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  • [::]

    Hello Everyone!

    Hope you are all doing well!

    My name is Steph and I am affiliate manager at TTRpartners and also your 32Red Online Casino representative.

    If you have any questions about 32red, our products or especially about our casino I am here to keep in touch with you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback for us.

    Have a great day,

  • HI Steph,

    Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you on board.  smiley

  • Hello Steph!  smiley

    We are very happy to have you here with us and look forward to working with you. thumbs_up

    Good luck!  smiley

  • Welcome to our fabulous forum!

  • Hello my names is roberta and i am truely new to this online playing for real money,But i have a question that has nothing to do with this sight im just looking for help .I THINK I WAS SCAMMED can you help me i am today new member to this app.Please can you help????

  • @archuletaroberta4 - I have sent you a private message. You can visit your inbox here.

  • I Had a accounf at 32Red, but some girl at Support simply decide to block my account because I complain.

    I was polite, just feel the need to make a complain, she said I've got the power and will BLOCK your account.

    So LAME !!! 

  • Yes was in shock...Now i play quatro casino great payout

  • I was block from another casino, Epoca Casino.

    I deposit 30$ didn't hit anything, Went to support and say just for fun, Damn I'm gone kill myself lol " 

    She offer me a bonus I refuse, close the chat.

    Then deposit another 30$ then hit 15 free spins bet 1.50$  multiplier x 4 ( so each spin count for 6.00$ ) 

    SEC after I HIT this GREAT FREE SPINS At DRAGON Loop I think...

    Account was block, For 6 MONTH ! They told me , Your free spins and money will remin into the account for 6 month.

    Wait wait wait ...after 6 month they ask me to sign a letter saying that I didn't held casino resposable for temping my game ( that what is look like 

    I refuse they denied re-open my account, They offer me 15 free spins at a shitty slots I refuse

    They simply refund my cash i lose my wonderful 15 free spins bet 1.50$ x 4. witch I could win few hundred for sure.

    Make me sic WENT THE BLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT just like that.

  • Hello VaRiXD,

    I'm sorry to hear that, but 32 Red Casino belongs to Kindred group and they don't want to reply to any complaints or give us any info related to players, so we can't help you with this issue. 

    Regarding Epoca Casino, this casino doesn't accept new registrations any longer as it's going to close.

  • Regarding Epoca Casino, this casino doesn't accept new registrations any longer as it's going to close

    Well that a good thing, proving that been dishonest doesn't stay in business long.

  • 32red.... To be honest I don't understand how you leave POWER to one GIRL at support.

    That she ruin your repuration closing players account as she want to.

    Players sometime need support and it's not by simply closing there account that 

    You will keep them happy and bring more business for you.

    I was happy playing 32red, so really didn,t understand her action.

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