BC.GAME Support and Complaints Thread

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  • hey i need some help causei w8 form the 24 feb for a whitdraw from luckylegend on 1800$ and in the meantime they have made new rules so my contry cant play there anymore and but last ill talk to them...


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  • Hi everyone, BC.GAME is very excited to be a part of the LCB community. 

    BC.Game is a highly unique crypto casino adventure, packed with endless opportunities to win big. From the game list to bonuses and an action-packed sportsbook, we have it all.

    Adding to the experience, BC.Game has focused its attention on expanding the world of crypto, giving its players access to one of the longest lists of accepted cryptocurrencies at any online casino, its own token, BC Dollar (BCD) and its own NFT.

    Creating your ideal gambling environment has never been easier, and with all the moving parts of BC.Game, players can define their own game to what they need to win!

    Join us on the crypto adventure of a lifetime!!

  • Happy to have you on our forums representing BC.GAME Casino! Thanks for being here for our members.. thumbs_up

  • Welcome to the forumsmiley

  • Welcome to the best forum! i_love_lcb

  • Welcome to our forum BC.Game Casino representative! Glad to have you here to assist our lovely members! 

  • Welcome to LCB, our members will be delightedsmiley

  • mi favorite casino online

  • Bc.game is the only site I play aside from one other now but ever since they removed Egyptian adventures the updates have made game play limited with low funds if you don't play the bc.game originals very good.

    I hate I'm a mid range level and can't get daily spin till I level up now. 

    I'm sad I never found another site just as good I could stay with that wouldn't take all the perks away after years of playing.

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons

    We are very sorry that you can no longer enjoy this Casino with your favorite slot. We hope that you will find some new slot that makes you satisfied.

    Thank you for sharing your expressions and experience with all LCB members.



    One of the well known disgusting website. Super Sensationally disgusting. Popular from scam slots and everything. The worst of the worst.


    ​​No other casino website can ever beat when it comes with 0% rate of winning. RTP? NO WAY. Support didnt even know what it means.


    ​​​​​​If your looking for the worst casino, I recommend this BCgame. 


    Truly the number 1 casino for the WORST CATEGORY.


    Even the one of the highroller here already quit this casino. Its very unprofessional casino.




  • Hello SwiftKey123,

    Could you please provide us with Casino Username via private message so we can reach out to Casino Rep in order to clarify this for you?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hello SwiftKey123,

    We are still waiting for your credentials. Please send us  via private message to be able to help you.

    Thank you.

  • My account in BC game ? I am sure you dont need anymore about my account in BCgame, its already DESTROYED by your dirty system. How can I say so? .. how can it possible for a 700 spins on a slot never ever ever ever had a single bonus? As in NEVER???? I am sure you know what that means? As in ZERO bonus and you know whats worst?? I never ever ever had a single won that is more than my BET AMOUNT? 

    Another scenario, in your BC original CRASH. Are you all following my BET? My bet is just a cents, but why everytime I am playing crash I never win. Are you all desperate for my cents?? I hope those bet I made will help you all in all your finacial problems.


    ​​​​​You still want my USERNAME?? But why?? Are you going to return all my loses amount?? If you do, I can give my username to you.

    How can you all sleep at night after all doing those worst things?? Whats the feeling of making things that is really unacceptable. BCgame is actually not a casino, its a ONLINE ROBBERY. 

  • Hello SwiftKey123,

    First, to clarify, I am a moderator standing in front of the company LCB, we are not a Casino. We are here to help our members solve problems or ambiguities they have in the Casinos where they play. We are sorry that you are dissatisfied and we understand your frustration, but unfortunately we cannot influence the winning percentage or increase the chances that one of our members wins constantly. You join the Casino in which you want to taste happiness at your own risk.

    If you agree we can reach out to Casino Rep and export your concerns in order to provide you with the proper answer or explanation? 

