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  • Hi

    All Slots Review
    All Jackpots Review

    I'm Roberto, representing the casinos belonging to the jackpot factory group; doubts, questions, problems or if you just want to have some more info on our casinos, feel free to post here



  • Hello, just a quick question....I wanted to know why is the Welcome bonus only allowed on one casino account from the Jackpot Factory group casinos? I don't understand why I was only able to receive the welcome bonus at All Slots when I have also made a first deposit at WildJack but was not eligible for the Welcome bonus. I can understand if it was a  new player ND bonus but this was the Welcome/First Deposit Bonus. I have an account at almost each of the Casino Rewards Group except for two of the the casinos and I received the Welcome Bonus in each one of them after making my first deposit so the policy of Jackpot Factory was very new to me and honestly I really making me thing twice to continue to play there.

    Also, I was told that my birthday bonus would be credited shortly in my account but after over 48 hours of still not seeing the bonus in my account, I contacted live help regarding the credit I was then told that I was not eligible and that only active players are eligible to receive the birthday bonus. My past deposit was only within a week or two prior to my birthday so is that considered being a active player. I am looking forward to your response and maybe it could make sense to me on how Jackpot Factory Casino are worth coming back to.

    Thanks So Much! :-)

  • hi

    I know that all players like bonus, but for a casino group doesn't make really sense, in my opinion, to give welcome bonus on all the casino belonging to the same group: it is a bit like inviting people to play once in the casino, take the bonus, and leave, and it is not at all what we want: we want to give players a nice, safe, and trusted casino experience, with winners paid and exciting promotions and competitions (and some bonus of course smiley )

    Regarding the birthday bonus, if the support told you that you should have received the bonus in 48h, you should have it: if you have an email, feel free to send me a MP with your details and I will look into it smiley


  • Direct Casino Support - GoWild, All Slots, and All Jackpots (and other microgaming operated sites)

    MicroGaming Issues - Software Glitch or Scam/Ploy to make extra money$

    1 - Max. Bet Button - Purpose? So players could easily select to choose max. Bet? And what happens if a player accidentally clicks on it. Will the casino reverse the bet and give the player his/her money back? Of course not. I would consider this button to be a danger to the player - especially if the player is low in chips - this button is a death button. If a casino is truly looking out for the best interest of their players especially in the area of fair play why wouldn't the button come with a warning when clicked giving an option to continue or not or even better yet have the option to be able to toggle it off or on. With these options in place if the player chooses to continue or doesn't toggle it off - then if clicked - the player would be considered 100% responsible and liable for his/her decision.

    2 - Bonus Game - High/Low (Example) - Player needs pick whether the next card is higher or lower than the last card shown. Simple enough. When the player wins the total gets win added by trickling the coins into the balance. Clicking on the screen immediately displays the total balance. Here's my issue when a player is dealt an ace(highest card) or a deuce(lowest card) **note tie is considered a win, should this not be considered an automatic win? But it isn't. As a matter of fact in both cases with an ace the option to select high or with a deuce the option to select low is still available. Why? In hopes that the player would lose a hand that would be normally and should be considered a guaranteed win?

    Casinos need to make money to operate - it's a business. However I believe it should protect and be prepared to do what's best for its players especially in the area of fair play/gaming as these are the same players who support and fund their casinos' operation. It should not resort nor need to make extra money$ from these players with such means as the ones I have stated above. Perhaps this a glitch and will be corrected. Perhaps MicgroGaming software operated casinos will address this issue to Microgaming. Perhaps players will see that the casinos are looking out for their best interest and will do what it takes to protect their players. Perhaps.

    Wishing everyone the best!

  • Hi -- I think the Jackpot Factory is excellent for customer service -- but why so sparing on the little extras, such as the odd 'free spins' or something for players who deposit some -- not lots -- but say, more than a couple of times a month?  Some casinos let you play and five or six deposits later you are eligible for a nice $30 bonus, etc, or even $50.  That can be very exciting.

  • Hi

    For Soda69:  I'm quite sure many players use the max bet button, but yes, the software of microgaming should be a bit more customizable by user: I can assure you there is absolutely no malicious meaning in the max bet button, also because you assume that if somebody use the max bet button, he/she will lose, but he/she could win, and with the max bet button if you win you win big!

    I honestly think that the problem with the high/low bonus game don't occur often: i'm quite sure the player is very concentrated when making the decision if going for high or low smiley

    Regarding bonus, we are a bit strict for the very simple reason that we give a 10% bonus on every deposit an that our bonus system is very generous (talking about terms and conditions) with the players: we are more focused on  a nice and safe casino experience, with no problem with payments or complicated bonus terms; said so, I basically agree, we should give away more bonus



  • Hi

    I'm Roberto, representing the casinos belonging to the jackpot factory group; doubts, questions, problems or if you just want to have some more info on our casinos, feel free to post here



    Hello Roberto,

    I normally have nothing but great things to say about the Jackpot Factory Group, I am a big fan for the most part.

