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  • atti38 wrote:

    He was last online 3 months ago :(

    We still haven't got any feedback from the casino rep. We'll send a reminder.

  • Can you contact the casino for me please

  • Hello atti38,

    We are still waiting for a response from the casino rep. Please keep an eye on this thread.

  • casino rep will not answer :(

  • Please help me :(

  • atti38 wrote:

    Please help me :(

    Sorry to hear that your issue hasn't been resolved yet. We sent a second reminder to the casino rep asking for their assistance. Really sorry but we are doing our best to reach them and resolve your issue. 

  • Thank you so much you already send second reminde is there no other way to contact the casino :(

  • atti38 wrote:

    Thank you so much you already send second reminde is there no other way to contact the casino :(

    They got back to us today and the casino rep is still waiting for the official reply from their team. He promised we'd have the answer by tomorrow. 

  • Okay thank you a lot

  • Hello do you get a answer :)

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello do you get a answer :)

    We haven't received an answer today. We'll ping them tomorrow for an update. 

  • Hello do you ping them i wait so lo now :( and its a lot of money

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello do you ping them i wait so lo now :( and its a lot of money

    We sent a reminder again. Still no feedback from the rep. He is waiting for his team to send him the info about your case. 

  • since 3 weeks live chat say i will get answet withing 48 hours thats crazy i dont know what they doing worst casino i have ever played

  • Hello still no answer? :(

  • Bc please answet give me my money back

  • Hello is there something new from bc game

  • atti38 wrote:

    Hello is there something new from bc game

    We sent another reminder today again. Still haven't heard from the rep. 

  • Hello still nothing? :(

  • Hi atti38,

    We've asked the casino rep again, hope to get any info this time. Really sorry, but we're doing our best to help you. As soon as we have any response, we will share with you instantly here.


  • why they dont answer

  • Hi atti38.

    We really don't know. Perhaps they are on some holiday or something else. It's been too long without any response. Let's wait until Monday, hope to have any feedback till then.

  • Hello is there a answer? :)

  • Hi atti38,

    We are sorry to inform you that we haven't received any response from the rep unfortunately .

    At this moment we feel uncertain about the complaint outcome. Waiting can be tough, especially when we are eager for feedback. We truly hoped for a response by Monday, but no feedback till now. We will send them a reminder again, and hopefully, we'll hear from them this time.

    If anything changes, we will let you know immediately.

  • Hi atti38,

    We've got the info from the rep that he was out of office and he has just contacted Head of Security so we are now waiting for the feedback.

    Hope to get the response this time soon.

  • okay thank you

  • He promise that he will give answer tomorrow 1 week ago but he is not in the office what a casino..

  • Let's wait and give them some time atti38. Patience is key and we want resolution after all, hope to achieve it. As soon as they respond, we will let you know instantly. 

  • Hi atti38,

    We've got the feedback from the casino rep:

    There was unusual login device on that day for this user.

    Unfortunately funds have been sent out already. If you can ask user did he click on any suspicious link or joined scam  telegram channels.

    As always things are secure on our end but user also needs to take precaution from their side too.

    So it got confirmed the player account was hacked, the hacker withdrew the money and left the account empty.

  • Hello i dont click ob any link or join telegram channel nothing what happenes now do i get my money back?

  • Hi atti38,

    We will provide this feedback to the rep and get back to you.

  • Thank you for helping please i must get this money Back it was so much money

  • Hi atti38,

    We are doing our best, hope to have positive resolution in the end. Let' s wait for the rep for his feedback.

  • Hello thanks a lot for youre help do you get answer?

  • Hi atti38,


    Still nothing. Let's wait for them today, if they don't get back to us, we will remind them today.

  • Still nothing?

  • Hi atti38,

    We've got the feedback from the rep:

    We as an operator have already paid this amount to a wallet that was requested via an account 

    The account was hacked, and that is not our fault. The player was scammed at some way, but there is not what we can do more. 

  • That is there fault what i can do now :(

  • At least something back my deposit or something or 50% if they think 50% is my fault something back pls

  • Hi atti38,

    Let me check with the rep what can be done. We understand your point. When we receive any update, we will let you know instantly.

  • Hi atti38,

    We have received the feedback from the rep:

    We cant take responsibility if someone hacked the user's account. There are 100s of thousands of accounts and big wallets have funds safe, it only when user uses shared wifi, or gets targeted by phishing links, telegram was just a guessing. BC game paid an amount of money that was requested to withdraw. We really care about reputation, but there is nothing we can do more.

  • What a bad casino so i can do nothing? :(

  • i dont use wifi or any link and this happenes to a lot of user on bc game i think they stole themselve on stake or other casino something like this not happen

  • Hi atti38,

    We truly understand that you're feeling disappointed, and we empathize with your situation and we did our best to to assist you. However,  the decision made by the casino is final. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do further. If you wish, you may consider reaching out to their licensor for any additional action.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • I already write them but thank you for youre help❤️

  • Hi atti38,

    You're most welcome. Was a pleasure helping you.

    Since we've got the feedback from the rep, however, haven't found the resolution for the member, we would need to close this complaint and mark it UNRESOLVED.

  • Hello can you ask pls bc game why i dont get vip manager normally i should get in level 38 i am 47 still dont get it i dont get answer from them

  • Hi atti38,

    Have you contacted their support team via Live Chat?

  • yes i contact them min 10 time and 3 months ago first everytime they say in a few days 

  • Hi atti38,

    Please advise your casino username by sending PM so that we could check with the rep.

    Thank you.

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