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  • Hi, since i started depositing more and swing bigger ALL the fack casinos try to scam me, it's just one after another non-stop i get to quickly understand when a casino don't want to pay.. well they all don't want to pay in the end or almost. This time i did 2 deposits ands ended up winning big even tho the site tried its best to kick me out everytime a slot was trying to give something.

    So now after 3 days of cash out i finally receive news.. which require ONE kind of document not the whole thing because they attempt to go steb by step 1 thing per 1-2 days to delay the process All they can, iknow sloty just did that to me.. i know the process. And they start right of the bath by asking fraudulent things like a selfie with their casino background and all the bullshit which is illegal request... just to see if im a fish or not. Anyway i know the drill and what they are doing, just their stupid 750$ max withdrawal a day is a joke from the start with the kind of promos they offer that are for big depositors you can see the scam right from the start.. they dont plan to pay.

    I registered through you lcb my name there is fredos386 as usual. I'm gonna sue them if this is not solved quick. I don't care anymore its all fraud all across, i can't play anywheree they all trying to fraud at a certain level its unplayable at all. Lcb you can't recommend all these frauds non-stop.. im getting rekt by all sites you promote.. fix your things too becauz i had enough really..

  • Hi fredos386,

    Sorry to hear about your issue. The casino rep will be notified. We'll ask them to post a reply here.

    Regarding the casinos we add on LCB, please note that we write genuine reviews with all details that we find on their site and their T&C. However, we do not know how long their cashout will really take and if they are going to require further documents for the account verification. Please have in mind that it's also your responsibility to read casino T&C before you deposit there. If you knew they were going to cheat you, you shouldn't have played there and taken their bonuses if they looked suspicious from the very beginning. We do not force anyone to take casino bonuses and we NEVER give extra exposure to the casinos that are rogue or have predatory T&C. We are doing our best to protect our members and provide a FREE mediation. 

  • It's just that its, epidemic now.. they all try their tricks one after another on me. Making me think i should just stop it here if i can't get paid anywhere without a solid fight. They area ll more than happy to rip my big deposits and act like all is fine till i i win then oops they start taking days to reply anything.. ask documents one by one every few days making the process take weeks and they go on and on... showing me online is not a place for big bets... casinos refuse to pay literally. I can't think of any cash out that gone through normally... i have another from another casino that suddenly not talking or replying no more either. Its amazing... i can lose 30k in a day they are all laughing hard then next day i win  back 20k and they all go crazy and start asking x-ray of my dog dead 20 years ago...

    7signs here start right off the bath with the ultra slow process.. taking days to ask one thing.. that they instantly push to the nonsense requesting illegal stuff that are completly irrelevant like special background picture next thing i know they ask it next to something outside that is purely to delay on and on. Already offering big depositors bonuses with big wager and volatility level to then have 750$ max cash out per day.. i didn't see that, it shouldve  been a big warning that something is wrong there... my bad

  • And now other casinos all rip me like i just had a big win but they dont want to pay... so i just can't play no more under these conditions... casinos not paying and others ripping me cauz i supposedly won.. the super rigged life of online gambling i can't go on like that. GG if that its how it ends then it gonna be one final battle with the laws. One if waited a while to do because i wasnt ready to quit but now ive seen it all.. online gambling is a minefielf for noobs already but when you raise the ladder it become a comple fraud.

  • Dear Player,

    First and foremost - congratulations on your winnings, and thank you for your feedback!

    We understand that you would like to get your winnings as soon as possible, which we are ready to assist you with, however, bear in mind that each and every single one of our customers is going through an account verification procedure, which is in full accordance with our Terms&Conditions. As a responsible operator, we treat customer due diligence seriously, and since our top priority remains our customers’ satisfaction, we are ready to proceed with the verification of your account as soon as you provide us with all requested documents.

    We would like to refer you to the relevant point in our Terms&Conditions that we are acting upon:

    5.1 You must provide us with all information that we may request in order to manage your account, verify your identity, or the source of the funds deposited to your account. This includes (but is not limited to) properly certified ID, proof of residence, proof of ownership, and transaction histories of the payment methods used for the period of up to 12 (twelve) months, including bank or credit/debit card statements, etc. You must provide these documents and information within 10 (ten) days after the request is made. We reserve the right to withhold payment and/or suspend your account until you provide the documents and information we requested and to permanently close your account if you fail to do so in time.

    We hope the above-mentioned information clarifies the case! We are waiting for your cooperation before we can proceed with your account verification.

    Best regards, Team 

  • After sending more documents earlier i did receive the first withdrawal just now and i will be waiting for the others. tyvm

  • fredos386 wrote:

    After sending more documents earlier i did receive the first withdrawal just now and i will be waiting for the others. tyvm

    Great. Thanks for letting us know. Please keep us posted. 

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