    I have been a member for many years.  I have played off and on my favorite place being Wildjack.  I've recently comeback.

    Anyway...I had receive an email for an exclusive bonus, which I took advantage of, I usually do.  It was for a 25% bonus to be credited immediately between Thursday and Sunday, and 50% cashback to be credited Sunday October 11.

    It DOES NOT SAY, WILL MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE, AND GIVE YOU 25% SUNDAY...IT SAYS 50% of your first purchase up to 100.

    So I my first deposit of the night was for $100.  I made three.
    I had to go to chat to get my cashback, and Toby made like he didn't know what I was talking about...then he only gave me 25%

    He said it was 25%  cashback plus the 25% bonus.  Where does it say this??  IT DOES NOT!!!

    IT SAYS IT WILL GIVE ME 50% cashback Sunday October 11, NOT the additional 25% to make 50%

    Toby credited my account with the 25%.

    I would have made my larger deposit at my regular casino, for my regular bonus, and not go thru this hassle, if I knew I was going to get ripped off.

    Can you do something about this error please?  Thanks.

    If you need any of my account details, I will e-mail them to you.  My account number is there, thanks. DR.

    I will cut and paste my e-mail details here:

    Get your bonus before time runs out!

    Dear Debora,

    You only have three days to claim your exclusive bonus offer at Wild Jack Casino!

    Get an instant 25% match bonus (up to $100) on your first purchase made between 11 am EDT/3 pm GMT on Thursday, October 8 and 9 am EDT/1 pm GMT on Sunday, October 11. Your account, wjr04049665, will be credited within 60 minutes of depositing.

    Time is running out. Get your bonus now!

    Mary Wise 
    Wild Jack Casino
    A Jackpot Factory Casino


    Terms and Conditions
    Debora, you are exclusively invited by Wild Jack Casino to participate in this promotion. You may not transfer or forward this invitation to any third party. 

    You will be awarded 50% cash back on your first single purchase of $25 or more made between 11 am EDT/3 pm GMT on Thursday, October 8 and 11 am EDT/3 pm GMT on Sunday, October 11.

    Maximum bonus amount: $100
    Bonus credits not played within 30 days of being awarded will be deemed to have expired and will be removed.
    Under the ClearPlay Bonus System all bonuses are subject to a minimum playthrough requirement before they are available to be withdrawn. For the complete ClearPlay Bonus System terms and conditions, click here.
    This promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of Jackpot Factory casinos.
  • Roberto??

  • Hello jfcasino,

    I have been playing at alljackpots for a long time and losing. So I want know what can you do for me as a nodeposit bonus.  Check my account and see what you can do.

  • hi
    sorry for the late reply, i've missed those posts sad ; for Nalgenie regarding the 25%/50% bonus issue, there is an evident mistake in the terms and conditions: they should have written 25% and not 50%; I understand that things like this shouldn't can try to write support and complain, but I doubt you will get any extra bonus here

    For hieivess with the nodeposit bonus, please contact support directly, it is their call eventually to give a nodeposit bonus, and if you lose costantly you will get one for sure

    Generally, my suggestion is always contact support first, if things get stuck and support is not helping/not understanding, come to me: the other way around, it only puts me in the middle, and I'm not really helpful, because eventually I just contact support instead of you: things get only slower

    Said so, keep on posting here, I will take more care in reading this thread and won't miss posts anymore: and you guys keep me updated on the outcome of your emails!



  • hi there
    i deposited so much here last year and i had terrible experiences with customer support so i closed all my accounts.
    Previously i had enjoyed loosing here.
    But i must say that the terrible service made me move else where
    could you please check this matter?

  • I always contact support and they tell me that i will get 10% back on deposits on thursdays and mondays.  They can get that 10% and put it where the sun dont shine.

    I will not deposit their anymore till i get a decent freebee. 

    username is vajr07826357

  • hi wintermare

    Let me know which have been your problems with customer support, and where exactly I can help: that's exactly where I can help, when things get stucked with the customer support (and that can happen, regardless the good intentions of both parties)

    Hi Hyefivess
    I had a look in your account, I will see what I can do, I see you have been playing with us for more than 3 years and I think that, more than for your deposits, you deserve something for staying with us so long...



  • hi there
    they stopped any promos except the rubbish 10% cashback in jan.
    i had been a very good customer before then please check

  • Hi

    VIP department told me that you requested all your account to be locked...I suggest you first of all to request to support all your account to be unlocked, then for sure you start receiving some bonus offer...with account locked you don't receive anymore specific promotions, and remains only with the 10% smiley

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