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  • I just spoke again to VIP dep, they told me that you already got an offer on your account - 100% cash back up to 100 credits on her next deposit, if you choose to reopen one of your accounts...not bad at all...

  • thanks but no thanks
    thats pretty rubbish after all i spent there,there promos are terrible. I dont like deposit bonuses as they have playthrough requirements that are unobtainable.
    Thats why i play at places like villento(you can cash winnings out any time but forfit bonus) and go wild who give free spins all the time last one was 65 free spins on avalon!.
    For these reasons id rather take my deposits elsewhere and i advise everyone else to do the same until they get their promos and service in order!

  • hi
    sorry for the late reply, i've missed those posts sad ; for Nalgenie regarding the 25%/50% bonus issue, there is an evident mistake in the terms and conditions: they should have written 25% and not 50%; I understand that things like this shouldn't can try to write support and complain, but I doubt you will get any extra bonus here

    For hieivess with the nodeposit bonus, please contact support directly, it is their call eventually to give a nodeposit bonus, and if you lose costantly you will get one for sure

    Generally, my suggestion is always contact support first, if things get stuck and support is not helping/not understanding, come to me: the other way around, it only puts me in the middle, and I'm not really helpful, because eventually I just contact support instead of you: things get only slower

    Said so, keep on posting here, I will take more care in reading this thread and won't miss posts anymore: and you guys keep me updated on the outcome of your emails!



    Well it WAS written, and i sent the email...
    What the heck are you here for, if not to help us?

    I can straighten out my own problems, as I usually do. I figured that you were here to help us, so I gave it a shot.  I do not need to go tell you, to  tell me to tell them.  What the hell do you call that???
    Big help you are.
    You might as well stay in bed.
    Thank you for nothing.
  • Well i see that still no big money$$$$ in my account. You did not help like you said that you would.  I might have to agree with nalgenie.  Oh wait I will get a 10% bonus tonite for the deposits that i made this week.  and that will be the last of deposits that you see from me.  And I will stick alljackpots where the sun dont shine.

  • Hello everyone well I login to my alljackpots account and find 5.00.  Not sure if it was a tournment that I won or the casino rep credit it to my account.

    Mr Casino Rep,
    Well if you think 5.00 is big bucks to make me purchase at your casino I dont think so.  Not going to  happen trying to make me happy with a slice of the pie I want the whole pie. 

    Have a great day all.

  • Hey come we still have no results for the King of Slots tourney?

  • Hello Roberto

    I just contacted live chat and was told that my account did not qualify for a birthday bonus, so my question is how do you qualify?  I have deposited over 1500.00 since the first of the year, and have not had any withdraws!  I will not deposit any more of my money that's for sure!


  • I am so glad to hear that it is not just me who feels this way about alljackpots.  I have been waiting for an answer and for some reason the casino rep is not responding.  I wounder if we hit a sore subject with the rep.

    Happy gaming all.

  • I must admit before jan i was quite happy to play there,service was good and so were the comp chips. but since then they are rude and arrogant everytime i talk to them.
    There are plenty of good micros out there though

  • OMG!!! tell me about it....I have lost over three grand there without a single cashout and tonight they STILL REFUSED TO GIVE ME A 29 POINT LOYALTY TOP kind of business is this....they could obviouly care less about keeping customers!

  • Ya, that is ridiculous Satan.  Why do we keep playing at these kinds of  places?

    I know there is one that I do, but it is only because I win there all the time, so I put up with their abuse.  grin

  • I'm just stupid and like losing money I guess..................that's all I ever seem to do, don't know why I even bother to play at all period!    oh and my bad forget seem to do....losing is all I have EVER done at anyplace!!! Never once made a cashout anywhere!!!!  with the exception of Jackpot capital on a free chip...which I have since given back about 100 times........thousands of deposits and free chips and ONE cashout, you would think casino's would be treating me a little bit better, no?

  • they have you right where they want you Satan...

    if you start cashing out, then you will be respected more.
    They will want there money back, and they will have to
    be nicer to you to get it.

    When all you do is give it to them, you are not a threat
    to them, and they don't have to be nice to you.
    They are only giving you exactly what you earned, and
    nothing more.

    You need to make a stand, and start taking some of it back,
    and then maybe things will turn around for you.

  • HAHA...I'd love to start taking some of it back....only problem is, nothing hits for me, if I play blackjack, dealer ALWAYS one ups me, slots never hit, roulette never hits, I bet red then here comes black.....even the sorriest of all games that SHOULD be 50/50....WAR.....I win 1 out of 5 hands, it's never ending for me.....and honestly I would think this is exactly the kind of people casinos would want...lose, lose, lose..and still deposits, as appossed to people who cash out.....I know if I owned a business I would treat the idiots who pay me and never get a thing in return, a hell of a lot better than the people who might actually be making a few bucks off me!!

  • oh...and one more thing are 110% right...they got me right where they want me......treat me like crap, never win, and I still continue to play, well it's their loss because I have had it with this never ending losing streak and casino's telling me I don't "qualify to be treated with respect and until I find a casino that I can actually enjoy and possibly make a cashout at...I'M DONE! It's sooooo not worth the headache anymore...especially when you have to bet like an animal to try and get a little appreciation from somewhere....AND STILL DON'T RECIEVED IT!

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