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Seriously? I rep told someone here my daily free spin would go back to normal once I levelled up. That is not true and I wasted a lot of money i would have spent elsewhere if I'd known I'd only get rewards on my rare level up and never get more than one daily spin per level. That's is so screwed up. I wasn't playing anywhere else and now I have to find somewhere new because I've been lied to, my XP for level up wasn't the same as my wager by over 300 and now I finally do level up I find I have been lied to. 'daily spin will return to normal apon level up' compete bull ☹️

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    Can you please send us your casino username/id via private message so we can inquire about your situation?


  • Yes we do offer Visa card for your country but before you can use it ,verification is required .

    Please do understand that this is a security measure .

    If you need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

  • I have left my user name in a previous forum where I was told the rep said daily spin goes back to normal after level up. But I will send it despite not knowing what good it would do 🙁

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    Thanks for sharing your casino credentials with us. We will reach out to the casino representative to inquire about your case.

    Keep you posted.

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    We have sent the reminder to the casino in hopes they will reply this time.

    Since it is a holiday season, expect a delay in response.

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    The casino representative informed us that their number of employees is limited during the holidays. They forwarded your complaint to the appropriate team for handling.

    Keep you posted.

  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    The casino rep got back to us, claiming that they would address your case today, just to let you know.

    Keep you posted as soon as we hear back.

  • There are two ways to get a lucky spin:

    • You will receive 1 free spin every day once you reach a specific wager amount ($8,000)
    • Starting from VIP level 8, you will receive one free spin each time you level up, and there is no limit to the number of spins you can earn. These spins can be accumulated and claimed from the Bonus page https://bc.game/bonus
  • Hello Joedee Thompsons,

    Considering casino's response, we will mark this complaint as Resolved.

  • Good afternoon,

    I've been playing at bc.game casino for almost a year now and this is the first time I've encountered this problem. I set a self-exclusion limit for a month, and after unblocking my account, which happened a few days ago, I was limited in my ability to withdraw funds. It is noteworthy that before the blocking I had large payouts (tens of thousands of dollars), which were processed quickly and without problems - even without verification!

    A few days ago I made a deposit of $300 and won $22,000 in Evolution Roulette. I wanted to withdraw them, but they told me that the legitimacy of the winnings was being checked. When I asked how long it would last, I was told that it would take a day. A day later - another day. And then the same.
    In addition, I was asked to undergo full verification, which I successfully completed. Although there were also delays and strange excuses regarding this. There is now an icon indicating that my profile is fully verified.

    During this time, I managed to win first 100 thousand, and then 50 more, but due to all the nervousness of the situation, I already lost 50! And I still can’t put withdraw any funds due to the restrictions!

    My personal VIP manager claimed that the security department or some senior managers are reviewing the situation during this time and that it will be resolved today, on Friday, within 4 hours, that is, at 19:00. But it was exactly at this time that I was informed that I needed to wait some more time - until tomorrow, Saturday.

    It has already become obvious to me that they are simply delaying the possibility of payment so that I lose my entire balance. On Saturday they will tell me that managers do not work on weekends and will only be able to review the request on Monday. And on Monday, that I need to wait until Tuesday in order of some kind of queue.

    Please help me to restore justice and get me my rightful winnings!

    And they are fair and square because I contacted Evolution support with a request to check my winnings. They told me that everything was fine, and I should contact the casino support, which I, of course, have already done dozens of times.

    All proofs and screenshots are attached. (Unfortunately, I can't upload more than 4 screenshots)

  • Extra screenshots added.

  • P.S. Just lost my entire balance.

    VIP manager still says I have to wait though the last thing he said was that I'll be able to withdraw 3 hours ago.

    Live support says the limist will be discarded "very soon" and I need to keep patient. 

    I already HATE this casino because promising jam tomorrow to a VIP player is the worst thing to face considering HOW MUCH I have deposited there.

    NEVER EVER PLAY AT THIS CASINO if you like big bets, wins, and fair and secure withdrawals of really large amounts!

