is $15,000 per spin. The top PJP starts at $6 million. Maybe the golden olden days are waning for offshore sites in North America with gaming laws being relaxed. Not sure if any operators follow topics like this on LCB, but to anyone who does, if you're going to offer a match bonus that has a rollover that is high, it's not a good business practice to add on a max bet per spin on top of a maximum cashout. I love playing overseas because there are no taxes on wins. But its becoming less and less advantageous with these new conditions on your sites. On our site, our match bonuses come with a 1x rollover - and that's it. If you hit big, we pay you instantly. I would think this would bring more competition into the online market, but I guess I'm wrong. The more you limit your patrons, the less appealing it will be to play. And even losing one patron is a reason to take a hard look at why that person left. Word of mouth for businesses makes or breaks us. One of the oldest sayings in the business world is, "If we don't take care of our customers, somebody else will." Something to think about. 

  • U raise some good points there mate. I too am curious to see if any Casino rep will care to answer.

  • I appreciate the vote of confidence. Now two years into our own online venture, it's safe to say our team has learned a great deal about the online gaming side of the business, and what I have seen in the last year or so from overseas operators is not impressive. I do hope this will elicit some responses from the casino representatives. Like the disaster with @Luna, @USDT over the last few weeks, the "trust factor", once lost, is virtually impossible to regain. When you're dealing largely with a faceless community, entrusting that you will be paid is something that most of us have done over the years with wins. Like the industry despising chargebacks, so do patrons where sites fail to pay wins. 

    But we shall see. I doubt any will reply. I will say this. I mentioned the whole @Luna scenario because most of these casino sites are soaking in cash, and ownership could just up and quit at a moments notice, leaving patrons in the dust, (recalling Club World once being a member of the gold standard, now disgraced). 

    Thanks again for replying!

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