  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to add one detail. After I've lost my entire balance, they let me know today, on Sunday, that I have no withdrawal restrictions anymore and can try to submit a payout order.

    Like I said and thought previously, it was a clear and intentional delay on their part to make me lose everything, because the last thing they claimed was that I would be able to withdraw on Friday night (12 pm). Now they would say that it's just my responsibility and I could wait a bit more (how long though? if the deadline was always postponed by them).

    If they would say right away that the procedure could/would take up to 5 working days, I would just wait. But not in this case.

  • Hey, I understand the frustration of losing a significant amount. I've been there, even if on a smaller scale. Take heart, setbacks happen to everyone. You're resilient, and this moment doesn't define your future. Let's focus on learning and moving forward.

  • Hello ludomaster88,

    First of all, welcome to LCB! Glad to have you here. 

    We will look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Hello ludomaster88,

    Can you please send us your casino username/id via private message so we can reach out to the casino representative and inquire about your case?


  • Hello ludomaster88,

    We will close this complaint due to the inactivity of the submitter.

    If you respond, we will reopen the complaint.

  • Im just wondering if this casino rep has responded to any of the above complaints. It has been over a week without any response which makes me think twice about ever considering making a deposit with this casino. The only response this rep has given was a copy and paste of the rules on daily spin. 

  • Is there a casino rep for BC.GAME that I can get some help with relating to an issue I experienced after my first deposit?  Its a bit complicated but I have gotten the worst customer support out of any platform contacting the chat and its been really frustrating.   I have documented the back and forth with the support over chat and not sure if I should air the dirty laundry just yet but Im getting close to being fed up to the point where I just post all the negative communications I have received after reaching out multiple times to the help desk, the online support team  etc.  This is regarding an issue that cost me around 500$ and not a single person has offered to even find a middle ground to help remidiate the issue much less actually put effort into customer success and retention... I would appreciate any help and time and thank you very much for your consideration. My user name is on bcgame.top is Kermit**** and associated User ID: 1898****

  • Hello bufallocricket,

    Thanks for sharing your casino credentials with us.

    We will reach out to a casino representative to inquire about your case.

    Keep you posted.

  • Thank you for the quick response! What is the best way to tag an account in a forum post out of curiosity? is it @ symbol or a hyperlink to the account page on lcb? 

  • Hello bufallocricket,

    You can hyperlink to the account page.

  • Hello bufallocricket,

    We have reached out to the casino again.

    Keep you posted.

  • Any luck with the coins.game folks? I am not suprised at the lack of professionalism on the casino's part given there trackrecord for trying to contact the casino support through there normal helpdeks channels on this issue.  Thank you for trying and your help. 

  • Hello bufallocricket,

    We'll reach out to the casino rep again and see if he can help us sorting out the issue. 

  • Thank you!  Apologies I wrote in my last comment coins.game on accident (which is great and I have never had issue with), I meant to say bcgame was the casino I was getting the run around with when I tried reaching the support myself.  Thank you again for alll your time and help here.

  • Hello 23.04 8 am i was playing on bc.game the slot tome of Madness i had 7.5k on my account and when i was playing my balance gone it was standing 0€ and my account logout first i could not login again after some try s it ask me to login with google authenticator ibwas never activatet i send key to email and thain i could login my balance was 0€ in my transaction someone withdraw my money it was lot of money 7.5k and my balance is now 0,00€ please help me

  • Sorry to hear that. Have you tried to contact the support when it happened? Please private message me your casino username so we can notify the casino rep.

  • Hello how can i private massage you i could not find it :(

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello how can i private massage you i could not find it :(

    I got your message but you need to send your email address. 

  • Hello do you get it i send my email? :)

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello do you get it i send my email? :)

    We received your account details thank you. We also notified the casino rep. Let you know as soon as we hear back. 

  • Hello is there something new from casino? 

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello is there something new from casino? 

    Hi atti38,

    We sent a reminder to the casino rep. We are still waiting for his feedback. 

  • He was last online 3 months ago :(

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